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  1. Am I the only one that thought that the Wolf was just a Space-Wolf?
  2. Wether one thinks Lucas did good at what he did or not, I couldn't hate him when he donates most of his money and ensured with selling SW to Disney that all of the Staff kept their job. I think he is a good guy. And I cannot hat a good guy Git Gud, People
  3. Well the 2D Grievous did get his chest crushed, which would explain his weakened state, furthermore the cartoon is obviously over the top and has it's corny and cheesy moments, but so does every other Star Wars animation. But this is a discussion for some other time and place. I just wanted to make the point that I'm dissapointed with CW characters in genereal, Grievous being one example
  4. I can respect that and I like that you actually compared the shows As for me Point 2-5 are thing I dislike about CW, especially Characters, with the few exceptions (Like Forresto said, Grievous makes me especially salty) I also like the more intimate feel a limited cast has and lets you explore the varying moralities with the same group, except having to rely on other characters to explore those areas.
  5. Only now did I understand that Joke *facepalm for my own dumbness*
  6. I read them in German and since German Grammar is quite different from the English one, I had no problem reading them (They are also about double the thickness) but that also means that I personally did not read the last Book, but since SW Explained didn't mentioned it, I assume Thrawn is not there. I still recommend them, I found them very compelling story wise (and if you can read them in another Language, they should be totally fine)
  7. I'm sure if Thrawn were at Jakku it would have been mentioned in the last Aftermath novel
  8. Unlikely, because Luke was famous for being "some sort of Jedi" after Ep 4, so Ezra and Kanan would take the Risk of contacting him.
  9. I know what you mean, but we may have to be ready for Thrawn to die. But hope dies last, eh? Also I really hope that the series ends at the battle of Scariff, immo not everyone has to die, but at least the jedi force sensitives (because of continuity with Luke having no teacher)
  10. Btw. the new scaly character seen in the Trailer is actually Rukh, Thrawn EU Bodyguard, who killed him. Really interested where we will go with him, Thrawn might die this Season for reals
  11. Also Season 4 being the last is confirmed via the SW Facebook page Hopefully we'll get a new one. Old Republic would be awesome
  12. Pretty much what Ironlord said. And during the Rebels Panel today at SW Celebration Filony and Hidalgo confirmed this (I didn't watch it, because I don't like watching multiple hour streams), so I don't know for sure.
  13. Also, Rex seems to be confirmed to be the guy in RotJ, Dave and Pablo have apparently confirmed it on their panel
  14. And a Training A-Wing, with a Pilot Slot
  15. I was too sloooow! Well, I love the Trailer, more Thrawn, some Saw, some Bo Katan (don't like her thoe (because I don't like CW)), wierd space wolf horses (**** Fenrisians Filoni), love Kallus' new look. But it seems very final to me. Seems like some or most are about to die. Kanans sentence seems to be a connection to The Last Jedi (we are the balance) I hope we'll see how the Partisans split off from the Rebels and I hope that Thrawn still does not die, but he might. All in all I'm verry excited!
  16. SPOILER! I also read a Spoiler (well it is not tecnically a Spoiler, but more a Cast confimation) for Ep8. While it made me happy, I got mad at the same time because I lost the moment of surprise in the Cinema. But hey, I would have noticed it during the SW Celebration Stream anyways
  17. Now I think about how amazing it would've been if Vader chocked him to death
  18. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure they don't work that way
  19. Isn't Tarkin just a Govener at the moment? And they do not ourtrank each other, because Grand Moff is a political Title, while Grand Admiral is a Fleet Title. So as long as Thrawn is operating in Tarkins Teritorry, he is under Tarkins Command. Just like Vader had to listen to Tarkin, because Vader outranks everyone, but on the Death Star Tarkin is Boss.
  20. While I agree, the fact that she only uses the Term for Kanan and Kanan only, kinda leans into that direction. Also they are, I think it was even stated in the Season1 Preview or something.
  21. While it is not 100% clear, Heir of the Empire (my new favourite source) featured some Interdictors aswell, and they seem to work simillar like in the Picture. The Gravitywells have to be oriented and for a reorientation they have to be shut down and reactivated, a task which can be done in about one Minute by experienced Staff. I guess because Thrawn had two and they were so close to the planets gravity well, a jump was impossible. I think Constantine even mentiones reorienting the Gravity Wells, basically leaving a Flank open (if that wasn't the case, it got destroyed anyways)
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