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  1. Hello to anyone who still hangs around here! I was wondering if anyone could give a few suggestions for a problem I am having. I have recently been running a game where we have house ruled removing the TB damage soak and instead replaced it with a slightly modified wound system and by doubling Armour values and weapon Pen values. This seemed to be great to start with, and the Guard player really appreciated their 8 AP Flak armour when fighting autogun wielding gangers and the like. But now I have found a bit of an issue when dealing with proper carapace. Basically you need to roll a 10 with an auto or lasgun on low settings to do 1 damage. 0 Pen weapons vs 12 AP seem to be a bit of an issue, and although carapace is meant to be good I thought it shouldn't be THAT good (Although it'll make Power Armour seem fluffly at 14AP as you wade through bullets laughing). I don't want to just go back to normal rules because of this, but I also don't want to end up tweaking every weapon in the game. So any advice on how to tweak things a bit?
  2. Uh Hello, Does anyone know what is wrong with the Dark Reign site? I have been trying to access it for some Psyker PDF supplements made by Cogniczar on this topic https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/128624-look-not-upon-the-wytch/but I can't seem to get them to work. Anyone got a copy of the documents or know when the site is back up? Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed light on the problem.
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