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  1. Ah I was missing the bonus to DoS. Thank you guys, that makes it much more useful!
  2. Hi, can anyone help me please with the effect of unnatural characteristics? I understand that they increase the characteristic bonus, but this seems a bit odd to me. For example unnatural agility increases movement speed, but not the ability to dodge? Doing it like this doesn't seem to make a lot of sense for some characteristics. When for example would unnatural intelligence or willpower be of use? Why not just treat the characteristic as 10 higher? In most situations. I feel like I might be doing it wrong or missing something. Thanks Smee
  3. That's really great, thanks so much for letting me know what is in there. It actually looks like just what I need. More random Xenos stat blocks that aren't tied to a 40k faction. I suppose that is better suited in it own book to keep them all in one place though. Looks great otherwise. I'll definitely pick it up then. Thanks again. Smee
  4. Sorry to derail the conversation a bit but I didn't want to start a new threat on what is essentially the same topic. I'm trying to decide whether to get this book now or later but I can actually find a list of content. Lots of things alluding to what is in there with lots of colourful descriptions about fighting xenos. But could someone please just help me out with a list of content? Even just chapter headings or something. Obviously something that doesn't break copywrite but surely we can talk about what's in it? Thanks anyone who can do this!
  5. Thanks for the thoughts, they're full of really great ideas. The summary of show don't tell hits the nail on the head. I'm a new GM, and have a lot of ideas, I was struggling to work out how to get the long-run nemesis across at first, but I'm getting the hang of it now. I have fallen into the pitfalls that many new GMs make a few times. I started off trying to tell people how they should feel about other characters. That's just bad. I now develop characters by the way other NPCs act around them, speak to them, about them ect. I also had the problem that the PCs would just kill any rival that they got to meet face to face. I now don't do that unless the odds are clearly heavily stacked against them, the repercussions would be too massive, or the person is too important to just flat out attack without solid evidence of wrongdoing. BadTemper, as for my campaign, it was more of a general question about best practice and ideas. Since you asked however, the nemesis in my campaign is the head of the secret police on a planet. His personality and mannerisms are based largely on Col. Hans Landa from inglorious basterds. The Governor is basically just a fop and a puppet to him. I plan to have him about for a long time in a suspension of mixed signals to the players. He's polite and giving, but a reoccurring thorn in their side. At the same time I'm having a lot of people they meet mention all the good things he's done for the planet since he got there. But his past is turning up shady and they will find out that he is growing his power to enact Istivaanian ideals. Not to mention I hope to put some conflict in there by making the characters have to fight against ideals that they has players would agree with.
  6. Hi I would be really interested to hear people's thoughts above subject. To flesh the idea out a bit, let me explain. Some of the best movies, books, shows etc are interesting because of the antagonist. What would Sherlock be without Moriarty? Silence of the Lambs without Hannible? Star Wars without Darth Vader? The Dark Knight without Heath Ledger's Joker? Harry Potter without Voldamort? With all of these examples however the background of the antagonist, who they are and why we see them as badass is mostly achieved out of view of the protagonist heroes. Luke barely sees Vader, and Vader wouldn't be the same without that famous choke scene. So how can a GM flesh out an antagonist that we intend to play a major part? Whether just an interesting and deep villan, or and long term string pulling nemesis? The players or their characters cannot see his cunning scheming and evil ways and so cannot fully appreciate their antagonist. Looking forward to hearing the thoughts of GM's and players alike. Maybe to stories about how it has been achieved in the past? Smee
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