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  1. Hi guys. Here in Mexico the copies arrived yesterday(November 6), at least in the store I buy my games. Hopefully USA and Europe also get their copies earlier.
  2. Hi Chronos96. As far as I know: 1. You play with all the mysteries of the Ancient One. 2. I supposed you meant when are they used. One set is used: And the other: If you meant how to resolve them. As any other Complex Encounter you resolve the top text and based on the result you resolve the pass(middle text) or fail effect(Bottom text). 3. They substract each other, So you are right, having +2 Improvement Tokens and having to Impair(-1), equals +2-1=+1 Improvement token, or if you have to impair it twice(-2) equals +2-2=0(No tokens) I Hope this clarify your questions.
  3. Sadly I think they are not going to release them. Quoting FFG "Alongside the Figure and Tile Collections, we bring you the final four Arkam Horror Premium Painted Miniatures. … The release of these four minis culminates our introduction of these visually stunning figures to your Lovecraftian game worlds." But I would love to see them too alongside the new creature shown in the new MoM2E Expansion.
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