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  1. "Where's my hasenpfeffer?"
  2. Maybe I'm just too casual. I don't pre-order. I don't spend hours scouting the net to save a dollar. I don't obsess about gotta get'em all. I simply want to walk into a store, spot a game I'm willing to try and buy it.
  3. for making a
  4. Falcons, Outriders Hawks, Fringers, Sympathizers Smugglers steal the day
  5. Thanks everyone for the responses. Itch had to be scratched. I grabbed a DM Justice League starter and a few X-men and a couple Yu-Gi-O boosters just for variety. Haven't played yet but are enjoying the old school "primitive" style dice imprints. Even if I don't stay with DM, I'm glad I added some of the dice to my collection. The search for Destiny continues.
  6. I jumped into X-wing at wave 7 and have a very small collection so I am somewhat comfortable w/ FFG. I've followed SW:D news since first announcement but now can't get product off the shelf. However, I can get DM sets at several locations to scratch my dice/CCG itch. Why should I hold out and keep hoping to find Destiny at my LGS? Other than it is Star Wars, what does Destiny offer over DM? I've never played either and trying to decide. I don't want "buy both" to be the answer but it might end up there. Thx
  7. I'm sure you mean -1pt. I love this idea for the Reds and Rookies.
  8. As someone who doesn't fly Vassal and does use SB; thanks to everyone from the original developer to the current playtesters. Thank You.
  9. Gungan general who
  10. Another tactic that may or may not work for you is to fly Biggs loose. Keep him close enough to jump in and draw fire when necessary but then jump back out and maybe entice your opponent with a juicier target. Messes with both target priority and splitting fire. I think the tactic is sound but I'm not a good enough pilot yet to use to best advantage.
  11. I would start with Biggs and Jess and go from there. Ideally with Rookies or Novices. Jess likes more friends. I would also think about a BB8 Luke. He doesn't get flown much but without regen his built in defensive mods will help. BB8 to give him some re-positioning. Or vectored thrusters. Without regen, I also think that Int. Ast. becomes mandatory over AT but I don't have the math to back that up.
  12. while he picked
  13. Any reason no integrated astro on Snap?
  14. before bouncing off
  15. but found Sabine