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  1. Whether it’s the paint jobs, sculpts, casting, or all three these minis seem like a welcome step up for FFG. The ARC troopers look great in particular.
  2. We could go back and forth comparing the films and talking about obvious plot holes and convenient timing, etc... at the end of the day the real difference for me is that I just didn’t care about the characters really at all, where in the OT I did. I even found the prequels had at least a few characters I liked. Even if the end result didn’t change, the way the new characters got to where they did just didn’t matter, for whatever reasons. Maybe it was the acting, the writing, the editing, doesn’t really matter to me, nothing punched out at me aside from maybe the parts where the old characters died. at the end of the day, I’d bet if they had written this out as a trilogy ahead of time it would have been a lot better, and they could have put some real thought into character development. As it is, every scene just seems like a throwaway, doesn’t really matter in the larger scheme of things or to the characters involved. Finn is probably the worst. A cool character concept with a potentially fun actor that just didn’t go anywhere.
  3. I recommend just spraying them with a varnish. They'll hold up pretty well. Also, I like to put mine on little card stands to make them easier to pick up and is easier on the tokens. Takes more room on the table though.
  4. I think its a great idea first of all. Weve only played 1 game with it, but here are my immediate thoughts after that and playing around with tabletop admiral. 1. The force restrictions probably need to be more restricted. As others have said, 2x special forces, 2x commanders, etc.. Is probably too much. 2. The ability for strong units to dominate the table is more pronounced at this level. Combined with their command cards units like Luke, Vader, grievous, etc... Are just monstrous. It definitely turns the game into a herohammer type, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but something to keep in mind. When we play again we are thinking of restricting the units to generic commanders. 3. Quicker setup is nice. I think its a good trade off, although I do like the battle setup cards. Bottom line, I think this idea is both good and necessary for the player base. Smaller, quicker games as an option is great. That said, I think it runs into some problems as the character units and their command cards inevitably will dominate these smaller games. It almost requires a rework of them IMO to less expenaive but weaker versions.
  5. Mostly just cosmetics, like commanders or operatives in hoth gear. Solo on a tuantaun would be pretty cool. Although a few more options for rebel vets and snow troopers wouldn’t hurt. It’s too bad the upcoming unit expansions only look to work with regular rebel troopers and stormtroopers.
  6. Anyways... droidekas certainly seem like a total pain. They can suck up a ton of hits. They seem similar to tauntauns as in that it will require 2-3 x their weight in points to deal with in a turn, even with favorable conditions. Overall the army seems strong even with their very limited unit selection for now, which is good news for those who want to play them.
  7. Well, I hope theyre good movies. TFA was entertaining at least. TLJ had some good moments but it was a really weird movie, and seemed to just waste all the characters. I actually enjoyed both R1 and Solo though. Wharever happens, moving forward I'm going to watch reviews and look at feedback about SW movies before spending my money.
  8. Nothing new here I can see but I am excited for this pack. Lots of good stuff here for Vader.
  9. The issue I see with tauntauns is not their action economy (which is indeed good), but the weird way they interact in melee. They can be engaged, but also can disengage freely while overlapping everything in the process. They should have some sort of disengage condition, like spur, where they can do it but costs them a suppression or something. Alternatively allow them to be shot at if engaged at least.
  10. I thought it would be nice if the HMG equivalents we have had 2 attack options. The e web could have a separate fire option that shoots, say, 4 white dice but had suppressive. Alternatively a r4 option with fewer dice to simulate an aimed burst. I think these types of options would make the game much more interesting if we had them on weapons.
  11. Jyn and pathfinders are both fun, solid units after the point changes. They definitely take a little practice to use though. Leia is probably still my favorite commander though. Of course, its entirely possible to use both Leia and Jyn in the same list. Veterans are good. Basically just an upgraded rebel trooper unit without the bevy of heavy weapon options though. Tauntauns are the new hotness right now. They would be right up your alley if you like aggressive moves. Their speed allows you to shove them forward in support of your infiltrating units and/or melee options like Luke.
  12. I havent played enough to know for sure how it'll play out in the long run, but ill say theyre better than I thought theyd be. Even on their own they can pretty reliably put 2 suppression on things, theyre a cheap activation, and can be worked into a list in various ways with coordinate and/or comm upgrades to pull some shenanigans. Certainly not DOA like my first impression seeing the card.
  13. Regardless, ill be adding this to my collection as the minis and terrain are so iconic. It'll look good sitting on the shelf at least, and ill have fun painting these up.
  14. The rps-6 seems about right. It’s impact 2 instead of three but loses exhaust which is a pretty large bonus. No native surge, but the base unit is also a couple points more expensive. Not sure about ion weapons. If some options need adjustments it’s nowhere near where things like the hh-12 or t-7 were at least.
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