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  1. Where's the current community hanging out as of late? My group has started replaying the game after running some other systems. Cheers!
  2. Very cool ideas, Gurkhal. I'm wondering to if you've got any remaining NPC's, major or minor that might make an appearance, even if it's in a behind the scenes way. Possible the further back you can go, the better. The dwarf connection is also interesting. They would be demanding an explanation and would start to pull in national politics as an adventure hook, fail or succeed for a later date.
  3. *SHOULD READ "NEW PARTY CARD..." (It's late here and just finished Noely's latest session) So I've been running an adventure for some old friends. They're an Agent (art fixer) and a Kislivite barber that stumble upon a plot which point to the nefarious skaven making moves in Bogenhafen. For the the first dozen or so sessions they have been gently frustrating each other. I wanted a party card that was less heroic than the ones presented in the core set and something that played off the style the players have naturally fallen into... Let me know what you think. We've enjoyed it so far...
  4. I make a point of rewarding fortune dice fairly often, primarily for role playing. If you want to encourage players to get into character it's an awesome way to do it. I definitely reward points when the players increase the party tension. A one in six chance to get a hammer *is* minor, which makes handing them out without breaking anything an easy decision.
  5. Hey all, I've created dice, a blank character sheet, and some tokens for playing WFRP in Tabletop Simulator: Here I've been using it with some friends and it works well enough with Skype going. Note: No cards or their rules have been created though the process is painless and it's easy enough to bring in your created content. Let me know what you think or if there is anything you'd like to see. I'm working on a dice tray and stance tracker, not sure when I'll get time to finish them while home. Cheers.
  6. When d100 is and always has been the default system it's little wonder that most people will come to grips with it more quickly than something new. As for conjuring an enemy and number crunching in your head. I've no need to do so. I simply grab the relevant creature card (from my indexed cards) and hey presto there's my enemy. As for the table clutter. Yes this is an acknowledged criticism. While most of us fans of the game can understand the reasoning behind the cards (ie eliminating the need for constant rules and looking things up on reference tables) it has to be said that you need a heck of a lot of table real estate to play the game. WFRP First Edition was a mix of all dice. Where the rest are D10/100 based. Well, they did use all the dice somewhere, but at it's core I think it is fair to say 1st was a d100. To-Hit and skill checks were based on d100. A majority of the characteristics were also d100. I felt it made the game better than AD&D at the because it added more detail because of this.
  7. I agree with most of the replies. This version is my favourite to date, though I don't hate the previous versions and use the source books to mine information. Third edition is a solid game though it does have plenty of unnecessary physical pieces such as the pc/npc tokens, all the tracking parts and the ton of cards. I understand the intent but it seems wasteful, personally. I've been playing the same character for three years and only use ten, maybe, cards. The rest of the cards sit in their storage case. The PDF books contain everything and the relevant info can be transferred over. If they just supplied some blank action cards for at home printing the info could easily be copied over. I love the dice and the mechanics (stance/fatigue/stress). I've started running something for some close friends who are old D&D players. One of them was with me when I picked up 1st ed when we were teenagers. Both players were easily able to pick up the dice pools and start reading the symbols. That's not very hard and it's the same dice build for every test. Characteristic + Training vs Challenge. It's real pretty easy. I do miss reading charts, etc when I'm reading books, but don't miss them in actual play. I don't get the "a board game rpg that was so complicated..." comment. This game has you tracking: stance, fatigue/stress, wounds and that's really about it for most of your play. Cards get tokens but you can probably juggle those in you head for how long encounters usually last. You run the game without encounter maps and mini's (though can, if you'd like). How do you make *this* easier? Going back to the dice, I had a bit of a revelation last week as to why I really like them. The obvious one is the pass/fail with good/bad side effects. The stars and comets add the third element. Last week our groups Kislevite Barber (he's light on the Surgeon part of his job) hit up the Agent with a new look. Passed with three boons and two chaos stars. We got to stretch our imagination as clearly it was a success with additional benefits, but we couldn't ignore the stars. Something had to happen there. Fantastic. I don't know how we could have gotten something quite as flavourful on the d100. There have been dice rolls as well, where the players have chimed in with the good/bad side effects and it's been perfect because they see the action from their characters, personal point of view. The other reason had to do with a comment I read on how d100 was better because everyone knows the odds before making the roll. I've only just realised that that is why I like these dice. I'm not focused, as a player or a gm, on trying to hit some magic number. These dice, without an app to calculate the odds, hide the numbers from us and we have to use a more natural way of telling the story. If I have a mechanic look at my car or a contractor come to my house they use descriptive language and not numbers to describe what might happen, "This won't be easy" or "there's nothing tricky here". Never do they say "There's a 50% chance we can get this the first time." Banks and investment agents also use a similar language with "conservative/high risk" to describe the plans we submit to. When my GM tells me I'm making a challenging roll I know I'll need help with fortune dice or other players if my character doesn't have training and the characteristic. I'll look to training that skill in the future. It actually feels more natural to add good and bad dice as fits the situation even though somewhere in there the odds may still be 50%. To sum up, I feel your first two fixes are just steps backwards into a system that is already present. The others are just general WFRP concerns and I'd be happy to see them. Cheers.
  8. I like these and a number of them I wouldn't have come up with. I'll let you know which route I go. Cheers!
  9. Has anyone done much in the way of new party sheets? I've started an adventure for a couple of old friends. They are playing a Kislevite Barber and a Reiklander Agent (art fixer). With those in mind the players decided they been working together to build each others business in the short term. The party sheets don't really work for me and I'm thinking of something like "The Profitable Friendship" or some such thing. Talent sockets will be focus and reputation. For abilities I want something linked to Charm checks and haggling but am looking for help. Also, any ideas for party tension triggers at half way and filled? Cheers!
  10. Well, I really like your ideas. Here's what I'm going to go with after another look at Hero's Call. Most of the human abilities are weaker than I initially thought and that is why I was wondering why you didn't allow for all three to be taken at creation: Northerners: Two fewer KK misfortune dice are added to a Northman’s dice pool any effects from cold, wind or bad weather. Northern Hospitality: Gospodar add K fortune die to any Guile, Detect Lies, and alcohol related checks. Creation Points: 25 Wound Threshold: 9 + Toughness rating Corruption Threshold: 5 + Toughness rating Native Language: Kislevarin The Guile and Detect Lies is based on the following from SRiK: "Famous for dishonesty, they respond to all authority with distrust and cynicism disguised with ill-natured co-operation. Cunning and deceit are honoured weapons for meeting challenges."
  11. I really like this one. Was looking at Hero's Call and Something Rotten in Kislev. This character certainly would be a Gospodar and he is keen on playing with the accent. I'm going to remove the Weapon Skill and replace it with Guile, based on the inclination to deceit referenced in SRiK. Just curious on your choice of the "or". Neither of the first two abilities seems terrible strong when compared to the other Reikland provinces. Cheers.
  12. Hey all, I’m going to running something custom for a couple of old friends. One of the players wants to play a barber-surgeon from Kislev. Has anyone come up with race rules for Kislevites? A basic search on these forums didn’t get any hits. Cheers,
  13. Well shucks! I was wondering what happened to Nattery. Our group needed a deadly femme fatal. It gave Gustav one more way to fear dying. Arrow in the back or head in the ogre's maw. Ah well!
  14. Gustav here: I appreciate the tip of the hat but a great group helps facilitate getting into character.Unfortunately, there have been a load of great role players that have come and gone for various reasons and it was fun playing with almost all of them. I think as a group Paul's been running this campaign for about two years, so that's a bit of time to find a characters voice and personality. I'm really enjoying our current stable as each character has their own feel and the players are comfortable enough to surprise each other once and a while. Lots of laughs. I was afraid I might have to drop this Christmas as my work would only allow for playing once every two weeks. Paul was kind enough to change the once a week to every other. Also, Paul has been relentless at keeping this game active in our pocket of the internet. Many thanks, Paul.
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