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  1. Saw your posts on reddit. Your minis are looking nice! I can’t decide on which theme to do: Hoth, Endor, or Jeddah.
  2. Chewie and the Falcon going out in a magnificent blaze of glory would make me very sad, but in a good way. I hope this episode avoids fan service and just gives us an awesome Star Wars movie.
  3. Looking forward to re-fitted CR-90 for Resistance
  4. Maybe all you sad people never had the most iconic and coolest ship in the galaxy when you were a kid. But I did.
  5. But here’s the rub. The MF player put his ship into a bad position and got punished for it. There’s really only one response for this: Git Gud scrub.
  6. I like that idea because you move the ship out of your way.
  7. I thought it was pretty good series. Much better than the prequels IMO. Lots of on-screen deaths I thought so depending on your tolerance for violence, maybe preview before watching with younger kids.
  8. BlodVargarna

    X-Wing sale

    No RzA2 A wings 😞
  9. What news are people hearing about Epic?
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