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    belderone42 got a reaction from The captn in Missing "demoralize X" entry on current rules reference   
    So I got my copy of Count Dooku, and I noticed "demoralize X" keyword on the card, "Fear"
    but I could not find any entry about that keyword on the current rules reference.
    I know there's a reminder text on the card but I like some exact ruling.
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    belderone42 reacted to ScummyRebel in droids: suppression and ion   
    No. Suppression does not take away actions from droid troopers.
    Suppression also does not provide them cover.
    Suppression on droid troopers is solely there for checking panic. 
    The ion will rob them an action.
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    belderone42 reacted to devin.pike.1989 in Hey, FFG, stop with these vague release dates   
    Excuse me.
    *Gets back up off the floor*
    I have dealt with so many board game companies now that promise certain release dates (especially kickstarters) and don't deliver.  Sometimes indefinitely.  FFG is a breath of fresh air comparatively.
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    belderone42 reacted to That Blasted Samophlange in Ewan McGregor to Reprise his role of Obi-Wan   
    As Star Wars is a long time ago, in galaxy far far away..  isn't every scene a flashback? 😜
    To be honest, I'm not really interested.   I'll watch of course, assuming Disney+ ever comes to Canada, but I think at this point Obi-wan’s tale is told.    I mean a series of him creepily watching over Luke and scaring sand people might appeal to some.  I'd much rather see new characters and stories - which is the main reason I'm excited about the Mandalorian.
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    belderone42 reacted to JediPartisan in What the operative Vader and Luke mean to the Clone Wars..   
    So far any Operative or Commander that needs to be purchased cross faction, can be done so by buying just that unit and only that unit. If you want Imperial Bossk, you can purchase him and get a new sculpt (nothing to say the mini is not valid) and new Command cards. You don’t need to buy anything else and you won’t get faction specific upgrade cards (so far). Even Armaments like the Dark Saber or Jyn’s gun only have Sabine’s or Jyn’s names on them (no faction). 
    The big question is will the Imperial unit card work with the Republic forces or other faction to which the Commander/Operative may belong?
    From what we know now, the answer is “no”, but FFG could change that by creating a rule, or maybe that would be odd if Obi-Wan commanded Rebel troops, etc, etc. Even if they don’t create a rule, the only thing so far that can’t be used from a cross faction Commander/Operative is the unit card. So everything else in the expansion pack is usable. To me, that’s not too bad for buying cross faction.
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    belderone42 reacted to SpiderMana in What the operative Vader and Luke mean to the Clone Wars..   
    He better be a completely Neutral operative.
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    belderone42 got a reaction from Ghost Dancer in rebel veterns was spoiled   
    Official article is up!
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    belderone42 reacted to R3dReVenge in Balance   
    Stop jacking off on the forums bud.
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    belderone42 reacted to Sharkbelly in Balance   
    I heard a prophecy that there will one day come a model, born of no father, which will finally bring balance to the game. 
    Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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    belderone42 reacted to NeonWolf in We are talking the elephant in the room, discuss cheating and part 2 of painting minis.   
    I would love to have one of the Star Wars dice bags that FFG has on their Supply page...too bad they haven't reprinted them in at least a couple of years...
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    belderone42 reacted to TalkPolite in Upcoming release schedule   
    May: Bossk, Sabine, AT-ST
    June: TTs and Vets
    July: Dews and Shores
    Aug: Gencon prerelease of TCW
    September: Full release of Core set
    Would be my best guess 
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    belderone42 reacted to Captain Weather in Lost Army - Keflavik Airport, Iceland. If by any chance you see it around online somewhere, please let me know!   
    Hey y'all.
    Pretty bummed but I was actually on my way to Adepticon with my army when I left it in a bathroom in Keflavik Airport. I got off my plane (ended up missing the flight) but was unable to find them even with police assistance.
    It's a slim shot I know but if you see them around somewhere please let me know (I assume seeing them online is most likely, but you never know). The army case I was carrying had everything except for my Airspeeder, 3 AT-RTs, and a couple of unpainted squads I had on my work bench at home and everything has a tonne of sentimental value to me.
    Thanks for all your help! And if you're at Adepticon for the LCQ I'll see you there with a borrowed army. I'll be in a Han Solo singlet. Trust me you'll recognise it, so please feel free to come say hello!
    - Intel Officer Luke
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    belderone42 reacted to Obvious_Ninja in Adepticon reveal   
    I just showed my son the pictures of the new starter and squad boxes. He looked at me with out missing a beat: "I call droids!" Not kidding. He's 5... 
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    belderone42 reacted to player4031660 in Adepticon reveal   
    Education done right
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    belderone42 reacted to TheRyanAndKevinAlliance in Expansion rumors?   
    I guess it's possible. Just seems unlikely, given Christian T. Petersen's exit from the company. It's always been his baby.
    I doubt the game had that much volume. But at least they know there's a dedicated set of fans who are sure to pick it up, especially if it's in the much more affordable price range than the base game
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    belderone42 reacted to Alpha17 in New Unit Ranks   
    I think we've got everything covered with the existing ranks.  Only possible expansion I see is a "super heavy," as has been said, for the AT-AT, AT-TE, etc.  And that borders on fantasy. 
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    belderone42 reacted to That Blasted Samophlange in I really want the First Order (and Resistance) and why they are viable as factions.   
    Okay, since people have brought up a good point, about how the resistance needs units, I'll break down what they do have, before breaking how to make the factions play different.
    Once again, I'm trying to show how the sequel trilogy, I feel, have enough variety of units to make factions, and I will discuss later, how to make the factions play differently.   So here goes a breakdown for the resistance.
    Again, if you don't like the sequels, fine, please try to seperate your dislike from any mechanical discussion.   The purpose here is not SHOULD these factions be made, but instead, to instead to get an idea as to how.  
    First, lets look at the number of resistance heroes.
    We have General Leia, Poe Dameron, Finn, Rose, Chewbacca and Rey.   Not a bad start, so plenty of named characters, and I will discuss where I feel they should fit.
    Lets look at the volume of the forces.   We have two visual types of troopers:
    these folk

    And these seen on Crait

    So, to me the former makes a more  visually distinctive model. The helmet also adds versatility to sculpts as the mouth guard can flip up.  The latter is very similar to the rebel troops/pathfinders, so while an option, again the former makes a better choice visually for the basic troop.
    Instead of the more visually similar to rebels, second troop, why not pilots?

    here we see Poe Dameron, but there are a number of other pilots.  Poe’s black squadron has been in ground based combat in the comics, and honestly, the resistance is so small that having pilots as a corps unit is fitting as they would have to do double duty.   
    So, were it me, I'd have pilots and the first, helmeted resistance trooper as the basic corps units.  Making the faction already visually different from rebellion troops.  
    If we look at heavy units, we have two option I think.
    the resistance ski speeders

    But I think this makes a better option:

    it is under 8 metres long, so viable.  Now this is a tricky vehicle as it technically is unarmed.  But, I think it could work as a very fast and resiliant closed transport.   It could also fly around providing line of sight to other units.  A heavy that functions more as a support.  
    Or, and it is a better option, just make it a support on a larger base.   There is nothing stipulating the size or method of support units.   Ski speeder as a heavy, transport pod as a support.   Seems we have two categories down.
    another vehicle option is this:

    the resistance base (Gian 2-11) speeder.  Again, another option for transport.
    Now there are a couple of unit types I haven't touched on yet, as well as how the theme should play.
    First off, I will be honest, I cannot think of a special forces unit.   But what I can think of is all the unique heroes. 
    First we have the two default choices for commanders; General Leia, which I think would be an interesting choice, she IS the resistance, Personally recruiting nearly everyone, and recieving immense devotion and loyalty. We have a truly great design space.  Honestly, at that stage of the character, I would give her an “—“ for courage.   Not only is she a pariah to the nee republic, but with the personal losses she keeps trudging on.   Also, the resistance idolizes her.  She is a symbol for them, and much of her abilities should focus on inspiring troops.   Also, she is tough, so she deserves that red defense die.  
    Second, and this is a tough one, but Poe.  As Leia even states, he is a commander but not a leader.   At least not yet, fully.  He fits the bill technically, but his leader role should be more brash.   More Like Han.
    Now here is where I think the resistance should differ.  They have all these heroes that are not fit for commanders.   Rather than focus on vehicles and such like the current faction, the resistance should focus on it's operatives.   Both Rey and Finn could fit this role nicely.  Now let us assume that either a starter or pack that includes the equivalent of a starters units for a single faction are how it is released.   There is no stipulation that the resistance needs to have a support unit in the box.   I would be happy to have General Leia, two of the helmeted troopers mentioned at the beginning, and Rey as an operative in the box.   Now, the downside is this limits the sales of an operative pack, so a support is likely needed.   We could certainly include the above speeder, making the starter have a very mobile baseline.   
    I honestly think that the resistance should have a focus on operatives.  
    Now, while the choices ARE thin, it does prove that there are at least enough options and variety A) not only make the faction viable, and B) have it visually different from the Rebel faction.
    Now, one thing I have seen is the, what I consider facetious, argument that the resistance and first order are nothing more than the current units/factions with different keyword.  To that I say; So?   The design of the game is such that ALL units (especially troopers) are just variation on a theme.   Break it down far enough and really, save for dice types, and a keyword stofmtroopers and rebel troops are the exact same thing.  There are only so many combinations to make.
    Back to viability of the factions, the backbone of an army is the 3-6 corps units, of which both the Rebels and Imperial only have two vatieties apiece.  So the resistance and first order don't need to have variety for the most numerous units in an army.
    Now while the visuals will be similar, I think we can make the factions unique.  While there is no denying that an AT-ST on the first order will be similar to an imperial one, we have seen some differences.   The imperial at-st was only ever seen plodding along, while (at least part of the chassis) of the first order walker was seen running.  This could make the first order walker less of an artilley piece and more of a run up and fight type of play.    
    I feel there is ample room to make similar themed units behave differently enough to warrent making the factions seperate.  I've seen the argument that clones will be too similar to stormtroopers, let alone the number of gcw gear/materiel the rebrllon uses (at-rt anyone?) but many of us still want the GCW to show up.   
    I feel even if you aren't a fan, you should still be open minded enough to see that it is a possibility.   The disney park opening this year is mired in sequel imagry, and will likely offer more visual diversity and units, much like Resistance (animated show) and Episode IX will add to it.
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    belderone42 reacted to UnitOmega in I really want the First Order (and Resistance) and why they are viable as factions.   
    You're not gonna get First Order without Resistance, so really the thread you should make is how they can fill out their unit roster. 
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    belderone42 reacted to arnoldrew in Can I skip the big box?   
    If you can't afford the Core Set, you can't really afford this game. It's the cheapest way to get into Legion by far.
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    belderone42 got a reaction from Rebel dude in What happened to SWL30?   
    Clone Wars Core Set maybe?
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    belderone42 got a reaction from bllaw in "Commanding Presence" New Card Art Change   
    Yes they did changed the layouts for some upgrade cards (which have under 4-5 lines of texts I guess) since emp pal expansion.
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    belderone42 reacted to KalEl814 in New vehicles!   
    Also here’s a livestream of my wallet.

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    belderone42 reacted to Chili-52 in My Endor Table   
    Not to be a jerk but that table is truly hideous.  You should just very, very, very carefully pack it and send it to me.  I'll be a good neighbor and "dispose" of it for you.  I'll do this out of the goodness of my own heart, not because it looks totally awesome or anything.   ?  
    Oh!  And don't forget to include the forest mat.  ?
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    belderone42 reacted to Innese in Can anyone explain to me what hyperspace format is?   
    There was some early talk about it around the announcement for 2.0, but nothing really official/dedicated till January. Long story short it is a format with a limited pool of ships/upgrades that is replacing Store Champs, Regionals, Nationals, and Worlds.
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    belderone42 got a reaction from IanSolo_FFG in so opinions with legion vs ia after this time ?   
    As a player of both games, I don’t understand this IA vs Legion thing. Why everyone compares these two games? They are in completely different genre.
    IA is a board game, which happens to use miniatures just as a graphic element (the fact that you can use tokens instead of miniatures proves this), while Legion is a full-fledged miniature wargame.
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