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  1. Bubbachop

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Thanks for the info, I do apologise. I was unaware. Shall not do it again.
  2. Bubbachop

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Hey all. I'm moving house so selling off most of my beloved X-wing stuff. If you fancy a truly MASSIVE pile of cards then look see at this Lots of cards Huge apologies if this sort of thing isn't allowed. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322480276899
  3. Bubbachop

    Auzituck Gunship looks like a Mi-24

    Does this mean we're getting an imperial Apache?
  4. Bubbachop

    Power creep in movement dials

    All of your fine argument aside, the OP is correct. There is more green out there these days and there is power creep. Power creep is, as I have learned from a past full of 40K playing, a symptom of companies needing to continue to make money. I think it just needs accepting folks. FFG could release a new product that includes an errata document and a green Sharpie shaped like a lightsabre perhaps?
  5. Was just wondering what people's favourite builds for classic ships are, and if they like, why. By classic I suppose I mean those early ones for who we've been playing with for ages and have found a really sweet way to use and enjoy...even if they are a bit rubbish by today's standards. Here are a few of mine... A-wing: Tycho, autothrusters, c refit, title, daredevil, push the limit. The challenge is to survive long enough to run out of stress tokens. B-wing: Kenyan, stay on target, fcs, title, Hera. Because adrenaline-fueled knife fights! Y-wing: Kavil, autoblaster turret, push the limit, engine upgrade, unhinged astromech. I once chased down Han Solo with it. It was magical. X-wing: Hobbie Klivian, targeting astromech, integrated, advanced proton torps. K-turns you into dust (sometimes). TIE fighter: Youngster, expose. For one turn my TIE swarm knew what it was like to be X-wings with no shields or focus! What are your favourites?
  6. Bubbachop

    Need fast help! Last minute list

    Set up facing to your right and sweep round the board with asajj in the lead. Keep manaroo back moving and doing a focus action. Generally evade with asajj, and pile it with focus, and don't forget to stress somebody - that way even 4 red dice can be laughed off. Use Fenn as a repositioning opportunist but he should never be the obvious target. Don't pull a red unless it's highly likely to lead to some serious killing. Never red with Manaroo. That's how it beats me....every....time.
  7. As per the title...'Do Advanced Sensors and Pattern Analyser work together?' Basically, if I have a stressed Upsilon at the start of the turn and somebody has kindly parked in front of me, can I use Advanced Sensors to do my action (with Pattern Analyser letting me ignore the stress at that time) then green to clear the stress? It says AS is before you reveal your maneuver and PA is when executing a maneuver, so I'm guessing not??? Thanks for reading :-)
  8. Bubbachop

    Bring the Sith Infiltrator to X-Wing!!!

    I know it's not a true answer to your problem but the model company Revell do one for as a pre-painted kit that's bang on for size. If you can push stuff together and glue a peg to it then you've got one. You can pick them up on eBay for like £6. I have 2 that I run as Brobots (closest legal thing I could think of with high agility and good firepower but sadly no crew). You could maybe use them as Firesprays with engine upgrade?? I have bought the real ships so don't quite view it as cheating :-)
  9. Bubbachop

    Hux's Castle in the Sky

    The title reflected my doubts as to the validity of 'castling' as I once called it, before I was put straight about the practice's true name.
  10. Bubbachop

    Hux's Castle in the Sky

    Sorry folks. I am not that well informed and didn't realise forterssing was a thing, such a hated, hated thing. I'm not trolling. I shall listen to my good lady and put that one in the bin of bad ideas. Has anyone ever played against a fortress? Is it as poor an experience as suggested?
  11. Bubbachop

    Hux's Castle in the Sky

    I had an idea this morning. I've generally relied on high PS and repositioning antics to make up for my lack of real ability. Having tried swarms of low PS ships bumping into each other (and rocks) and failing to predict my opponent's moves, I found that I rarely prevent getting shot at. The (logical) conclusion is, since I rarely move to avoid attack, why bother moving at all? So I came up with a list that could either be some form of paradigm-shifting tactical genius or (more likely) just the work of a boring and untalented small man. Anyway, here it is... Omicron Group Pilot, tractor beam, advanced sensors, tactical jammer, intelligence agent, systems officer X2 Lieutenant Dormitz, advanced sensors, general Hux, systems officer, hyperwave comm scanner In my mind it works like this... Use Dormitz's ability and hyperwave comm scanner to set up in a corner like https://www.dropbox.com/s/u5xjv7019iz8txa/_20170205_121917.JPG?dl=0 As long as you keep doing 1 banks on the OGPs and straight 1 with the Upsilon you can sit in the corner with focus, target lock and no stress. Use the intelligence agent to decide who to target lock, tractor those who refuse to willingly fly into your death zone and wait for either victory or death. My wife says it's stupid, boring and feels like cheating. I'm going to practise with it tonight and if it's not utter garbage I might take it to a store tournament next week. I would love to know what you all think of castling as a valid tactic.
  12. Bubbachop

    Question, Tournament, just for fun or Collector?

    I play once or twice a month. I bought into the game hard (1 or 2 of everything) when I turned away from 40K. Sold my Warhammer and turned it into SPACESHIPS! I mostly play at home of FLGS but have been to two tournaments, which I loved because everyone was nice and I got some plastic tokens. My days of serious competition are well and truly over, which I sort of miss but don't. Anyway, it's a super game for any of the three types you mentioned.
  13. Last game I played with a Lothal Rebel with FCS, autoblaster turret, hera crew and han crew, and Zeb shuttle shoved up its back end. Because I had plenty of aggressive options without the need for an action (han and fcs) and the ability to pull off any move I liked any turn (hera), I was able to use unpredictable positioning to burn down a pair of IG2000s quite effectively whilst covering myself in stress tokens. I took Jan in the HWK as a partner, thinking I might get the odd 6 dice attack, that happened once before his rather swift death. The point is the Ghost was magic but I really can't think what to fly with it for 35-40 points. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks :-)
  14. Bubbachop

    X-wing Title Card Contest

    Aww cheers mate!I also like your idea. Mine does give a 5/8 chance of a hit instead of 1/2 (4/8) but at the expense of no crit, or 3/8 chance of a hit but all crits. Neither of those options are intrinsically worse. No, it doesn't, in either case. A normal die looks like this: bbbfhhhc A stutter die in your proposal looks like this (changes in bold): bbbhhhhb (i.e. you trade a crit and an eye for a hit and a blank, which is neutral if they have a bunch of shields and bad if they're on hull, and worse if you have a focus token you're willing to spend on the attack) A Quad die looks like this (changes in bold): bbbcbbbc (i.e. you trade 2 hits for blanks and the third for a crit, which is really bad unless you're talking about a low agility ship with no shields, and even then, it's probably not good, and again, worse if you have a focus token) Not QUITE as bad as I initially made out, maybe, but not good. Are you under the impression that the red die has two eyes on it? Because it doesn't. I really like the concept of making use of the linked vs stutter fire thing from the Rogue Squadron games (little more satisfying than lining up a TIE perfectly in quad fire and vaping it in a single trigger pull) but your version sounds worse to me than the regular attack dice whichever way up you have it. I think you may well be correct...Sorry. Your idea actually makes mine work. I shall reconsider. Thanks :-)