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  1. BlodVargarna

    Can Rey Spend 2 Force with her ability? - X-wing Quick Tips Ep. 14

    Well, what’s TLDL?
  2. BlodVargarna

    Please everyone please stop insulting each other!

    Laser brain
  3. BlodVargarna

    What if FFG changed First Player to random?

    That would suck.
  4. BlodVargarna

    Is the Italian dressing underpowered?

    That is not a pizza. I will fight you over this.
  5. BlodVargarna

    Those with the new kits - did FFG screw us over again?

    I’ve never been screwed over by FFG. Stop complaining you sound like a whiney little ....
  6. BlodVargarna

    More musings about TLJ, Luke and the Force

    Get over it. So bored with all this TLJ navel gazing.
  7. BlodVargarna

    Bad Luck Insurance Should not be Faction Locked

    Stop whinging
  8. BlodVargarna

    The RZ-2 A-Wing

    Crush your enemies see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women
  9. BlodVargarna

    The RZ-2 A-Wing

    Yeah right.
  10. BlodVargarna

    The race to the bottom, and how it should be addressed

    So what you’re saying is “git gud!”?
  11. BlodVargarna

    Kylo v Poe

    You shut your dirty mouth!
  12. BlodVargarna

    A Slight Reimagining of The Last Jedi

    The Chewie bundling off Rey from Snoke’s ship doesn’t work IMHO.
  13. BlodVargarna

    A Slight Reimagining of The Last Jedi

    Not to mention the best part of the movie was the interaction between Luke / Rey and Rey / Kylo. Where does that fit in your reimagined version? (Admittedly some of those ideas are solid).
  14. BlodVargarna

    Resistance Pilot cost evaluation

    Where are the spoiled cards for the resistance conversion kit?