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  1. Thx 😊🙏🏻🙏🏻
  2. Hi when in the villian attack can i play desperate defend? Is it when i declare to defend with my hero og can i wait until damage is about to be dealt so do i have to play it in pkt 2 in villian attack or in pkt 4 thx hope its understandeble 😊
  3. Sorry it will be competativ skirmish?
  4. Hi I have been looking at the Meta and for me it looks like scum is the way to go? and maybe Rebel with Jedi son of skywalker way? But what does people think is the best meta lists right now? Could this be a comp list? Vinto Hreeda Greedo eWeequay Pirate Hired Gun eJawa Scavenger Hera Syndulla Gideon Argus C-3po BT-1 Temporary Alliance Black Market Don't know if there are enough fire power :-)
  5. I find it strange that you can't have tranperent sleeves, FFG makes tranperent sleeves and now you can't use them :-/
  6. What are on The Ghost and Shara Bey? Have been looking for at build and list for Shara And Echo should have Advanced cloaking device and VI
  7. Palp Shuttle is 29 points and makes the Defenders so tanky så the PS is not so important i think, have just won a turnement with that build Or you can try Omega Leader wuth juke, Comm Relay and Stealth devise is tanky to against 1v1 so he need to survive to the endgame
  8. The 4 points on EU is a Waste because he Can boost already
  9. How would a command deck look like to a Twin Sab build?
  10. Do you get +1 block from cunning and still remove a surge result? or do you remove the surge with evade and then cunning does not tricker?
  11. What about Poe: R2-D2, AT, VI, WG Or Miranda Doni: TLT, Tactictian maybe to do stress or C-3PO, Miranda is a breast
  12. I Think VI is not so bad, i lost to Miranda Doni with 1 HP with at Brobot at Half life, he just fly round The bord and slam Into Me for 20 minuts and won on points, with VI you can bid for initiative Poe is VI 8, Omega Leader, Vessery when veterans come, Dash is 7, Corran is 8 and others
  13. On Nera Dantels you can put Extra Munition and save 2 points and then put Deadeye on so you can fire you Torpedos with and Focus or put fire control system on for the 2 points to get target locks when you attack You could do this: Poe Dameron: (31) BB-8 (2) Adaptability (0) for +1 to PS 9 Integrated Astromech (0) yes it works on the T-70 X-wing :-) Ship Points : (33) Red Ace (29) R2-D2 (4) Comm Relay (3) to keep the evade if you du not use it Integrated Astromech (0) Ship Points : (36) Nera Dantels: (26) Plasma Torpedo (3) takes off an extra shield Extra munition (2) gives an xtra Torpedo for 2 points Guidance chip (0) Ship Points: (31) 100 Points If you have the cards that is :-)
  14. What about? Keyan Farlander (29) Rage (1) Hera Syndulla (1) B-Wing/E2 (1) Ship Total: 32 LT. Blount Z-95 (17) Adv. Homing Missile (3) Adaptability (0) or find 1 point for Deadeye With Kanan onbord Dash you can take of EU because all the dial is open to him and then you got 4 more points and maybe put a Y-wing with TLT ind there. Maybe Green Squadron Pilot A-wing (19) Title (0) Push the limith (3) Juke (2) AT (2) Chardaan Refit(-2) Ship total: 24 points :-)
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