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  1. Hi everyone long time no see here :D and maybe first time posting here about L5R rules Besides, long story short: The PC will be (soon) at the court of Flying Squirrel minor clan (i invented it) when they will be put under siege from a Daidoji army (there are several lore stuff, several more part of the adventure and also a stealing from one 1ed adventure, but i'm keeping it simple now so please focus only on this) So in the end i was planning about using Battle system. Yay. Seems cool... seems... because i have SEVERAL doubts: 1) the system seems cool but it is really cool or is just a way to roll several dice to accomplish very few interesting things? 2) my player are 1x shinjo bushi, 1x ronin (former hida bushi), 2x shugenja and 1x shosuro courtesan. No one has Command, and only two of them have Tactics (both at rank 1). Narratively i can put them in charge of the cohorts, but they will lack any skill to keep the battle going (besides the enemies have 1-3 on social or martial or both...) 3) even if i give them NPC, assistence, the fact is: they will whant to fight a battle? a player could found funny to try this mechanics, but if their characther is'nt involved or are doing something that is completely out of his characther (ie a shugenja guiding a cavalry on the assault)... it will be fun? or just a "ok today we will try this new mechanics" type of evening? On the other side, i can create a narrative scene, where i describe the battle and then i give them a "mini scene" where they can play a couple round of skirmishes or use some skill roll (ie shugenja calling for the kami to assist the troops, or the courtesan/shinobi going stealth to avoid a fight around the main gate of the castle) But narrative scene have 2 problems: a) i don't try the mechanic b) the outcome is decided by the master, with maybe a couple options based upon the results of players scenes, but in the end is more like viewing a movie directed by the master rather than being part of the story... Probably we will play next saturday, so i need to decide today or at least tomorrow how i would plan the adventure... did you have any suggestion? Thank You for your advices!!
  2. Hello everybody We started playing some years ago with Age of Rebellion, completed a story arc around Onderon (following the beginner adventure) and then closed Season 1. Few months later we started Season 2 of our campaign, featuring a new player and flashying most of the core plot of the campaign (some lost jedi diaries from 4000 BBY, a dark sith world-devasting machine and two forgotten sisters princesses raised up as a smuggler and her technician). We concluded this Season 2 in summer 2017 with a climatic story arc half cliffhanger and we decided to stop a bit for "IRL reasons", and planning on starting again after Christmas and Ep VIII And here we are, at the moment still on hyatus. For the same irl reason, it's difficult at the moment to gather around table so one fellow player proposed to start playing via voice chat. Just to try if we can at least going forward with the campaign We found this discord bot that could help us to play; i did'nt tested yet but i see the feedback on the forum and i'm pretty confidant it would help us a lot. I already use this char generator to keep track of PC'sheets and more important NPC and spaceship and like (but don't think my player are using it too... so at the moment is just a GM tool) What do i need now is - some sort of electronic sheet for players and me, something who could help us track the stats, and equip, and easily accessed to everyone so i can see the change - a virtual game table to gather maps, pictures, token for PC and NPC to keep track of wound status, etc. Did you have something to advice for? In the past i used Roll20 for another game (savage world, btw) so i know how's easy to get distracted and how's important to keep attention, and i found very distracting having to see for several different resources so having a single place to gather everything you need for a virtual game table (pictures to see how the NPC'ship looks like, for example, or a map for encounters, keep track of who's in the room and how many stormtroopers are guarding the palace entrance) and of course having a nice place for the char sheet only a button away from the "table" is a good thing I see in Roll20 there are one electronic sheet and some component but they requires premium account because they come with added dice roller, while i'm planning on using SkyJedi's discord chat bot for dice rolling (also: did'nt whant to pay for roll20 premium ? ) so i'm guessing if someone else used it, maybe in conjunction with Skyjedi's discord and/or OggDude's char generator, to have a nice gaming environment. Or if you have to advice some alternatives for it... Ty for you help, this could save my long lost campaign start again...
  3. You could have just saved my campaign... I'll try it asap ps: did you know also how to track everything inside the game? ie some game managing system like roll20, with sheet and likes? (of course i don't need the dice roller 'cause there are this discord chatbot )
  4. I found this long article about rokugani demographic https://ruscumag.wordpress.com/2009/08/15/legend-of-the-five-rings-demographics-of-rokugan/ i don't really agree about some numbers: 50% infant mortality rate seems very high for samurai caste wich can use magic and have a general wellfare very higher than original medieval japanese-chinese one; also, shugenja proportion of 0.1% seems very low for me (i guess will be 5-10% depending on clans where lower will be lions and higher will be phoenix) And in the end the "people for square mile" comparison should be made with china, that's a continent like rokugan, rather than japan (an island so will have a way higher number of "people for square mile") But it's still veeeeeeery interesting and posing several questions about hows' the living on the Rokugan...
  5. Tchnically, the ones in the picture is still a kimono; kimono mean "thing to wear" so even heimin clothing are kimono. We can easily translate "kimono" with "clothing" and i suppose is not really an error Of course bogei's kimono is a rough cloth kimono, aimed to practical use and heavvy labour, while samurai use fine silk and embroidery kimono. Bogei's kimono sure will lack of hakama, haori, tabi and of course obi while probably will use a simple belt to hold the kimono tight enough; burakamin will use an even more simple kimono, probably even from a previous owner. Don't think they will use a sandal, probably a rope&leather shoe or boot. Low class will have no more than one single "party day" kimono they will use for every single matsuri or special occasion, while in the day by day case will use he same kimono, with mends and patchs. The takuhatsugasa or sandogasa (monk curved hat or conical hat) are standard for low people (even because they can use it for rain protection). Yukata will be a very fancy clothing for special occasion, probably Of course, is not really true for everyone: merchant could be very rich having a lot of different kimonos and probably even better made than samurai ones (all very simple and similar so it's not easy to discern they have money); ashigaru will have a rough but resistent kimono, probably with the mon of their lord, and also several garment to complement armor. Budoka, doshin, and higher class samurai servants will have a better quality clothing and also several different kimonos (because their wealth also shows their lord's wealth) while ronin will have a good quality traveling kimono, probably mended or sewn-off to because they where used to wear a lot of good quality kimono but at the moment they get no more access to this stuff As for CCG pictures, most of them are good quality, but there are also several very bad pictures (as the armor-bikini you pointed at). I honestly don't think someone really gone with those legs exposed like Kachiko in those pictures (problably even her is not really going on with those legs exposed...) Anyway, apart from samurai, i was thinking about: what's the differences between heimin from dragon lands and the ones on crane lands? they sure will be very similar on clothing but they made different works; what of their lords' differencies and inheritances will blend into their culture? I read on the old Emerald Empire that almost every religious aspect for the people came from Monks, so probably bigger presence of the monk will made greater difference than different cultural ones. Also, in the Crane and Mantis land probably there will be sailors and fisher while in Dragon and Crab ones will not; in the Lion lands animal handler (for big hunting cats) will be a viable work, ad in Unicorn the groom and animal trainers will have a better consideration than everywhere else. Last but not least, in the crab lands will be higher mortality rate than in the imperial provinces close to Otosan Uchi. In the Ryoko Owari or Toshi Ranbo will be a better living condition than in Hiruma lost lands behind the Kaiu Kabe
  6. Hi all I think could be nice and cool, in particular way for new player but also for a bit more experienced ones, to point out some "day by day" elements of the settings the players will surely ask (before or later) or it could be nice to know for scene/people description. First few example it comes to my mind: clothing and food Of course everyone can just go search "kimono" on wikipedia and learn a lot about the standard traditional japanese, in my opinion even way more than you need for standard campaign. However, Rokugan is not modern day Japan so it could be a little pointless to learn all the differencies between Furisode and Tsukesage and also a bit deceiving. I think in Rokugan day-to-day life both men and women from samurai chaste will use the same 5-piece kimono (simple "male" kimono, obi, hakama, haori and nagajuban) while more formal, long sleeves and "female" kimonos are used on rituals, special events (marriage, funerals, etc) and during courts events. Crab's kimono should be more resilient fabric and less ornate,'cause is mainly used under an armor, while Unicorn's favour divided hakama than undivided ones ('cause is way easier to ride an horse while in a pants-like skirt than on a full skirt ); Crane will surely favour a silk, ornate, kimono even during travel while Dragon will like more sturdier heavy clothing kimono to protect them from rigid cold. Mantis (and some Yasuki) will probably favour going without hakama (and probably without haour too) while traveling on ships for better mobility.What do you think? As for food, rice occupy the biggest part of their diet, but i don't think they'll eat sushi and onigiri everyday in every part of the Empire; ramen and gyoza should be completely unknown of; fish and crabs should be a good complement on the Crane, Mantis and Phoenix coastlines while meat (probably chicken and hare) should be eaten on mainland. Pork and red meat should be very rare, if used at all, and only for special occasion (but i imagine something like kobe meat cows will be bred on Lion's lands) Milk and cheese of course completely unheard of, but there could be tofu (lucky you!! ). Red bean juice/marmelade should be the main (and almost only) ingredient for sweet cakes (again: lucky you!!) Tea will be the normality for drinking purpose, but the adult can even drink sake in the evening, probably during festivals and matsuri or during special events. So, in the end... what do you think? Rokugani samurai will be formal dressed everytime save when they are traveling? or will favour practical, combat oriented (male) kimonos? Wich clan will produce a better silk? female samurai will wear regularly same kimono than male counterpart, or those will be exception for traveling/bushi-oriented ones? and what about the boge and burakamin? probably they will wear just a sturdier clothing kimono (probably without hakama and with a simpler haori); and there will be gender differencies betweens commoners' clothings? And what will be food differencies between different regions of the Empire? what will be the "standard" meal a player samurai will face whenever he stop on a village tavern? and what they should offer to a fellow kuge whenever he came visiting? wich clan hold the better sake and wich one is famous for their finest quality tea?
  7. Never let any Mirumoto know you created their school starting from "Kakita Duelists"
  8. I generally dislike almost everything they did after Scorpion Clan Coup, so i'm very happy about reboot But i see your point here Luckily, the storyline thing is something you can always incorporate in your campaign (and i also suggest you to pick up the Imperial Histories 1 and 2 from previous edition) As for more personalized version, i think that FFG's reboot is to let us explore a brand new world, without anything cool (pun intended) already happened, and everyone knowing what's there, who's done that and uncovered this secret just because they read on previous editions...
  9. A token/marker/die to mark your stance could be good; however i always fear the die will be rolled over during play, and token buried under sheets (or bowl full of snacks... for a while...) What about cards with stance? on the front there are the card logo, on the back a table with opportunity cost/option and a plastic stand to put the card on, so you can put that in front of you. So it's a 3D stand point. If they are clever, they can sell special deck with techniques (one for each major clan, ofc), and the 5 stance/opportunity in it. And the deck came with a case where you can put the stance/opportunity card on it... ok i'm saying nonsense As for strife/wound marker, we had a similar problem with Numenera/The Strange where stats pool are a constant wave of consuming, healing, consuming again and we solved in 2 different method: - usign an app to keep track of them - using coloured plastic marker (like the one you use in some CCG) Strife counter wheel or plastic scoreboard, similar to the one you see on "clix" series miniatures, could be cool. Maybe with a fancy samurai figure on top of them, different from clan to clan, bushi, shugenja... that's 4 samurai type (bushi, shugenja, courtier, "special one"), times 7 clan, plus 3 "generic" for minor clan. Add in 2x ronin (bushi-like and shugenja-like), shintao monk (2 or 3) and of course imperial families (3 is enough?). Time 2 for gender specific are... less than 80 miniatures!! (put in a nezumi and a couple of naga and you can go easily to 80). Ok ok... that's too many ones... (also because i will sure buy EVERYONE OF THEM!! )
  10. very cool! also, i will agree on putting some "gaijin pepper" (aka gunpowder-ish) into some kuni weapons... to use only against oni!!
  11. cool you mentioned some problem i never thought of (like "accidentally exploding a dice")... well, that's make lot more sense that's the reason why i'm not a programmer... btw, again: good work!
  12. What's the standard for 4th edition? I always played on 1st edition (with some rules added from 2nd) and our GM was giving us an average of 1 XP every 3 session. Yeah i know, it's kinda sucked. (and he was very "forcedly realistic" in the xp expenditure... something like "i whant increase kenjutsu from 2 to 3" "you will need to found a trainer and exercise with him for 1-2 hours at day, every day..." "for how long?" "until he found you good enough...") So i really have no idea how many XP is "good" for 4th edition (and that's will be important even because we are arranging a "long adventure/mini campaign" on 4th edition before trying 5th one to make a good comparison between them) Giving XP per hour is a genius idea for me too. When we started playing Star Wars, my PC complained about "not enough xp". When i stopped thinking they where just whining, and started paying real attention on what they where saying, i found they had some sort of reason: we're no more teenager playing 2-3 times a week every week; we barely arrange to play 2 times at month, and thats more time spent we spent on almost everything else. It's not important "it's just 6 session from last time i leveled up" or worse "it has passed only 3 days since you entered Hutt's station" but it's the "it's already three months since last time i had enough XP to spend on something useful", and that's kinda sucks... I'm still not a good fan of fast-leveling, and that's specially true for a rigid more realistic setting (like L5R) and i of course will dislike having bushi single-handedly fight an oni and feel like it's too easy, but players should feel rewarded for dedication to the game. Maybe 2 XP at hour could be proven to be too much (but even if Nitenman calculated it would need "only" six month of playing to get rank 6, i agree that if you let the xp flows, the player are good to use xp on something less useful and more "adherent to caracther's concept") Also, i calculated most of time we play 6-8 hours, and many RPG will give you XP based on "game session"... how long is your game session? why short game session should be rewarded like long ones? L5R 5th edition give you the answer: you should be awarded for hours of gameplay, not abstract time called "game session" Last but not least: i agree all player should be rewarded by same amount of XP. Because everyone is important. Everyone make sacrifices. The one falling asleep on the couch, maybe had a very tiring work day and he really really whant to stay on the table and play with the others, but just can't do it. Giving less XP to someone because he felt asleep, are missing 'cause today is sick, or he came late for "family reasons", it's like punishing him, and that's not cool. We're no more teenager, so i assume everyone is playing is doing it because he what to, not because has nothing else to do or whanna bang the chick on the table (also because all girs we play with are either married or mothers )
  13. Actually, when you select the "exploding die", you then need to right click and select "explode". It could be way more cooler if it would be automatically exploded while you select it (or, dunno, maybe a double click?) Or also: a nice button on the right with "explode" written on top; when someone click on the button, it auto-explode all the selected dice who whould explode. That could give some problem if multiple exploding dice happens, however, so you will need also a way to mark an exploding die as "already exploded" Dunno how you code it, but something like a flag variable set at 0 whenever you roll it (so it's not rolled again when you hit again the button) As for Void point you can put a simple button "add more dice". When you hit it, it roll one more die. If you need to spend more void point, just hit the button twice or more As for strife feature, you can add a simple counter, that will keep track of all the strife you rolled until you hit a "reset" button. You can also put a composure box where you state your composure, and the strife counter will become red if total higher than the composure (you can also put an "outburst" button who automatically halves your strife when you do outburst) In the far future something like an "roll option" panel could be interesting too: in a secondary panel you can select advantage, techniques, etc from drop-down menus. That's will automatically add more dice to the roll so you need to roll your skill+trait dice and it automatically add techniques bonuses or like Keep in mind, that are only "far future ideas"; none of those are necessary to use the roller and that does'nt diminish the good roller you already did
  14. A big catapult-seat who throws in the air agasha shugenja (or better: isawa fire tensai), who will litterally rain fire on the head of their enemies. Then die from falling damage, but they sure will die in an honorable wy
  15. Wait... i lost something in the book? relaly there are Shosuro Actors and they did a tecnhnique for their "faces"? or are you talking about 4th ed? Btw i like the idea of getting different "technique" choice for different school, that's what make school interesting; also, as a friend of mine pointed out, stating "i'm a 5th level ranger who cast animmal companion" in an ordinary setting (ie dnd-ish) is pretty weird, while stating "i'm an hiruma bushi mastering the veil of the spirits technique" is way more cool in game However, artisan could get special shuji and ninja could get special kata, so no need of creating two more "classes" of special abilities That if you like ninja getting plain kata too (and artisan getting plain shuji too) because if you whant create "ninja kata" and limiting that to take no "non-ninja kata", then creating ninjutsu technique is a more clear path...
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