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  1. Sort of the inverse to the OP. I bought my first (and so far only) 2 decks from B&N and have zero overlap. So with two decks I've got 6 of the seven houses covered. The math says that should happen around 15% (off the top of my head) of the time but it feels like good luck to me.
  2. Eyegor

    KeyForge - Is it Competitive?

    Or more askew😜
  3. Eyegor

    Next conversion kit guess

    Does anyone else think that the next conversion kit will include both Resistance and First Order ships together? Compared to Rebel, Imp, or even Scum; I think there are fewer overall ships.
  4. Eyegor

    What’s with all the stop maneuvers?

    Good thoughts everyone. I just want to be sitting at the table and call out “I’ll put on the brakes and he’ll fly right by.”?
  5. Sorry if this sounds like whining but it seems that they have taken one of the few defining tricks of ships like the Lambda and the U-wing and started passing it out like candy. A 0 maneuver was quite powerful when it was very rare that you saw one. Now I think it will be uncommon at best, just another maneuver at worst. Anyone else notice/feel this or have I inhaled too much Spice again?
  6. Eyegor

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    I DON’T WANT TO BUY SCUM! I don’t want to buy scum. idonwannabuys... OOH! Falcon!?
  7. Eyegor

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    Or simply fly the Falcon and Firespray together.?
  8. Eyegor

    Are you going to buy Saw’s Renegades?

  9. Eyegor

    Will FFG comment on the generics issue?

    As a VERY casual player, I find all this hand wringing about generics humorous. Other than a very few list types; ( A couple swarm lists, baby blues, and any Bunke list?) nobody flew generics anyway. Everyone is excited to try 5 x-wings, me too. But a couple proxy games I’ve seen it is a pretty good list, but not great. 5 Spacers never made a huge splash either. I think everyone needs to take a breath. Of course, I could just be overlooking something obvious. I tend to do that.?
  10. Eyegor

    TIE/rb - the new Heavy TIE Fighter from 'Solo'

    So we can get Y-TIEs and Z-ceptors now for Scum? i know, too much.
  11. Eyegor

    Blog: Exploring new 2.0 TIE swarm options

    Swarms and Shawarma??
  12. Eyegor

    Anyone else seen Solo yet? *Spoilers*

    That sums it up for me. Easily top 5 of the 10 SW films for me.
  13. Eyegor

    The Rebels in 2.0

    Staple: X-wings (all of them) Not sure: Falcon Wild card: U-wing. I want it to be good but......
  14. Eyegor

    2.0 quick list ????

    No specific lists yet but.... 2.0 Core + Reaper + Renegades = U wing + 2x T65s vs. Reaper + 2x TIE/ln. Thoughts??
  15. Eyegor

    Why bother buying 1.0 expansions?

    On 1.0 vs 2.0 releases: Did I read correctly somewhere that the Saw Guerra expansion is fully compatible as is for both 1.0 vs 2.0? Thanks.