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  1. Thank you, I agree with you...it's a shame that a manual almost 450 pages miss key points like this leaving it to interpretation. And more when you see that perhaps half book is repeated between Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion...
  2. I know, that's clear, what I mean is about the definition of an 'encounter'. If you are strict by the book (page 198) an encounter is: "Structured gameplays events (also called encounters) such as a combat". If the definition strictly applies, then "Each character may only receive one medicine check each encounter" means you can't use the skill outside an encounter. That's what we were discussing last days.. I agree...it would do no harm if the core rules were a bit more specific about the encounter thing.. Thank you all again for the help, people
  3. Thank you for your answers, now I only have to convince my hard-headed master that applying rules strictly by the letter is not a good approach in this game :-) Wish me good luck..
  4. Yeah, I think that way. The problem is that the master is one of the "by the book" type...so if the core rules don't specify it, you can't do it...For me I think it's a hole in the rules, because it is talking about the medicine in encounters, not in general, and then missing points like this happen... Thank you
  5. Mmm yeah, this would be the rule that allows you to use the medicine skill outside an encounter...but I can't find any text like this neither the medicine skill nor the related talents like field medic etc...
  6. Ok, thank you for your answers. But ¿what if a PJ is wounded outside an encounter? For example, Pash interact with a computer and the computer explode, cousing him 5 damage point. It's not an encounter because it's not a fight, no turns etc. The rule imply that the doctor could not use the medicine skill, no? Please correct me if I'm wrong, the rule seems at least unrealistic for me... Thank you
  7. Thank you for your answer And ¿what is exactly and encounter? ¿It's a combar situation? Because the rule 'one check per encounter' seems to mean that you can only use the medicine skill during one encounter(combat), but not after the encounter...
  8. Hi I'm new in this rpg and me and my group have a doubt about how use the medicine hability. Tha core rulebook say this: The doubt is about how many times a character can use this hability in a row, to different PJs. The example is this: - Pash and Oskara are both wounded. As the rule say, each character may only receive on medicine check - 41Vex use his medicine skill in the first chacarter, Pash The doubt is ¿Can the droid make another medicine check with Oskara? ¿Or we need to wait to another encounter? In my opinion the droid could use this skill again with the second character, it would be at least strange that a doctor can cure only one patient...but I know that these games try to 'symbolize' the situations, like for example perception checks, and try to make them like a single group check in order to avoid the players throwing again and again dices until winning the roll...) And help appreciated Thanks!
  9. Hello Yesterday I played Castle Darion Encounter I, and the start situation was this (I took it for another thread) [x] [x] [h] [h] [x] [x] [x] [h] [h] [x] [x] [ ] [D] [D] [D] [x] [V] [D] [D] [D] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [d] [d] [d] [ ] [ ] [d] [d] [d] [ ] [ ] x = non map tile D = big red shadow dragon d = minion shadow dragon V = Villager h = hero in entrance tiles The overlord said to us that "Villagers block movement and line of sight", so the heores can't move over the villagers. We played this way and lost in two turns, being stuck in killing the dragon and it's respawn After that i read the rule about villagers in the manual. It said "Villagers block movement and line of sight. Treat them as hero figures with the following exceptions...etc." I think that this means that villagers don't block movement to the heroes, but only to monsters. ¿Am I right? Thank you
  10. Thank you very much. I will not forget next time :-)
  11. Thank you very much. In this mission the IP said that the hero's needed an action to open, my mistake for not reading the rules myself. I feel cheated :-)
  12. I have a question...when you are trying to open a locked door, if the mission says that they have 5 damage points and 1 defense token, I'd like to know if the door will open automatically at the moment you resolve an attack and reach the 5 damage, or if after this moment you need to use an extra action of a hero to open the door. I tried to reach a conclussion reading the rules, the faq, the forum...I did not found an answer.. Thank you
  13. Excuse me for bumping the thread, but in my case my heroes were slaughtered because I had to split them and they suffered a lot of bleeding state. Also (and this is my question), the imperial player said that the doors (5 life points, +1 defense), once the received the 5 hits, they needed another extra action of the heroes to be opened. I did not argue with him but reading the rules now I'm not so sure this is right. The rules specify this in the faq about 'locked' doors, but in this mission they are sealed doors. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but for me it's way too difficult with one hero to bash the door (at least one turn), then use another action AND having a droid/nexu on your back giving you Bleeding state and damage Can you confirm me if the doors needed an extra action to be opened? Or if the 5 hits means the doors should be opened directly? Thank you :-)
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