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  1. I think the big long term plan to be a #1 game would have to be something like FNM, ie a regular meetup with small buy in and direct support from FFG. Moreso than the pro tour a HUGE chunk of MTG players are just drafting, playing sealed, or playing the Commander format with collections they've built over the years. I think the unique nature of Keyforge and the lack of deck building is a great alternative and will get the attention of a broad audience, but I doubt it will replace MTG. FFG almost always comes out of the gate hot with a new game, what they haven't done is shown the ability to maintain that momentum over the course of more than a few years.
  2. Of course not, the last Magic set they printed is one of the highest selling of all time. They have run afoul of fans with some recent moves like the Ultimate Masters debacle and the shift towards online purchasing, but with Arena going to beta I would expect Magic to continue to grow. Keyforge has a great amount of momentum going but we'll have to see if it can reach the same heights as Magic.
  3. The jungle scenarios feels cheaply difficult in places when you go in blind. Arrows from the trees in particular is really annoying in that you take unavoidable damage when I already have a boatload of trauma due to my choices in supplies. On top of that you may be starting down cards or supplies, then when you discard cards to explore a location you get hit by another treachery.... My group is limping through this campaign(having already replaced our starting guardian who was killed) but some of those jungle based scenarios have been extremely un-fun for us. We're sticking with our resolution to see how it goes but since we only get to play through each campaign once due to scheduling I've been disappointed by this one. Theme is an A+ to me but I feel less like Indiana Jones and more like the hapless sherpa who gets an arrow in the neck as soon as I move a vine out of the way. ?
  4. I supply the card pool for my whole group, once you get into Dunwich you really only need one of each expansion for 4 players. You may make some slight compromises here or there but as the pool of cards grows that becomes a smaller and smaller issue. Just avoid overlap where possible, I usually build 3 decks mostly from 1 class each (all guardian cards, all seeker, etc) and the 4th may use someone like Agnes if we're not running survivor or mystic already. Perhaps a good idea if you want to make the plunge is buy the whole Dunwich cycle in one go if you plan on getting it all anyway. Your card pool will be in a really good place if that's not too expensive for you.
  5. Hi all, For Labyrinths(or any standalone scenario I guess) where you are starting with a certain amount of XP cards, I assume you can't include any of the identified cards like Strange Solution level 4 since you couldn't have identified the solution in a previous scenario. Am I correct about that?
  6. Hmm that does suck. I listen to so many Arkham podcasts I took it for granted that everyone knew that it required one pack for each group of four but reading that article it definitely isn't as explicit as it should be. Hope it doesn't turn you off the game!
  7. Right so in an ideal world you'd probably want this and something else like a machete or 45 so you're killing enemies in the investigator phase and enemy phase. I'll definitely give it a shot and see how it does.
  8. It's a cool dynamic, although it seems to get the most out of it you need to be taking attacks of opportunity or letting an enemy live through the investigator phase. What kind of build would you put that in? I'm thinking having the knife as a backup to get extra attacks in during the enemy phase would be really useful but I'd still prefer a machete as my go-to.
  9. I've been enjoying the podcast for months now and it's great to see your work on the main FFG page!
  10. He also explained the channel for submitting that request where someone from FFG would actually see it, no need to get snippy.
  11. These are awesome to play as a one-off which is sometimes easier to pull off with a group than a whole campaign spread over several game nights.
  12. I find the matte clear dragon sleeves on my player cards work really well. You can still see the back of the card but it's got a nice texture and shuffles well.
  13. I'm still not sold on this investigator. It sounds like people have some interesting ideas in mind but you have to find a way to hit 3 damage and 3 horror to be essentially average across the board. That and you need to not pull a bad rotting remains test or get hit by an enemy. I'll be really interested to see some decklists for this one but I don't see myself playing him anytime soon.
  14. I'm thinking this will combo very nicely with cards like forbidden knowledge
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