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  1. Its about to be a month from the release of the hard cover and still no pdf with no news of when it's coming out
  2. Ordos malleus for the coruption I'd say win but this is how you get tech priest pyschers
  3. Passed the mental trauma but now we have a cursed metal encased in power armor who favors battery acid who is schizophrenic now hitting on our pyscher tech priest inquisititor. We're going to hell who is coming along.
  4. We just had a character hit what I feel hit is the Grand Slam in Hersey. Our PC character had to roll for Shock,Mental Trauma,Melegancy, and a mutation.
  5. I understand the business decisions to sell the hard copy for a bit then offer the pdf to combat piracy. It feels like it's been a few weeks since the official release of the hard cover, so how much longer is it going to be until pdf release.
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