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  1. That list of weapons looks really interesting! Lots of cool stuff!
  2. Awesome! Please post it here again, I'd love to see what you do.
  3. Cool! The anchors were inspired by the opening scene in Skitarius- a very good (audio)book if you haven't heard/read it. I imagined they'd be rather useful! I'd like to put everything together into a mini-expansion book. A PDF collecting all these rules that everyone can print off or use in their games. I'm not involved in any campaigns at the moment so it's good to heard that the rules are being used! For anyone else looking for the rules so far (including phantam23's rules) you can find them at www.smileyfaceharry.com
  4. Hi there! A lot of this seems very similar to the stuff I've been working on (less so recently). Maybe you've seen my stuff on the web or great minds think alike- either way I'm happy to see someone else working on this! A lot of the stuff surrounding the Noosphere and Data-Tether etc is a lot more streamlined than the way I had it and you've got some more equipment- very nice work. If it's good with you, I'd like to take some inspiration from your rules.
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