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  1. So Sabine crew states that when a bomb token is going to be removed from the board, choose 1 enemy ship within range 1 of the token to receive 1 damage. So when it comes to mines, when exactly is the token removed. When a ship executes a maneuver, if it's base or maneuver template overlaps this token, this token detonates. So does the ship complete the maneuver? So hypothetically, Soontir has a mine directly in front of him. He can do a 5 straight, take the mine but at the end of the maneuver is beyond range 1 of the template, so Sabine doesn't kick in?
  2. These Facebookers would be correct IF R4 Agromech was worded: "After you spend a focus token, acquire a target lock." As has been repeated above the opportunity is based on the "When attacking" not "after you spend a focus token." In essence you trigger: I am attacking, I spend a focus, trigger R4 agromech, acquire TL, spend TL, spend second focus, cannot trigger R4 agromech as it has already been triggered during this declaration of attacking and the "once per opportunity" rule applies. By way of a less than ideal example: If R4 Agromech could trigger multiple times "when attacking" then you would be able to argue that you may trigger autothrusters multiple times "when defending" because you believe autothrusters is triggered based on "you may change 1 blank result to an evade result." (The use of "you" does not mean you personally but rather a hypothetical TO's worst nightmare: a rules-stickler who has it all wrong.) Let me preface this by saying I'm not getting "Aggro'd" myself. I'm just playing advocate at this point. The reason that they didn't just word it "when you spend a focus token" is they only intended it to be an offensive bonus. I actually think they originally intended it to fix the blaster turret and to a lesser extent, give more "umph" to a titled Y-Wing. Anyways, I'd love to get an official ruling on this before my tourney this weekend. Otherwise, I'll leave it up to the officiater. This thread will be good food for thought to help him make his ruling.
  3. Again, I've got a lot of people on Facebook ect that think the opportunity is being created by spending the token as the card would not be triggered simply by attacking. You have to spend the token for anything to happen, so that is the opportunity for the effect to take place. So spending the second token would create a completely different opportunity.
  4. That's the question. Is the opportunity when attacking, or when you spend a focus token (while attacking)?
  5. I can honestly see arguments for either case. I'd really love an official ruling.
  6. So the core of this question is about the trigger/timing of R4 Agromech. R4 Agromech Most Wanted Expansion Pack When attacking, after you spend a focus token, you may acquire a target lock on the defender. This is what I want to do: Action: Focus for 2 tokens. Attack: 1/Roll Dice. 2/Spend 1st focus token (even if there aren't any on dice.). 3/Acquire Target Lock. 4/Spend Target Lock. 5/Spend 2nd focus token. 6/Re-Acquire Target Lock. The question that arises is trigger. The rules reference say that a card ability cannot be resolved during the timing on the specific card. So is the timing while attacking, or spending the focus token (while attacking)? The former would not allow acquiring 2 target locks during my combo, and the latter would.
  7. Also, if Blount gets PS killed, game over man.
  8. Being PS 3, the Black Sun Soldiers may have some problems getting a target lock before the shooting starts. Even if they do, one might go down before it even has a chance to shoot (The glitterstim will help somewhat). With cluster missiles needing to be RNG 1-2, the engagement won't usually favor you. But if you get a chance, you might take down something hard. You might want to consider adding Guidance Chips to help you with one of the volleys. But once you're spent, those headhunters aren't usually enough to finish the rest. Since Moralo has that great arc, and if you miss a shot, Gunner would only let you shoot your primary, maybe you should ditch Gunner and the Mangler and upgrade to a Heavy Laser Cannon. That leaves you with 2 points for something like Outlaw Tech, or Tactician.
  9. You can run a Black Sun Ace with Predator for the same cost as your other version. Or you can run a TLT Palob to give Poe and other focus dependents a big middle finger.
  10. Try out Countermeasures on Emon. You'll have 1 point left over if you want to make an initiative bid.
  11. Trying to come up with something for store championships. What do you guys think of this? ========= Dash HWKs ========= 100 points Pilots ------ Rebel Operative (24) x 2 HWK-290 (16), Twin Laser Turret (6), Tactician (2) Dash Rendar (52) YT-2400 Freighter (36), Veteran Instincts (1), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Recon Specialist (3), Outrider (5)
  12. Feedback arrays never seem to work when I run them on Z95s. I'd swap them out for Glitterstim.
  13. That 40 point Rhymer is a juicy treat that people will focus fire on and take him out by round two. Extra munitions is always great, but you should dial back on all that ordnance. You can save up to 9 points for other things.
  14. If people are running tons of big ships, plasma Torpedos on a tie bomber can really ruin their day.
  15. Its a tough call about Veteran Instinct over Wired. I would really love to be at pilot skill 9 and 10 to fight aces, but Wired is a better choice against TLT spam and swarms. I think for tomorrow I'm going to run Wired, and if falls flat, I'll bounce up to VI to try and deal with Sootnir and those other terrors.
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