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  1. Lucky dice is In Decatur, about 20 minutes north from cullman. They run x-wing and armada I believe.
  2. moodswing5537

    Thanks FFG - no really

    I'm gonna speak for MYSELF here and say you dont think for me. I'll do that. And I'm not being negative when I say FFG has done a poor job of communicating with the community that pays their paychecks. That is a fact, and facts aren't positive or negative. How we feel about them is positive or negative. New players this community tries to bring in are met with high entry costs for a core product that hasn't changed since inception, no availability of expansion ships from the earliest waves due to lack of reprints, and no news, announcements, communication at all that a game they are entering has ANY support from the company asking for their money.
  3. moodswing5537

    Happy Friday - What is your local scene like?

    Locally? There are @CaribbeanNinja and I. We have a couple more we try to get together with, but our local store is closing come the new year. Luckily we have two other great communities within a few hours so we have some awesome folks to play with.
  4. moodswing5537

    Sato Sniper Shotgun

    I agree that you need some Intel in your squads. Plus, you have the primary dmg coming from the liberty. Secondly the y-wings. Other than that, very little punch. The pelta doesn't do much for attacking.
  5. moodswing5537

    Sato Sniper Shotgun

    Guess "all" the folks who ran Sato in your scenario were sato experts so their skill made no difference In your conclusion? Second of all, fail is subjective, so I guess if you decide that Sato is bad based on not winning everytime, that's your viewpoint. Not sure anyone should base good or bad on that definition. Sato works in certain scenarios, like the one presented in the link @Ginkapo posted. It's up to individuals to decide.
  6. moodswing5537

    Never have I ever...

    Cluster bombs. I mean, it's kinda obvious why, but not even in a casual game just to see why they suck.
  7. moodswing5537

    Never have I ever...

    But do you own one?
  8. moodswing5537

    Women in the Game, a Poll of Sorts

    Is it weird that I read that inserting random <hiccup>?
  9. moodswing5537

    Women in the Game, a Poll of Sorts

    @Angry Ewok's wife plays in the north Georgia/Carolina region. I don't know if she is in the forums though.
  10. moodswing5537

    "Possible reasons for no SSD article" the thread

    "New size of ssd causes space issues in Santa's sleigh, causing elves to strike, shutting down production."
  11. moodswing5537

    worlds is April... faq needed?

    I got you a pony, but apparently it died and is being beaten with a "nerf demo" stick.... Too soon?
  12. moodswing5537

    worlds is April... faq needed?

    No changes. Let it ride till after worlds. The SSD will bring plenty of change. And IMHO, demo is fine. When it wins worlds 3 times, take a look then.
  13. moodswing5537

    Public apology

    You understand that now I want to put a raspberry pi in an ssd model....
  14. moodswing5537

    You know what?

    You are the best of us, Crabbok. Thanks for bringing the positive.
  15. moodswing5537

    Looking for a Wide Angle Line Laser

    I haven't tested any of those three points, and I probably don't have to. I just have to point out to someone questioning the "tolerances of my measuring tool" that they bumped every component they possess (and half of mine) on the table a minimum of 3 times per turn, invalidating all accuracy, so the laser should get a slide..... 😁