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  1. So Update since last time i asked for some advice, this was our first session thus far, and it went off fairly well. I certainly learned a lot as far as planning goes. Our intrepid team of adventurers were on a small tiny shuttle going to meet the all mighty Gorra Tagga the Hutt, in order to go about their business. The bothan went to learn information about her parents, with the commando as her "body guard". The togruta was in search of her missing informant in search of her jedi possesions, and the poor mon calamari was on his way to deliver his package sent from the imperial officer. The shuttle makes a small detour to a tiny shipping facility that is purely autonomous, all droid employed, no humans. As it lands their pilot (also a droid) steps out to go retreive a crate, as he gets blown up upon reaching the warehouse door, out from inside come 4 pirates, pushing crates of stolen goods. With their pilot dead, and no way to fly the shuttle (its a small in-atmosphere ship, it cant leave planet. It is also a droid pilot only type of ship, there is no chair/interface for a human to operate on his own) they slowly approach the pirates... only to try and talk their way in to seeing what the trouble is. The pirates cant have any witnesses of course, so the fight breaks out (this is our 2nd introduction to combat, i felt starting 1 fight early just to refresh mechanics was a simple way to learn the rules). They decide to take a hostage using stun settings on their blasters (i had NOT accounted for that idea!) and take the crate. It turns out to be freeze dried food stuffs, nothing of any true value. The pirates drive a dilapitated old 'falcon YT ship (because why not, and it fits their crew of 4 nicely, and goes by the books recommendation.) Inside the ship they find the pirates R4 unit, who angrily charges at them with his little tazer out, but the commando tells it to calm down, or he'll throw a restraining bolt on him. the droid complies, and was thus given a new name by the mon calamari player.... "K4RP"... or Karp as they call it. They explore the ships cargo area, finding a smuggler compartment with 4 FULL size wookie pelts, and an intact b1 battle droid, with a missing droid brain. Its perfectly in working order... but nothing upstairs, so to speak. The commando burns the wookie pelts despite the black market value, and shoots the droid in the chest to make sure its "down for good" After letting the captive go after a round of questioning, they take off to meet the Hutt. They skipped everything there was to do in town, and went straight to him (i was slightly nervous this would happen, for lack of other content on my part but it worked out in the end) They met with the hutt's interpretor droid, and just before meeting the hutt himself, the mon'cal's package starts humming and beeping. The droid panicks, saying the noise must be silenced for fear of angering his "enormousness". The moncal and commando go to open the box, inside is a cluster of 6 thermal detonators set to a GPS system, designed to blow at this location. Furious of this would-be assasination attempt, Gorra throws them in his dungeon to rot until execution time. Inside the dungeon they meet a trapped man, Jim Tohano. Jim tells the players they have to help him bust out of there, to escape and meet his friend, only known as "Shady Al". Jim says there is a sewer tunnel that leads to the housing section of town, and if he gets him to his friend, they'll be rewarded. Upon questioning, Jim reveals he was caught selling Gorra's smuggled property...back to Gorras own men for profit, that didn't go over too well. The escape! They pick the locks of thier cells using a found screwdriver and hammer from a tool box left near by. They make their way to pit, but come across Gorra's storage room. They take sacks of food as bait for the rancor. They get to the door, Jim tells them to throw their food and full speed run it, its their only chance! They go, jim high tales it straight to the grate in the wall, the others try and follow. The moncal totally botches his athletics roll to throw his heavy bag of food, he doesnt let go as he throws, and it topples him over. The rancor turns from his tiny enclosure, and makes his way to the food thrown by him. The rocks through out the large open room block his sight to jim and 3 other players that went around out of his vision, but he spots the togruta helping the moncal get back on his feet, they dive out of the way as the beast charges forward. Jim Commando and bothan all pry the grate open just enough to squeeze through, the other 2 catch up before getting snatched. They meet up with Jim's friend "Shady Al", after going to a run down shack of a house. On the inside however, was different than anything they've seen in the city so far. The floors walls and ceiling were brand new and immaculately clean, the house on the outside, was more of a jewelery store in appearance on the inside. Glass cabinets set up in rows with varying merchandise of all types. As they enter Jim introduces them, and thanks his saviors officially. Al tells them time is short, as when Gorra finds their escape, its a matter of time until he turns the entire city upside down to find them, Al is annoyed he must relocate, but is thankful for his business partner back. Al sells the players some discounted merchandise of all sorts, the only thing of note is the Moncal mechanic bought parts to repair the droid back on their ship. (The droid is a possible helper NPC aboard their ship, or in party. He is meant to fill a gap as they deem necessary) Then we had to call it quits for time. Plans for next session so far, Al tells them they can't leave the city in the same ship they entered, and they need to get their BoSS information changed. Gorra will know how to track their ship, and without a new identity, he'll always be on their tail. The players have 2 options at this point, that players talked about breifly....1) go after the captain who obviously gave the moncal the bomb in the first place... or 2) go back to Gorra and TRY to reason with him, and explain it all a HUGE misunderstanding of sorts. I'm sorry this is such a huge post, but i wanted to give an update after you guys helped me figure it out at the start. I'm kinda sorta stuck on how to make the story branch based on those ideas and what the players have told me. Do i plan on 2 sessions essdentially, 1 based off each possible idea??? Thanks again, our first game went awesome and had some hilarious interactions, thanks to your help everyone.
  2. So we've had a bit of an update. After taking the time to figure this all out, last night i got a call from 1 of my players, the gunslinger. His work just told him hes on weekend duty as a sales rep from now 'till January. (Its holiday computer sales at big chains like best buy, so hes stuck on holiday hours) I think what i'll change it up to now, as the veteran commando is going to be hired by the bothan girl to help get her to her destination and find her folks. I'm thinking itll be based on the honor code sort of thing..... "Once my parents are found, they'll gladly pay you X amount"....meanwhile Commando is just happy to help this poor girl out, and mayyyybe happy to get a shot at blowing up some imperial stuff. Again fellas thank you guys for the heads up. I'll totally be updating this post again after our 1st session, and tell ya how it goes. My group is fairly experienced in RPGs, and this is my 1st time GMing... so its a reverse learning curve. I expect 3 of my players to do some VERY unorthodox things. The need to improv' is going to come in to play very often i can tell. Gonna be a blast i hope
  3. I'm with Hydro on this, as well as other comments. The clones are still human, regardless of their strange way of coming to be. My best advice would be to make it an off-shoot of human. Maybe instead of 110XP, make it 100xp, give them 1 skill in knowledge warfare (i feel thats a given, due to their entire purpose being for war)... and maybe the ability to gain or drop a boost/setback on X condition, once per encounter/session... something narratively clone-ie. Remember, they arnt Captain America... they are just dudes with training.
  4. Again thanks yall for the AWESOME replies, this great stuff from all of you. So heres what i've got so far (this is very early concept, ive got to sit down and type it up properly later, and maybe rework some ideas): The bothan lady goes to all highs and lows of society in her search for the missing family members, this forces her WAY out of her element, dealing with some shady folks. She learns the best place to find any clue on the planet would be to visit (insert blahblah the hutts name... need to think of a name) As he knows all of the imperial ongoings on the planet. Its "his" planet, as people will come to tell her. The imperials may rule, but nothing goes on that he is not aware of. Any prisoners or slave trading would be amongst his knowledge. This causes her to travel and meet him. The gunslinger and commando are offered a job by a local imperial officer to find a certain mon calamari at X location, and essentially set him up as a rebel sympathizer by planting evidence. They dislike the officer and have no plan on framing anyone, but he made the mistake of paying half up front. They plan to travel to the location, warn the person in question, see if they can sabotage/rough up/steal any imperial goods, just to stick it to 'em. then take the money and run. This could lead to a few possibilities. A) they have blackmail on the officer for trying to frame people, B) future obligation.... they cheated the officer. The jedi in hiding goes on the search for his missing items, after having been in hiding since the Order. (the game is taking place roughly a few years before A new hope, so a few years have gone by) as his search comes up empty for some time, he manages to gain the information about his lost crate, only to find out the only person who knows where it is.... is missing. (this leads to the bothans lost father) The mon calamari, after sick and tired of this particular officers harrasment and troubles finally confronts the officer and demands to know just what the deal is. The officer tells him he just flat out hates his kind and dislikes him, and at the snap of his fingers he could make up any excuse he wants, and have him put away. the officer admits to getting a great joy of watching the moncal turn "green around the gills" whenever he sees him. The officer tells the mon calamari he will let him be and cease his endless harasment if the moncal does a job for him. He is to go to X location and deliver a package, a simple delivery job, nothing special. The Mon Calamari obviously does not trust the officer, and hates the idea of being his lackey, but has always wanted to see other planets, and an excuse to travel and get away from him is something he is more than happy to accept. this ties it together. the officer is the same for all PCs, the moncal being framed is the same being sent to deliver the package. He is the one responsible for the missing parents, which in turn leads to the finding of the jedi's stuff. The end result being the show-down with the officer... the middle ground being forced to do favors for the Hutt, before he will reveal any information he may know, or where to find the info at. The beginning has them all conviniently traveling on a frieghter together when.......... something happens. super long post, but once i started typing, i had to keep going. Thank you fellas! awesome ideas, great community. Edit - quesiton!.... Im sure it'll be obvious to some of my players... but should i omit the officers name from all of them but the Moncalamari? He has the history with the officer and would obviously know his name, the rest i think i should leave less informed, that way for the ones who dont figure it out, it could be a suprise. Any thoughts?
  5. Richardbuxton thank you for your reply, having a "session 0" would certainly help in the future and bring the ideas all together. I'll definately remember this and write stuff down. The "location and npc left and right" idea is a cool idea as well, as i can see how it would link people together through a chain of people. 6 degrees of kevin bacon, if you would. Edit - tomorrow after work when i have a moment i'll update this with what i've come up with so far for a story, using some of you guys advice. Thanks fellas, i knew i could get a helping hand here.
  6. Wow guys so many great responses, thank you all. Kaosoe and flightmaster, you guys gave me some ideas with this thank you all for the long answers, i do appreciate it. whafrog what do you mean by start in "media res"... im afraid im not following on that phrase. I think what i'll do is i'll write a little paragraph or so, as suggested by flightmaster, that loops their situation together. Then i'll stage some event that occurs and forces their hands. Out of curiosity would it be too simple to conveniently make both the moncal's angry officer problem, be the same person who took the bothans family? Like i said im new at this.. i dont want it to be too cliche about bad guys and such. I just want the players to have a good time. I'll try n' throw plot twists in as i think of the story
  7. Hello all. Long time lurker, first time poster. I tried doing this the other night, but it seems my post wasnt approved for some reason as it hasnt shown up, with time ticking, im forced to try n' repost! My group of 5 players ran the beginner game last sunday, and it was a blast. We decided it was a 1-off event, just to learn the game as we are all new to the system, and had a blast! Now my trouble is, i cant figure out a way to get my groups characters together to go on their first mission. The characters are as follows (to give an idea of what i have to work with): Human Gunslinger: Shoots first asks questions later type, typically takes a job if the money is right. Bothan Diplomat: Warents outspoke against the empire and went "missing" (think kidnapped or executed).... she is in town searching for their whereabouts. basically all skills in knowledge/negotiations. Human Commando (retired old clone trooper): Wants to stick it to the empire in any way he can, wants to redeem himself for carrying out order 66. Togruta explorer/jedi exile (from EotE core): went in to hiding and trying to live a normal life following order 66. Packed all his jedi items (robes, lightsaber, any related artifacts) in a cargo crate, paid someone to stash it someplace. He does NOT know its location. Mon Calamari Engineer/Mechanic: Works as a lowly bartender, dreams of bigger things for himself. Local imperial officer goes out of his way to make his life hell. He feels this officer deliberately goes out of his way to cause him trouble. Now i have lots of easy to come up with future plot hooks using what my players have come up with, and some of its good stuff, i particularly like the jedi hidden item stash, as i can wrangle that, the lost parents, and the evil officer all in to 1 big old adventure.... where i'm just dead in the water at..... is how to make them meet for the first time. im brand new to GMing, maybe i am over thinking it. I feel like saying "you all know eachother because of blahblahblah" is just the easy way out... i'd like to have my players meet during the first few minutes of the session, but have it happen in a natural way somehow. Im sorry this is a long post! Thank you everyone for any advice. I'll be taking notes like a madman for sure.
  8. Wow, i will definately try to make use of Simon Retold's bounty hunter pdf, that has a lot of awesome ideas and quick character creation tips, good stuff dude! As being brand new to gm'ing myself, this helps newbies like me a lot!
  9. Well now. this post got put through almost 24 hours after the fact. Topic already posted with many replies, thanks. Mods plz delete this if possible. Thanks
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