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  1. Added whole squad. I finished them some time back but have been lazy in posting them.
  2. Man, this is the exact reason why I request my games are not recorded. We have no idea what happened. Maybe it is a practiced maneuver to gain him some breathing room or maybe it's nerves while reaching more than halfway across the table and blindly fitting the pips. We don't know and a witch hunt isn't going to solve anything, nor is it healthy. Stuff like this happens all the time. Nerves, coffee, slippery playing surfaces, stretching at weird angles. Games should not be recorded. Have a judge sit at finalist tables and watch, otherwise leave this junk off the internet.
  3. Dash is the ultimate second tier list stomper. He'll do great vs all those other fun, casual lists. Vs the more popular lists out there right now he's got issues. Han is actually the safer bet if you want to play a fat rebel PWT.
  4. Hahaha, If I find some free time, next time I do one Ill take some step by step photos. Haha no worries, Enjoy! and thanks! Hahah thanks yeah! I researched it an touched it up appropriately!
  5. I would also say that you should be very clear that you are firing a "homing missile" and not just a missile. I would go so far as to say. "Ok, I've got my target lock, I'm going to fire my homing missile that will deny spending that evade token." Its a few extra words to avoid confusion on both sides.
  6. Have a buddy that runs Miranda and Ren. Ren has sabine with a thermal detonator while Miranda has extra munitions and thermals. Given that Ren is PS10 with VI and a healthy ini bid gives miranda the option to move last, He bombs quite a few of those PS8 aces who are very predictable (inq, OL, carnor, etc).
  7. Ok cool! Thanks for that!
  8. Can I delete the post?
  9. Oh shoot, I hope I don't cheese anyone off Oh and thanks!
  10. The commission painting site is live! My opening post on the main forums: "Heya! I'd like to announcing the opening of my painting commission site. We're new in the market (though not new to painting minis) and hopefully offering something a bit different than your standard x wing painting services. We are hoping to specialize in producing minis that look a bit different from whats out there in the xwing world. https://panzerpainting.wordpress.com/ Feel free to click on the link and take a look around. Ask me any questions or let me know if you want to book something. We're a small operation, at 1-2 people, located in British Columbia, Canada. We pride ourselves on producing one of a kind paint jobs that you won't see elsewhere. Given our small team, work we take on will be fairly limited. As a note to the admins, I hope this is OK that I post this here. It seems like the best spot for exposure. The painting forums are still a bit empty while it picks up steam."
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