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  1. Is a new base set going to lead to rotation? I know this has been asked before but now we have more info. So.....
  2. I'm not qualified to speak of Lukas's design prowess but he is one of the most approachable and willing to communicate game designer I've experienced at any of the larger shops. His ability and willingness to interact with the players helped set him apart. Hopefully that doesn't change at Wizards.
  3. the bottlenecked port
  4. Before I start I know the "correct" answer is NONE. However, that answer is unacceptable to me. I've been thinking about this forever and can't find a good way to make torps work for our titular ship. If you were FORCED to fly either the T-65 or T-70 with ordnance how would you do it?
  5. on a new
  6. into the Maw.
  7. only required a
  8. You caught me. While my choice of words may not have been precise; when taken in context the intent of my query seems clear. At least Reaver thought so and was kind enough to give a constructive reply. Chalk it up as another rookie mistake.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm at work so didn't take the time to watch the unboxing. With only a single card of each I figured that would be the case.
  10. As anyone tried to create ONE decent tourney legal deck from the 2 starter decks included? I know you would still be stuck with single die characters but...
  11. I was tempted to do this as well after my daughter and I had fun with several intro games playing only 1 starter each. I ultimately decided I like opening packs better and luckily daughter agrees as well. Either option works. It just depends on your style.
  12. As a novice player I'm trying to get caught up on all the character cards and what their abilities are and what their die sides bring to a build. With the recent renewed interest in 3 and even 4 character builds who has figured out what the highest possible health (or Hit Point) total is for both Hero and Villain? I know I could probably figure it out myself but at this point I only have a complete card list for Awakening and almost no info on SoR. Other than reading FFG's previews I haven't even really looked at EaW yet. Still too much to catch up on. Thanks for the info.
  13. Maybe twin pancakes? Packs fairly flat and mostly self contained for upgrades, except Threepio I guess😎
  14. Why not synced turret on Palob?
  15. While I've followed Destiny since it was first announced; I only played my first live game today. 1 of each starter gave a nice casual game. You could even make a legal hero deck for tournaments but it would only be OK. I'm already trying to figure out my booster purchase plan, like you. The advice others have given feels right to me and my wallet.