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  1. Eyegor

    2nd ED Core Set - Mandatory?

    Thanks for the quick reply. What I meant was I wasn't going to buy conversion kits since I only have 1-T65 and 2 TIE/ln. When the kit(s) for the TFA ships come out I will grab one.
  2. Eyegor

    2nd ED Core Set - Mandatory?

    For me the question isn't whether or not I have to buy a new Core Set; its how many do I need? A little back story: Unlike most of you, I have a very small collection. I have Blue Core x2 and Red Core x1. That's it. I'm not going to bother with a conversion kit for 1 T-65 and 2 TIE/ln. When a First Order / Resistance kit comes out I'll pick that up. I'll probably pick up Renegades since it is compatible but the Reaper doesn't inspire me that much. So, what do you guys think? With my OT ships in mothballs and the TFA stuff not legal yet, am I better off just buying a 2nd Core to start off with more ships? Or can I be happy flying Rebs casually with only 2 X-wings and 1 U-wing space worthy at the moment. Look at that? I've been following this game since Wave 7 and still asking Noob questions! Thanks for the advice guys.
  3. Eyegor

    Three Word Story

    Twilek tail soup
  4. Eyegor

    Three Word Story

    "And take off.."
  5. Dainank, Welcome to the Community. As a newer player myself, I can say that as long you like a little salt in your diet, this is a GREAT place to hang out and talk Destiny. Just to be clear, did you and your friend or 1 or 2 of each starter? ( Total of 2 Starters or 4). The reason I ask is that while you can have a lot of fun with each player having a single starter you will not have a full 30 card deck. Because there are starter-only cards that are "good" many people suggest buying 2 copies of each Starter so you will have a full complement of the cards you want to play. This also helps if you want to play Elite versions of characters that only come with a single die. Either way, you have taken your first steps. Strap in, you're about to make the jump.
  6. Eyegor

    Obligatory film ranking thread

    From a 40ish y/o fan: IV, R1, VI, V, VII, I, VIII, III, II
  7. Eyegor

    Poe, Snap, Jess

    This might belong in the Triple T70s thread but I do like the cut of your jib. Have you tried ditching PT and having M9G8 on Jess instead? You lose the repositioning but I think those 2 are just made for each other. It might be much harder to keep Jess in touch with the others without the free movement though. Interested in your thoughts.
  8. Eyegor

    5 Omega’s

    I enjoy most variations of “TIE All-Stars” but I’m still not sure 5 TIES is enough. But this is all theory. I’ve only flown Imperial a handful of times.
  9. Eyegor

    Rivals December 15th release

    Safe to say that only the LGS retailers will be carrying Rivals? Not BN or other brick mortar outlets? I only ask because I hate buying online and travel time to my not so LGS can be significant. Thanks for humoring a silly question.
  10. Eyegor

    So I bought a Sheathipede

    Thanks for the quick replies. I was getting the same feeling so we seem to be on the same wavelength.
  11. Eyegor

    So I bought a Sheathipede

    Which raises a question. I am a newish casual player finding myself drawn to rebels. I was contemplating picking up this expansion primarily for the astromechs but I hate buying ships just for the cards. Is the Phantom 2 good enough support on its own if I have no intention of buying the Ghost? Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Eyegor

    Destiny Podcasts for Beginner

    I like Knights of Ren, but it is a meta-competitive focus. I used to enjoy the Chance Cube but no longer listen. I believe that for a new player who also has a deep appreciation for the Star Wars Universe; I rebel, hosted by Jedigeekgirl is great cast to spend time with. It is new with only a few casts under its belt but all involved bring large amounts of experience. Give it a try. It may be the podcast you're looking for.
  13. Eyegor

    Three Word Story

    . Meanwhile back at
  14. Eyegor


    Is a new base set going to lead to rotation? I know this has been asked before but now we have more info. So.....