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  1. I was reading the rule reference 1.5 and found out that "Counterpart: Unit Name" is a keyword type of "counterpart keyword". I was immediately confused, cause as far as I know, "unit" and "weapons" are the only two types of keyword. Naturally I looked "keyword" entry and it says, "There are two types of keywords: unit keywords and weapon keyword." So... which one is right? Are there new, third type of keyword and they forgot to add it? Or it's just a typo on the "Counterpart" entry?
  2. You do realize that “ranks” in this game does not reflect actual military ranks right? I mean... Boba Fett is, inside the star wars universe, just an independent bounty hunter but in this game he is an imperial operative. Some degree of “gamification” will be applied. I don’t see any reason that Ahsoka won’t be fit in operative “rank”.
  3. Yes they did changed the layouts for some upgrade cards (which have under 4-5 lines of texts I guess) since emp pal expansion.
  4. So for official rulings, we have to wait till January... thanks for the info!
  5. Is there any official article or rule that defines Hyperspace format? I’ve searched a while and failed to find one.
  6. As a player of both games, I don’t understand this IA vs Legion thing. Why everyone compares these two games? They are in completely different genre. IA is a board game, which happens to use miniatures just as a graphic element (the fact that you can use tokens instead of miniatures proves this), while Legion is a full-fledged miniature wargame.
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