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  1. I have been trying to interpret it myself and find the wording too absolute. It simply says it may reroll 1 die. So no matter what source the squadron recieves the reroll from, it may reroll 1 die. No more. Now I agree that that would be a too strickt interpretation, I do agree that you could reroll a dice for each BCC in range, in combination of other abilities and rerolling rerolls. It is worth 8 points, so you may expect a lot from it.
  2. Would it be helpfull if we made a sticky there the questions with answers from FFG are posted (and no discussion)? Would be more easy to find them afterwards.
  3. Though email statements can clear up a lot of things I do believe the FAQ is ruling, especially in official games such as in tournaments. Its is all good and well to have an email message stating an improvement of the FAQ, but if that rule is to be improved, it has to be incorperated into the FAQ. Why? Because every player has access to the FAQ, but not all are aware of the email contents. I do hope that FFG will start updating it's FAQ more frequently to adjust it where needed.
  4. Saturday 16th of April we are hosting a 400 point Armada tournament using the official rules of FFG, except no player will recieve a bye (reserve player present). The winners of 1st and 2nd place can choose their prize from elements from several tournament kits and there is an alternate art card for all participants. More information can be found on www.lotrutrecht.net Rulepack (including payment information): http://www.lotrutrecht.net/sw-armada-single-400 Participationfee €8,00 (payment in advance via bank) Signup mandatory: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054aacab22a1fc1-deelnemers
  5. Were you playing a 300 point game? Most games, especially tournament games, are at 400 points now of which a maximum of 1/3 of the points can be spend on squadrons. As far as I know it is impossible to build 1-ship fleets. (or you have a very large bid). Having more ships would make Defiance less vulnerable to being first player.
  6. Some missions grant bonus points, such as objective markers to be claimed or succesfull rear shots. At the end these points are added to the killpoints. This still applies is one of the players has lost all his ships. Some other missions grand additional points by doubling the point cost for an objective ship. However, if all ships are destroyed, the fleet is worth 400 points. Do you still get the additional points of the objective ship? The obective is worth double the value, but your whole fleet is worth 400 at the end, regardless of the value of the individual elements.
  7. Yesterday my opponent had a ship with engine techs. He spend the navigate command to alter its speed and used engine tech. He stated that, since he spend the navigate token, he could have an additional click on that 1-speed maneuver (from the engine techs) as well. I said it could not, since the alteration on speed and click only refers to the normal move, not the additional move. We resolved it this way. But I would like to check whether this was correct. In short: When you spend a navigate command, can you use those elements on the engine tech maneuver as well? Addition: If you have both the navigate dial and token. Can you use the toke on the normal move (whether or not actually altering speed), and thus trigger engine tech, and then use the dial on the engine tech move to add a click.
  8. Lets say the star destroyer is a perfect equal distance of both Nebulons. If you use a click on the joint belonging to the speed the ship is moving (and which is the overlapping part) you would overlap one ship more than the other. By starting such a turn in "real life" you would hit the one you'd overlap more, first. I would say as moving player, this click would give you choice which ship you'd hit first. Any thoughts?
  9. I would suggest taking the normal damage first on shields if you have them still. There is a crit stating the loss of shields as additional damage. Taking that crit first might result in the other damage going to the hull. But indeed you get both. There is no rule stating an order in these damage except the rule that states if multiple things happen at the same time, choose. Viewing it from a flying perspective I would say the damage from the obstacle you would encounter first is dealt first but that is only if you want to play it more realistic.
  10. A lot of tournaments I know (and the ones I organize) allow photo copies of the cards (preferably the same size and full color). Having to buy a 50 euro box for a single card is somewhat expensive. You do need a card (original or copy) at every ship that contains the upgrade so it is always clear for you and the opponent. As said by thecactusman17, do check in advance with the organizer.
  11. First you change the speed THEN add a click to the clicks possible from the new speed. So it is not possible to change speed after adding a click.
  12. A great builder, well done. I found an error, I hope you can fix it. I was building a 400 fleet, and the total said 400. After submitting it said 406. Searching for the error I found it: At Fleet Ship 1 (which was a VSD1) it did not count the Turbolaser points. The points were stated at the list though. Fleet Ship 2 was an exact copy and there it did count the Turbolaser points. After submitting all points were counted. Good luck with this great builder!
  13. I believe the order of the defence tokens is the following (I cannot find it in the rulebook as a fixed rule, but you cannot use another order): -Scatter -Evade -Brace -Redirect -Contain You choose whether to resolve one, then move on to decide whether to use the next (skipping those tokens your ship/squadron does not have)
  14. My appolegies. I did mean engaged, not activated. You are correct.
  15. Admiral Chiraneau allows activated squadrons to move again (up to speed 2). So a very good combo with mithel.
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