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  1. If you invest in Jiujitsu, and raise your Strength, you can take the Ikoma Scrapper path at rank 4, to make your opponents fear you, and to be able to attack as a Simple action unarmed.
  2. Derrigan Bluewave

    Skills weirdness in Genesys

    In the conversion am doing for L5R, I mashed Cool and Discipline together. Initaitive is only Vigilance. I separated Mechanics into Craft and Engineering, and I added Games, Arts, Perform, and Tea Ceremony, and am gonna give each of them their own unique flavor and place.
  3. Derrigan Bluewave

    A Question of Talent (Tree)

    I am working on my own conversion of L5R to Genesys, and I feel like the setting's mood and history works well for Talent Trees rather than the free-for-all like in basic Genesys. However, while I am currently working on creating general Specializations witht heir Talent Trees, I started thinking about making the Clan Schools. I can see several options: 1. Each School get's it's own complete Talent Tree. 2. Each School only gets a few Talents that are unique to them, and reinforce their theme, and they need to get a general Specialization. 3. Each shcool gets half the normal Talent Tree, and each such Talent Tree is connected to a specific general Specialization. 4. Each School gets a bigger Talent Tree than normal, to accomodate their themes better. The problems I see are mainly where some Schools do no correlate directly to any of the general Specializations I have. This mainly happens with the Shugenja and Monk Schools.
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    Need suggestions for online RPG group forum...app...thing

    There's also RPNation https://www.rpnation.com/
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    Player Locator

  6. Derrigan Bluewave

    Simple initiative tracker web app for Genesys

    Very nice tool, though not of much use tome on my table-top game, could be useful to a play-by-post game i might be running.
  7. Derrigan Bluewave

    Scion style setting

    Not yet to the general public. Those who backed iit on Kickstarter have the rules already, just not with any errata added, or in the spiffy look.
  8. Derrigan Bluewave

    Scion style setting

    Interesting idea. If I were to pursue this, I would say that each Purview and PSP should be either a Talent Tree or built like a Force Power. If you go with the Force Power build, they I would definitely have the Force die represent your Legend. And if you go with a Talent Tree, then I would have each Talent Tree linked to a particular Skill, that when you use our Purview, you roll dice according to that Skill, and have it act like a magic skill from the Genesys Core.
  9. Derrigan Bluewave

    Legend of the Five Rings Genesys Conversion

    I know it's a matter of taste, and the fact that it will need a ton of work, but I do feel as if the Dojos of L5R require a more structured Talent purchase, like that found in Star Wars, with each school a specialization, and you have a Talent Tree for each. Maybe with a bunch of more universal Talent Trees to represent general archtypes that any Clan might have, even if they do not a dedicated Dojo for it. (So, you can be a Kakita Duelist, or you can be a general Duelist, and you can be a Shiba Yojimbo, or just a regular Yojimbo.) I am trying to do this myself, but I do like some of the things you've done, and am using them, either as a base to build/adjust, or wholecloth.
  10. Derrigan Bluewave

    Water Shugenja technique - help wanted

    Suigyū Shugenja (OX Clan) This new Shugenja family within the Ox clan has arisen out of a marriage between a Morito Ifran, an Ox clan Bushi, and Isawa Nuri, a Phoenix Clan Shugenja. Their union gave rise to a new Shugenja family. Still pacifistic, Nuri started teaching her ways to their kids, and to those who decided to join their nascent family, but while it mollified their inclinations, it didn’t turn them pacifistic. Instead, they share a bond with their Bushi, and have found a way to lend their strength to them. Benefit: +1 Strength Skills: Battle, Calligraphy, Defense, Hunting, Meditation, Spellcraft, any one High or Bugei skill Honor: 3.5 Outfit: Robes, Wakizashi, Knife, Scroll Satchel, Traveling Pack, 2 koku Affinity / Deficiency: Water / Fire Spells: Sense, Commune, Summon, 3 Water, 2 Earth, and 1 Air Technique: Lend the Ox’s Strength - The Suigyū Shugenja learns to lend some of his own Strength to another. By spending a Void point, and touching another, the Suigyū Shugenja can grant that person 1 point of Strength per School Rank he possesses. This is reduced from the Shugenja’s own Strength score, to a minimum of 1 Strength, for all intents and purposes, except for casting Water spells.
  11. Hello fellow forumites, In a game I am running, one of the players is a member of the Ox Clan, and had married a Isawa Shugenja. That, along with a Dependant, that proved to be a water Shugenja, has caused him to be elevated to a Daimyo of a new Family within the Ox. One that will hopefully see the rise of Shugenja within the Clan. I am a bit stumped as to what technique might be developed. Or more to the point, hot to represent it mechanically. I was thinking about a technique that allows them to either be better at strength-increasing spells, or mabe the ability to spend a Void point to give someone else some of their Strenth. Any ideas, whether to represent this mechanicall, or for other possible techs, would be very welcome.
  12. There is something, from the RPG angle that is missing from this discussion. Yes, each Great Clan has 4-6 main Families, but there are noted to be more Vassal families to each of them. Some of those Vassal families rise in prominence because of a specific niche or service they provide, and therefore either give a unique stat bonus, or have a small Dojo with a specific Path that they teach. And those families are considered to be Samurai with Status 1.0. Other vassal families are ji-Samurai, and have Status 0.5. But one of the things the RPG stresses, is that no matter your family name as a vassal family, if you meet Samurai from other clans, you present yourself as a member of one of the main families, to which your own family owes its vassalage. For example, four Samurai from the Lion Clan meet, all named Karai. One is Akodo Karai. the other is Damasu Karai, the third is Ichime Karai, and the 4th is Itagawa Karai. But if the four of them will meet a Shiba Bushi, they will eahc present themselves as Akodo Karai (with the possibility of the vassal families members presneting their vassal family name as a second name, to avoid confusion.) That is my take on this, and how i'd play it in my game.
  13. Derrigan Bluewave

    Toritaka Falconer - New basic School

    Ok, I have made some changes to the school. Toritaka Falconer [bushi] The Toritaka are known as the best falconers in the empire, but it was only really after their absorption by the Crab that they were able to fully develop and codify the techniques that really enabled them to shine as falconers. Toritaka Falconer [bushi] Benefit: +1 Perception Honor: 4.5 Skills: Animal Handling (Falcon), Athletics, Hunting, Investigation, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, any one Skill Outfit: Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any 1 bow, Traveling Pack, 3 koku. Techniques Rank 1: The Eagle’s Bond - The Toritaka learns to bond with a falcon, earning him his friendship, and a measure of his speed and senses. You gain the Trained Falcon Advantage for free, as well as a +1k0 to Hunting, Investigation (Notice), Athletics, and to Initiative rolls. Rank 2: Falcon’s Pecking – The falconer is able to direct his companion as a Simple Action, using the falcon to serve in capacities it is already good at, aiding him in combat. When using the falcon to attack a creature, you gain a Free Raise to be used on the following maneuvers: Disarm, Feint, Bleeding Wound, and Blind. Also increase the falcon’s Wounds at each level by 5 extra (in addition to the extra 5 from the Trained falcon advantage). Rank 3: The Falcon’s Wings – The bond between the two deepens and it empowers them both. The Falcon gains an additional 10 extra Wounds per level. While the falconer spends a Void Point on Animal Handling (Falcon), Hunting, Investigation (Notice), he gains a +3k1 instead of +1k1. Rank 4: Speed of the Falcon – As their bond grows stronger, the falcon lends the falconer some of his speed, allowing the falconer to make attacks as a Simple Action when using a bow or a weapon with the Samurai tag. Rank 5: Eyes from Above – Whenever the Falcon is within 1 mile per Insight Rank of the falconer, the bond between them gives the falconer a greater perception. The Falconer gains an extra +2k0 to Investigation (Notice), Hunting, and Kyujutsu rolls.
  14. Derrigan Bluewave

    Toritaka Falconer - New basic School

    This is what a warcat looks like at rank 5. And at rank 3 you can direct them to attack as a Simple Action, and they can each do two claw attacks, which cause way more damage than the poor falcon. Not to mention that the lions have Fear 3, which requires a TN 30 Willpower roll against, and if they do not attack, they each give you a +10 to your own TN. Gee, so your stupid cat's might not attack on their own, but at Rank 5 they give you a +30 to your Armor TN. Definitely not worth it to have them around. Oh! and you have three of them, so you can send two to attack, giving you FOUR attacks total, and one will stay and defend you for an extra +1 Armor TN, in addition to you using the Full Defense on yourself, so it will be incredibly hard to hit you. (You could have an Armor TN easily in the 50's) Matsu Warcat Air: 2 Earth: 4 Fire: 1 Water: 3 Reflexes 3 Stamina 5 Agility 3 Strength 6 Initiative: 4k3 Attack: 5k3 claws (Simple), or 6k3 bite (Complex) Damage: 6k4 (claws) or 6k5 (bite) Armor TN: 30 Reduction: 5 Wounds: 12: +5; 24: +10; 36: +15; 60: Dead Skills: Hunting (Tracking) 3, Stealth 3 Special Abilities: Fear 3 Swift 2
  15. Derrigan Bluewave

    Toritaka Falconer - New basic School

    The Trained Falcon Advantage appears in Enemies of the Empire. The two maneuvers are homebrewed. As for directing the falcon, in my games, since the falcon flies it is taking a Move Action, and therefore can only attack once per round. If directing it took a Standard Action, it gives no advantage to the falconer, whose own attack is likely better than the falcon's. I can see dropping the TN bonus though. But without the boost to Wounds, the falcon can be downed in 1 strike. As a curiosity, do you not make use of the Utaku Battle Maiden, or the Batsu Beastmasters? or do those don't feel like magical animals to you for some reason? This is less powerful than those two, and is in keeping with the lore of the setting.