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  1. Poe Dameron (HoTR) 41pts Black One (1) Integrated Astro (0) VI (1) R2-D2 (4) Advanced Optics (2) Fenn Rau (22) Adaptability +1 (0) Inspiring Recruit (1) FAA (1) Wullffwarro (37) Selflessness (1) Ezra (3) Maul (3) 100 points total One hitter, one tank, and one messer upper with some stress relief. Thoughts? Thanks for reading!
  2. Red Squadron Pilot (23) X-Wing "Trigger" PS 6 +1 PS (24) +1 PS (26) + EPT (27) R2 Astromech (28) Integrated Astromech (28) Snap Shot (30) I'm a sucker for X-Wings...
  3. Starviper for me, or as I call them "Autothruster Packages". (Though I am surprised by no E-Wings so far. That ship gets all kinds of hate...)
  4. 1) Wedge Antilles 2) Corran Horn 3) Tycho Celchu 4) Meerek Steele 5) Poe Dameron (I really seem to like Rebels...)
  5. My group of RPGers were doing a Star Wars campaign and I thought the X-Wings would make great minis for space combat. Turns out they are really great for space combat!!
  6. 1. Mando 2. Awesome 3. Chica 4. Pretty darn cute That is all.
  7. Jodo Kast Corran Horn Gavin Darklighter Clone Commandos and the Null ARCs with Vau and Skirata Hand of Judgement Mara Jade Mirax and Booster Terrik Tallon Karrde and last but not least... Juno Eclipse
  8. delenmast

    and I am out

    So you have gotten out of a game that you never started? Mesa gettin' confused...
  9. Lock S-foils in Awesome Position!
  10. I still maintain that this ship would only fly in circles. But TLTs can shoot in any direction direction so it is ok.
  11. Without S-Foils, X-Wings wouldn't be X-Wings!! They would all just be Z-95s. (hmm... more Z-95s...)
  12. You ain't been to Tex-HEL... have you Brah? Oh yeah I have. Been there my whole life. Only thing I ever had melted was a Warmachine army. But that's ok. It was my friend's dirty Menoth army.
  13. Since Wave 1, and then took a long time off due to losing my player base. But a new FLGS opened right around wave 7, so since then I guess. Pew Pew Pew
  14. On the boat again, just can't wait to get on the boat again...
  15. To be clear, I am not a Gunboat fanboy. I just know how many people want that ship on this forum.
  16. Wedge Antilles in a X-Wing all day! Wes Janson is right there though.... I just like to fly X-Wings. For Imps I prefer TIE Advanced.
  17. In my group, whenever someone mentions "Wampa" we all immediately start singing "I'm the Wampa, I'm the snowman..." from Empire Strikes Back on ice. Corran is usually referred to as Corn Holio And we call Poe, "Space Fonzy" Other than that, a lot of the same names I see on here,
  18. Thanks for all the quick and detailed answers. Once again this forum is by far the best one that I follow.
  19. I know that the timing of certain abilities has changed (R4/Deadeye). But how have these new FAQ changes affected Fire Control Systems?
  20. Here is the answer, Rage on...... Jek Porkins with Adv Proton Torpedoes! It's a blast to play. And no one ever uses Jek! (Maybe because he is in an X-wing)
  21. "Very well thank you." and to answer, I usually fire off 5 of 6 torpedoes most games.
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