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  1. I was just wondering, has anyone here implemented or witnessed properly innovative tactics lately? I'm talking Jack Aubrey, Jim Kirk-level bluffs or feints that paid off? It occurred to me that my own games typically focus on aggressive tactics, but I'm generally trying to manoeuvre and position as carefully as possible. It's been a while since I tried something outside-of-the-box crazy and risky. I haven't really got any examples of my own, so I was wondering if the rest of the community did?
  2. Hey all, I've put forward a few of my thoughts on the soon-to-be-released flotillas of Wave 3, based on nothing but conjecture and guesswork. Not played any games since the UK Sheffield Regionals, now feeling sort of antsy about getting some games of Armada in, because I miss it, and am worried I'm getting rusty. On a side note, who's going to be attending Cardiff Regionals in a couple of weeks time? I'll be there, all being well, ready for action and inevitable defeat.
  3. Bear in mind, all, that right in the thick of things your ISDs and MC80s might not be moving very fast at all, with collisions, and lowered speeds to keep things in arc. Those Large- and Medium-based ships may well be in Range 2 more frequently than would be first apparent, especially if you "leap-frog" your Repair Crewed flotillas ahead for a turn.
  4. Alright, Granddad, settle down. Most of us weren't alive when the show was on. In fairness a lot of us weren't alive when Star Wars was released, so...
  5. They are on the same shelf. It's clearer in the top picture that they're on the same shelf, but it's more definitive to count the grey shelf supports running horizontally - in the second and third picture, you can see one shelf support on the level of the Interdictor and the Liberty, and the next one down is at the same level as the Imperial-class and the other ships from earlier waves.
  6. The thing is, the Interdictor looks almost right on that large base - it certainly looks like it would appear over-sized on a medium base. Meanwhile, the Liberty looks only a smidgen too big for that medium base. It's odd.
  7. Downloaded from the Wayland Games Facebook page - pictures taken at the UK Games Expo. I think both ships have been put on the wrong-sized base, but time will tell...
  8. I rather prefer to think of Wave 4 as Wave 3 and Wave 3 as Wave 3.5... Let's be honest here, if they'd been released as one wave, it would be the Interdictor and the Liberty getting all of the attention. Y'all know it's true. The space vans would always have been the "also-rans" of the release announcement.
  9. Speed-4 is a dangerous thing. Speed-4 ships arguably can do more to determine the outcome of a game than any other group of vessel. Speed-4 is the difference between reaching the enemy deployment zone on Turn 3, or reaching the enemy deployment zone on Turn 2. I think one of the best implementations I've seen of Speed-4 is the MC30 - it loses so much agility at top speed that you have to plan and think around it, which is awesome. The reason an Engine Teched Demolisher is so scary is because of how quickly it can reach you, and how much manoeuvrability it maintains - it's balanced by being an expensive, relatively fragile ship which can be one-shotted. A Liberty-class, on the other hand, cannot be one-shotted (except maybe by Demolisher) and with Engine Techs is likely to remain quite agile. Assuming that it is naturally Speed-3, the ability to position a first-rate battleship almost exactly where you want it on Turn 2 is incredibly scary, and should be a very expensive prospect, which is why I hope it remains Speed-2 and a little more affordable points-wise.
  10. It has been an emotional rollercoaster. I think even for the hardcore believers (a group in which I would include myself) Wave 3 was underwhelming. Whilst, yes, it would make some changes to the game, it was also just some space trucks with mediocre models and a few neat upgrades. Then Wave 4 came along and it was as though the game designers had literally shaped it to match our hopes and dreams - the ships we wanted, on a rapid schedule, with beautiful models. I think some people went a bit overboard with their sense of doom for the future of Armada when Wave 3 was announced. But, I can definitely empathise with their position - the flotilla packs simply weren't an indication that the game was growing in a direction that I wanted it to grow, and I was definitely feeling less excited about playing Armada after Regionals and Nationals. I'm now pretty familiar with Wave 2, and I didn't feel that Wave 3 would do enough to sustain my passion for the game for what could well have been another 12 months - and so, whilst cries that the game as a whole was "dead" were rather melodramatic, Armada was certainly not far off dying a little for me personally. If we'd only had Wave 3 this year, then after tournament season I could easily see Armada becoming "a game that I used to play" - and I certainly wouldn't have been expanding my collecction. Wave 4, though? That has got me excited. It's got me excited enough that I'm already working out lists in my head where I'm feeling inclined to buy twice as many Wave 3 flotillas as I was originally intending, and I'll definitely be getting a minimum of one each of the Interdictor and Liberty upon their release. Even if these ships weren't going to shake the game up as much as Wave 3 (and I think they will), they tap into my inherent enthusiasm - I play the game because I want to command awesome-looking ships around in dramatic and tactical battles, often times making "Pew! Pew! Swooooosh!" noises, and Wave 4 contributes directly to that appeal. TL:DR -Yes, some people got carried away with their doomsaying after Wave 3, but I can understand why, and understand why they're now so excited about Wave 4.
  11. Tarkin and Motti, surely, on a bunch of ISDs? Or even Interdictors... Just think, all those engineering points... Every turn... For me, even though Screed is my favourite lone admiral, I don't think he combos that well with others. Him and Vader in combo maxes out on your offensiveness, but still faces all the same issues that Vader usually faces, namely that he's expensive and there are lots of other options for re-rolls. You could combo Screed with Tarkin, but they don't really do much for each other. You could combo him with Motti, which is probably the most sensible, but they're not exactly synergising, they're just both simple and good. I think Screed/Ozzel is probably the most sensible combination, as it would allow all of those black-dice ships to get into range and stay in range of their targets. Rebels, Mothma and Cracken fairly obviously, but also Cracken and Ackbar - the latter pairing would allow you to take swarms of Assault Frigates and MC30s all cruising around at Speed-3, long range, not worrying about a thing, dog. I think Madine and Cracken would pair well for similar reasons - the defensive bonus at high speed with huge manoeuvrability would be great for, yes, MC30s. Otherwise, I guess Dodonna and Ackbar would be the most offensive pairing, but it wouldn't be hugely great unless everything had XX-9s.
  12. I am, I am, someone else pointed that out too. My excitement over ludicrous combos got the better of me. Have since reined myself in.
  13. Given that the Liberty has a Support Team slot, I'd be really surprised if it could Engine Tech its way to an effective speed of 4 - that would be quite shocking. Similarly for the Interdictor. That being said, I'd be happy to find out I guessed wrong.
  14. Hi all, I've been away from writing for a while but I'm back now, and thought I'd share some of my thoughts on Wave 4 with you all. I've not yet had chance to read through other discussions, so if there's anything in the article that's already been covered I'll apologise in advance. Angry Space Triangles: Back With a Vengeance
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