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  1. Whoops I was wrong, thanks for the clarification. I forgot Jedi was a Career in of itself like the F&D careers. *Whew.*
  2. Padawan does NOT get FR 1 from the getgo; it has to be bought inside the career, which is why its so cheap. This also means you have to take some other spec with a FR after Padawan before you qualify for Knight. Haha this is ridiculous; even Padawan survivor got FR 1 and then got another one at the end of their spec; Padawan Survivor is actually a better choice for going into Jedi Knight Ignore the above, I have been suitably corrected
  3. Again, when Dooku uses his power to throw a hunk of metal at prone Anakin/Obiwan that action is resolved before Yoda's turn comes in the initiative order. Niman talents don't allow Move to be used as an out of turn incidental.
  4. Uhm, D&D 4e was one of the shortest RPG line, and definately the shortest D&D line. 3e was in print for 8 years. Pathfinder is only now going to update to a 2e after 10 full years, etc etc. However that said you are not wrong; major RPGs definitely go through newer editions after a couple of years, typically 5 or so. However keep in mind that Star Wars is a major licensed product; we don't now how long FFG has the license as per their original contract with Lucasarts; the Disney takeover happened after their initial contract and who knows if Disney will renew it once its up. Personally I doubt they will. Another thing to keep in mind is the way FFG has treated its prior licensed RPGs: WFRP 3e & WH40K were both shut down with hardly any warning, and their forums here were purged. The fact that FFG has put out Genesys after popularizing the system with the Star Wars brand and its related supplements, as well as purchased a new license in the form of L5R makes me believe it will not be long before this iteration of Star Wars RPG is shut down as they lose the license.
  5. So I'm searching for an answer to this same question as in the OP. Was this ever accurately answered? From what I gather in this thread using Suppress is the best way by RAW to do this that also fits with the scene from the movie. However that can lead to a problem where how you would explain that Yoda did not immediately run after Dooku after using Suppress as an out of turn incidental. Move cannot be used as is because Dooku's attack already happened on his turn; only an out of turn incidental as allowed by RAW would allow Yoda to nullify the falling hunk of metal and nothing like that is allowed as per RAW for the Move power AFAIK. On another note, how would you rule Dooku ripping out part of the cavern roof and throwing that down on Yoda? Move power with Str and Mag upgrades? This is why I really like the d20 SAGA Edition of Star Wars RPG; just by using RAW you can mimic anything in the movies. Including the last two movies (such as Kylo freezing the blaster bolt)
  6. Well, this is likely the potentially most lucrative time to be holding onto the SW license considering there are lots of new movies coming out nearly every year, as well as a Live Action TV show coming soon. All this means new lore, new characters, new locations, etc etc. So winding down seems unlikely unless the terms of the license has changed (i.e. Disney wanting more money for the license or something like that) though a second edition might certainly be likely. But remember what FFG did with the WH40K license towards the end; they made Dark Heresey 2nd edition, pumped out a couple of books then shut the line down.
  7. Can anyone give me guidelines on how to use it? Is roll20 free to use for instance, if not what is the price? I get that a mic is required for faster gameplay. But is a cam required, because i don't have one and I have a slow connection. I prefer theater of the mind for combat rather than maps, is that ok? Anything else I should know?
  8. Any reason official stats have not been provided by FFG? THere have been a ton of books released (all very expensive too) but we still don't have some core things from the movies.
  9. Folks, I stated in my OP that Obi Wan as he was in TPM aka Padawan Obi Wan. He was not near the height of his abilities then. I also find it utterly ridiculous when people make excuses like 'a certain character is beyond the scope of the game' That only tells me the game system is deeply flawed if it cannot handle making a core character like Obi Wan. Anyhow, someone over at Reddit had a go at TPM Obi Wan (Padawan Kenobi) and then more experienced (Jedi Knight Kenobi) https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BwxaAHKapB7rejBwRklqLXVKOG8&usp=sharing Here is the reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/swrpg/comments/3yqe4h/stat_obi_wan_using_fd/ Apparently in the early beta books there used to be a Force Rating chart which was removed for the final versions of the books by FFG. They had a Knight as FR 5 and a Padawan as FR 3. I also have to say I do not understand where people are coming from with thousands of xp required; there is really no need for that. Though if there is, is there anything wrong with that? Thousand+ xp in the FFG rpg can equate to levels 13+ in SW Saga (Master Level Obi Wan was level 14-16 in that game if I recall correctly) I do not recall any rule in FFG preventing you from either starting that high or reaching that high with your PCs. Heck, with such a huge gap in between the movies, especially ep 6-7 even if you stick to movie cannon who knows what happened; maybe your PCs were the ones to accomplish great things during that time. (such as giving Snoke those wounds )
  10. This bothered me as well and after thinking about it the answers are simple: During the height of the Jedi Order users of the Dark Side are hunted by the Jedi. As such, Dark Siders have little to no access to training in the Force along with martial applications of Force Training, such as lightsaber combat, deflecting, etc etc. The Sith apprentice however, has access to his master who teaches him everything about the Dark Side, similar to how a Jedi Padawan learns from a Jedi Master (or a Jedi Knight in certain special cases) Not only that, but Sith, also have knowledge about Lightsaber skills, how to construct them and how to use them in conjunction with the Force. As Sidious said, the Jedi and Sith are similar in all but every way. Finally being an old order, Sith Lords have knowledge of specialized Dark Side techniques. This IMO is what truly sets them apart from some random run of the mill Dark Jedi/Dark Force User. Just like Jedi are masters of the light side, Sith have mastered the dark side. As Sidious said "The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider unnatural" So how would you handle this in game terms? Easy: Sith characters can access all Jedi type careers in F&D as well as construct and use Lightsabers (Lightsaber skill) Furthermore Sith characters can pump their xp into Force Powers like Unleash aka Force Lightning. I would not let any non Sith access the highest unleash trees (because Force Lightning is a powerful Dark Side ability) nor the highest Force Powers with martial aspects like Enhance, Move and Sense.
  11. Has anyone tried playing FFG SW via Roll20? It doesn't have to be F&D, it could be any type of game such as rules using only Edge of the Empire. I mainly play via pbp on rpol.net but I have been growing impatient with the slow progression of pbp games; as an adult with a full time job + other responsibilities I really don't have a choice in the matter and pbp does scratch the itch. But sometimes, over weekends or holidays I find myself wishing for a fast session lasting a couple of hours where I can play or run a full adventure. Can roll20 do this? And do i need to have a mic and cam to play, or can I play via text messaging/chat only, and use features like battlemaps etc for combat?
  12. I want to see if this game can do that, and how much xp it will take. Can someone stat padawan Obi Wan as he was in TPM right before dueling Maul (and thus gaining a bunch of xp for winning the duel), and then Master Obi Wan as he was in AOTC, with xp points spent for each build?
  13. Obi Wan is stated right there in the F&D corebook as a Guardian. I forget the exact page number. FFG even states his specific specialization paths, saying he starts as a Soresu Defender, then moves to Peacekeeper, and then it implies he takes a non force career from EoTE. And this is one of the strongest Jedi in the movies. So this book is clearly meant to allow characters from all eras of play, including the prequels. Anyhow another question: If I want to simulate Force Push, do I need to take the Strength upgrade to Move? Also, would silhouette of 0 times 10 (for control upgrade) still equal 0 mean I do 0 damage on hurl?
  14. As a starting character, jedi are more like New Hope Obi Wan- Arthritic old men with a few mystical tricks. you can do this by completely neglecting to boost your stats at character creation, freeing up 100XP or so for force related stuff. Play up your mystery, so that when you spend XP on a new ability, you "knew it all along." At Knight level play, you start to approach Phantom menace level jedi- flashy and powerful, but still clueless and naive. Keep in mind you dont need a dozen ranks in reflect and FR5 to be "A jedi"- its enough to have FR2 and reconize that what Light Paragon actually gives is a consiquence free darkpip flip, to make powers more reliable. Force Slam is a Control upgrade on the Move power- this is for both the single target throw power and, with a Magnatude activation, the multitarget version. Also battledroids are Minion Groups- that is, you can target multiple droids even with a single target power. Stormtroopers are the same way. Jumping and flipping around is more a hallmark of the Ataru lightsaber style, with it's multiple ranks of Dodge, where you spend strain to be harder to hit. Cad Bane from the clone wars series also probably a has a lot of dodge, but from a different tree- it's less physics defying, but still just as effective. Knight level play can build a padawon if you're CAREFUL. Waste points on the "cool" abilities, and there will be core powers you miss. In general, I say that a new Jedi Knight or older padawon shold have FR2, a rank of reflect (which generally requires a separate saber tree), 1 point in Lore and Discipline, and the basic powers for Move, Influence, Enhance, and Sence. (remember your mentor discount!) Spend the rest of your XP to taste, and you'll have plenty of room to grow into the character as the campain goes through attack of the clones, th clone wars series, and finally revenge of the Sith. Speaking of force lightning, it's part of a power called Protect/Unleash. Force lightning vs a blaster is a case of the quadratic wizard being a really late bloomer- you need 4-5 force dice to beat out a kitted out bounty hunter's favorite gun. Thanks, this was a helpful post. Assume I am going for Obi-Wan as he was at the start of TPM, will 150xp + Human species bonus be enough? I was considering the Guardian Career + Soresu Specialization. Soresu has Reflect as well as Parry; I will aim to get Improved Reflect as soon as I can. This should be enough for me to emulate Jedi deflecting blaster fire and being competent in Lightsaber combat than the average galactic schmuck For Force powers I am thinking about focusing on Move and Enhance, with a little bit of Sense. This should emulate Jedi flips, force pushes, and the mystical aspect of sensing other creatures. (By the way, is there any mechanical bonus to flipping around in combat once in a while?) Is all the above doable with 150xp + Human bonus? A bit about myself: I have a lot of experience with prior editions of SW, especially the Saga edition by WOTC. I also liked the D6 version by WEG, though I found the Saga edition superior mechanically, both to the WEG as well as the other d20 versions. I am an old hand at roleplaying and I understand it's easy to differentiate characters via roleplay; a Jedi can be mystical and cryptic while a Bounty Hunter can be crass and blustery. That's all good, but I also like rules to at least attempt to mimic what the character can do or should be doing. I don't want to sound like a min maxer or powergamer because I am not, but I do like rules to support what characters do. Lastly, I get that beginning Jedi in this are supposed to represent Luke at the start of the OT. However, the Force Sensitive Exile in EoTE could do that; Luke can also be assumed to start out in some other career before hand like a Scout or Ace. I was hoping F&D would be able to cover all Jedi characters from the movies, especially Jedi from the PT. Right now it seems to be that is possible, you just need to spend more xp to start off rather than being able to do so from the get go even for padawans.
  15. I wonder why FFG appears to have made it so hard to actually play Jedi. And when I say play Jedi I don't mean video game stuff or things like Battle Meditation on 50 troops; I mean the stuff Jedi do in the prequel movies. Still, a properly Knight level Jedi character ought to be competent enough, more so than Luke was in ROTJ. A Force Rating of 2 should mean better/stronger force powers, while 2 ranks in reflect, at least 1 in Block and a couple of talents in a Lightsaber form tree like Ataru or Soresu ought to make for a competent Jedi character. Due to the fact that Lightsabers and Force Powers have limited range and effects in combat, such a character would not overshadow other combat built PCs like a Hired Gun or even a Smuggler with a good blaster.
  16. So I recently got Force & Destiny; it's a big book and I am barely started reading through it. I have skimmed the interesting sections like character creation and force powers, and I have some questions: -What kind of a Jedi can I make using these rules? Can I make a Jedi like Obi Wan from Phantom Menace (aka Padawan Obi Wan) or a Jedi Master like Qui Gon? If so, how would I mimic the Force Push power they use in those movies, where they smash multiple battle droids around using the force with just one thrust of the palm? Star Wars Saga Edition had the power Force Slam to mimic this, how does F&D handle it? -How does the game mimic the jumping and flipping around the Jedi do, especially during Lightsaber combat? I guess it can be roleplayed, but the is there any specific power/talent to do that also grants a mechanical advantage to doing it? Because if this is handled via roleplay otherwise what's to stop the bountyhunter or smuggler from also flipping around. Note that I know the Enhance Force power can do this outside of combat, but I mean inside of combat, especially during lightsaber combat. -If I want to play a padawan like Obi Wan circa TPM, should I start off at Knight level play, aka 150 bonus xp as per the F&D rulebook? Would that be enought to mimic Obi Wan from that era? -I am guessing Dark Side powers will be revealed in a Sith supplement or something. But is there any way to mimic Sith Lightning (Force Lightning) using F&D rules? If so, is it more effective than a blaster? Thanks a lot for the help guys'n'gals. More questions as they come!
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