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  1. I am currently creating my own Steampunk/ Wild West themed campaign. A new fuel source was discovered in the American West by a German Engineering Corporation and it has driven the rise of intricate and uniquely strange inventions. That same company also discovered a new race of underground dwellers who's society and culture are still largely unknown. Their discovery has only added to the increasingly wild boundaries of reality for the people there. Lots of shifting political ties and motivations with exploration and plenty of combat. I briefly read the thread about ammo but am still debating on how to handle ammo consumption and whether it should be limited in some way or not in the campaign. Will hopefully be starting the first adventure of it soon. Still, need lots of work on creating weapons, gear, vehicles, and inventions for a steampunk world. Is it a long shot to think that they might make a sourcebook for the Steampunk genre?
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