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  1. Dosiere

    What’s your user name origin story?

    Mine is from an old D & D fantasy setting called Birthright. Still one of my favorite settings of the TSR era.
  2. Dosiere

    Kill Han

    Huh, I don't really get how the new fat Han is as bad as the 1.0 one. Its much easier to push damage through, has to stay near obstacles without touching them, and doesnt have 360 degree arc anymore. Ive only faced a flavor of it once in 2.0, but it seemed much more tame than in ye olde days.
  3. Dosiere

    Upgrades superfluous?

    I dont know how it will all pan out, but I switched my Thane/Wedge/Luke list with a bunch of upgrades for zero upgrades and a Phoenix A wing and a nice 8 point bid and I'm having a good time with it. I do hope they keep prices of upgrades such that there are good reasons to take them but its not actually necessary.
  4. When I first started playing I tried to think several turns ahead. I found while there are certain things you can think about several turns ahead, specifics are difficult as what the opponent does will change the board anyway. Thinking too hard about what you want to do with ship A for the next several turns often will leave you not reacting properly to what your opponents ship A is doing. Taking things one turn at a time while being mindful of things like stress or ion damage that will affect the following turn seems best.
  5. Dosiere

    Corran’s Bullseye Arc is challenging to land

    Regarding Corran specifically, hes good but simply costs too much right now. Even 1ed Corran was nothing special without the regen. It really isn't helpful that the e wings linked actions don't synergize with its special ability either. If the ship could reposition into a focus or evade it would be better. The bullseye arc in general is hard to land, but I'm very OK with it. It seems to be working as intended. Aces like Corran and Soontir have powerful but situational abilities that reward careful positioning and forethought.
  6. Dosiere

    Would xwing be better with more variety of attack dice

    I’d rather have different defense dice, and they are rolled per hit like Legion. Seems like it would help keep low attack dice ships relevant.
  7. Certainly toned down from 1.0. I think its been good so far though. There are good options for certain builds for sure, but overall yes I'd agree there are very few auto includes like we had with 1.0. One thing is like to see are some of them have a variable cost a la some modifications based on initiative value.
  8. Dosiere

    Enhancement request: View dial

    Yes, this feature would be great!
  9. Dosiere

    Afterburners: Where are you using them?

    It’s a fun upgrade on someone like Wedge or Luke, but it’s definitely on the expensive side even for them. Ive used it on Wedge in particular to good effect, but generally I think there are better ways to spend 8 points.
  10. Dosiere

    So, let's talk first balance patch

    I'm interested to see what the next 2 factions do before I really come down on what I feel is either OP/UP.
  11. Dosiere

    I don't like the new X-Wings

    Is there a difference besides the flappy wings? The new y wing model looks great compared to the old one for example, does the new x wing have anything going for it besides the new s foils?
  12. Dosiere

    Homing Missiles - When do you NOT take the hit?

    I see it as a way to strip stealth device away basically.
  13. Dosiere

    Can only reroll 1 die?

    You’re thinking of magva from saws renegades. Works at range 0-2.
  14. Dosiere

    Luke's "Droopy" lightsaber

    I was planning on just replacing it with either a toothpick or something similar.