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  1. Any update about an expansion to the game?
  2. I have a question about runic armor. Does its ability stack with hero's ability? For instance with the ability of Elder Mok... Does he has the opportunity to play it 3 times in a row?
  3. An enemy has an ability that states Forced: When it engage a player it has +1 attack, or does 5 damage to a hero etc Is this ability triggered also when a player chooses and engages an enemy from the staging area? Or the enemy has to engage you only through the engagement check in order to trigger the ability?
  4. ok this is clarified then.... how about the when revealed effects on the enemies... Do they resolve also?
  5. When a "when revealed" effect appears during the setup in dol guldur (you reveal and add on card from the encounter deck) is it resolved normally? Do I have to reveal another card until an enemy or location appears? Or I just leave the objective empty? In addition if it is resolved can I play response actions from heroes?
  6. I have a question about Thalin's ability Does it occur before or after the Surge, Doomed keywords?
  7. Either it has not been clarified well in the rulebook or maybe I don't understand it but does each step resolve separately for each player or they do this simultaneously? If it is separately does it mean that at the end of each step of each player can all the players play actions?
  8. I am thinking of starting a 3 player campaign... I have bought 2 core sets atm and I am thinking to focus in one sphere for each player. Is it possible? I heard from a friend of mine that we will have great disadvantage in later expansions... any opinions?
  9. Fixed!!! Thanks a lot for your help all of you guys!!!
  10. Nope whenever I try to open the quest log from either link it keeps opening the log in screen.... maybe its a bug or something....
  11. Ok I found it but every time I click to open it, it sends me back to login page.... Does it need some specific configuration on my pc?
  12. hello there guys I cannot find the quest log.... There is a previous post that asks about that.... I am trying to find it and I cannot... Can anyone help me? thanks a lot
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