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  1. I wish i could get in some 4 player tournaments. lol so i can win something besides participant cards.
  2. I will just buy the figs to paint. I do not have plans to play. Just like with 40k. I buy some marines and paint them. sometimes give them away. I do look forward to painting that AT-ST and putting it next to my IA to compare.
  3. I really like these ships in that era and look forward to seeing them. will need play testing and would like to see how the place the ships in which faction but im all for it.
  4. This looks great. I want to see side by side of the IA one.
  5. For the star wars universe it makes sense to be on the bottom. When the are close to a planet to instill fear to those below. If FFG just put it on the bottom it would be silly. You cannot see it at all. This way at least you can put it on the table and know from site that this is the thrawn special.
  6. yeah with my kids, just play with the ships, no upgrades, no obstacles. Just play to wipe out each other. Might start ramping up with upgrades shortly.
  7. Nice clean look on the squads. Really good work.
  8. rebels had it bad here. They flew right into the obstacles. Speed 4 for the top cr90 to get it in the battle. Was placed to far our and would only get in turn 5-6. I would of moved the top AF2 left to pass over the obstacles with the lower AF2 going right at the top Interdictor. Lower Cr90 do the same on the Interdictor and then get our of dodge.
  9. -FFG costs: $820-3rd party/accessories $100-Causal IRL matches: roughly 10-Causal Vassal/Sim matches: 0-Tournament IRL matches: 27-Tournament Vassal/Sim Matches: 0-Hours spent painting/modding: 10-Other(quantify as needed):0
  10. Sounds like something for hot bench show
  11. like to see a slower tie punisher , 2 die ship attack, no anti squad, speed 2, bit more hull. They should be slow and vulnerable but when and if they get close, drop the hammer on a ship.
  12. Local metas are all different. Last tournament here it was all imps except one rebel. Next week it will be different again. Play what you find fun or competitive. Enjoy the game. I played with people in different metas and it is very easy going for the most part and very fun.
  13. We had 6 players, 3 on each team. 3 games a week. After week 2 the rebels were in bad shape and there really is no way to get back in. It does need tweaking. I would like to see more smaller battles. quick games, say 200-300 point builds for resource gathering or intel. Build that into the game. I do not think it can ever be thematic. Still it fun to play even with all the issues.
  14. ISDs loaded with squads because it is just fun to do. Mc30s because they are fast and also fun to fly circles around slower fleets.
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