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  1. Its really a dang shame the new republic wasnt a thing in the sequels. Would have been a great way to differentiate the rebels from the sequels. I'm waiting to see what the next movie brings as possibilities, esp for resistance.
  2. Theyre good against units limited to range 3 shots. Putting a mortar team at range 4 of an objective or two is legit, even without using fire support. Aim and shoot all day to keep them suppressed and panic them with even a little support. Its a shame standby doesnt let you use fire support though. That really should be a thing for squad support weapon emplacements like this.
  3. I like this unit a lot. It just seems straightforward to use, looks cool, and has options that let you fit it into various types of lists.
  4. Rian certainly has shown hes willing and able to weave his movies into an existing story and Kennedy did a great job making the sequel trilogy a coherent series despite multiple directors...
  5. There are many ways they could add indirect fire. I think canceling all hit results in the modify dice step could work. Still a good way to suppress and get the occasional crit but inaccurate. Stuff like that.
  6. Don’t forget shoretroopers are a point more expensive base, and have a red defense die. No, you’re not missing anything. The CMO is dang expensive for what it brings. Regardless, shoretroopers look like a nice new corps for Empire. They have a different style from stormtroopers and anowtroopers. I’m still not sure about the mortar, but it’s potentially deadly with all the suppression the empire can dish out in a single round.
  7. Yes, I should have factored in the extra 2 points from the beginning. My mistake. I just don't see critical 1 being worth 4 more points on clone troopers vs impact 1 on stormies I guess. Stormies already get to convert every surge. Fire support is already baked into the cost of the clones i would assume. Even if its worth more here for some reason, 4 points for that alone seems steep. The fact that its a critical doesnt mean much, if youre using fire support you'll have enough hits where cover/dodge mean that extra crit might as well be a hit. Its a nice weapon, just seems overpriced compared to other options both within the army and compared to other options. Still, having not utilized some of these new keyworsds much yet I'm hoping you are correct that its worth it. I'm very tempted to start a republic army which is why I was scrutinizing these options.
  8. I am struggling to see how the dc 15 clone heavy makes sense compared to the dlt. Same dice, no native surge, critical instead of impact for 6 more points? What am I missing here?
  9. I've never really felt this. I roll bad, I roll good, I roll average. People simply remember the bad rolls IMO.
  10. At least I think its fair to say nothing new makes the DLT a bad choice. I think the addition of Impact 1 adds a level of versatility the other weapons lack. Facing units with at least armor 1 looks to be more common in the near future, further cementing the DLT as an affordable and safe choice. Still, options and new sculpts are always welcome.
  11. Yes, I don’t know why they didn’t have a nice showcase of it.
  12. I wouldn’t say it’s a big step down from the z6, but it’s not worth 9 points more either. Aside from the absolute value itself, I think the opportunity cost really shows badly for it. It doesn’t add anything unique (like range 4 of the dlt, dedicated anti armor of impact or ion, or reliability of things like sharpshooter or blast), and is only 7points cheaper than the emplacement trooper itself - a unit that synergies with veterans and has everything the cmo has and much more aside from mobility. Statistically, you are going to average 1 surge from a full unit of veterans with the cmo equipped, and about 3.5 hits or so. Against most units, that means it’s not adding much considering that surge would be converted to a hit anyway without the critical keyword. Cover and dodge are going to cancel the hits anyway. If it converted hits to crits or something more reliable I’d be on board, or placed on a unit that didn’t already have a native surge. I think it’s just a case of the keyword being overvalued, like arsenal and ion was at release. It’s not a bad weapon or useless, it’s just not a good use of points in this game when activations are so valuable and expensive upgrades on vulnerable units like all the rebel corps need to really bring something to the table to justify their cost.
  13. Looking at the new stuff with critical x, it seems like it’s a trend that this keyword is probably a little too expensive especially on units already have a surge to hit natively. I’ve seen some saying it’s being under appreciated as a special ability, time will tell I suppose. At the moment this upgrade and several others seem a bit expensive for what they bring.
  14. Just want to Make sure I am understanding: Barrage uses two separate actions to attack twice, right? Or is it one attack action, but two shots?
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