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  1. I like that Mighty Warrior + Gloin + Vigilant Guard
  2. Can I use The Seeing Stone to get a Steward of Orthanc from my deck (or a Guard of Henneth Annun, Mirkwood Pioneer, etc.) ? The Doomed keyword is printed in the text of the card but not as a keyword applicable for the card itself but to be granted to an Event card. I don't know if a keyword needs to be an 'active' keyword with a direct effect when the card is played or in play to be considered as such, or if it's sufficient that it be printed on the card?
  3. It would also be an appropriate place to renew the Eagle trait, adding a second sphere would be great for example. And... why not an airborn adventure!?
  4. It should be a tactic Ent Hero actually: so far, we know to what Sphere will belong all Harad cycle heroes but 2 and no tactic hero has been spoiled. Each cycle with its Deluxe so far featured 8 heroes, with 2 belonging to each of the four spheres. From the FFG articles, we know: - Sands of Harad: Gimli (lea) and Legolas (spi) - pack 1: Kahliel (lea) - pack 2: Thurindir (lor) - pack 3: Scout hero (should be tactic) - pack 4: Rohan hero (spi) - pack 5: lore hero - pack 6: Ent hero (should be tactic)
  5. I luv the rare traits (ent hero, beornings!!) and the clever additions to existing mechanics (tactic traps, encounter card) that bring a refreshing touch and new path to explore for deck building: AWESOME job again developpers! I look forward to this. Long live LOTR
  6. I wish they release the latest nightmare decks and standalone scenarios in French, Spanish and German (and all languages the game has been transtated into but that has fallen behind in POD publication!) and Thranduil hero and some Dalesmen a new Eagle and a Happy new Year to y'all
  7. And it's also the same in France : Free the non-english PODs!!!
  8. Hello, question about the new card Lords of the Eldar from Battle of Carn-Dum: the rulebook states that "Cost: The number of resources a player must spend from the appropriate resource pool(s) to play this card *from his hand*." (emphasis' mine) Since Lords of the Eldar can only be played from the discard pile, do you still have to pay the 3 resources or do you only have to have a Spirit hero to match the card's sphere and 'pay' the Action cost by placing the card at the bottom of your deck? The resource cost could be relevant only for other card effect such as Zigil Miner. Also if you compare the card text to the Record Cards (Tome of Atanatar, Map of Earnil,...) those specifically mention that the card taken in your discard pile is played as if it were in your hand, thus incurring the resource cost. thanks for your answers!
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