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  1. moodswing5537

    Women in the Game, a Poll of Sorts

    @Angry Ewok's wife plays in the north Georgia/Carolina region. I don't know if she is in the forums though.
  2. moodswing5537

    "Possible reasons for no SSD article" the thread

    "New size of ssd causes space issues in Santa's sleigh, causing elves to strike, shutting down production."
  3. moodswing5537

    worlds is April... faq needed?

    I got you a pony, but apparently it died and is being beaten with a "nerf demo" stick.... Too soon?
  4. moodswing5537

    worlds is April... faq needed?

    No changes. Let it ride till after worlds. The SSD will bring plenty of change. And IMHO, demo is fine. When it wins worlds 3 times, take a look then.
  5. moodswing5537

    Public apology

    You understand that now I want to put a raspberry pi in an ssd model....
  6. moodswing5537

    You know what?

    You are the best of us, Crabbok. Thanks for bringing the positive.
  7. moodswing5537

    Looking for a Wide Angle Line Laser

    I haven't tested any of those three points, and I probably don't have to. I just have to point out to someone questioning the "tolerances of my measuring tool" that they bumped every component they possess (and half of mine) on the table a minimum of 3 times per turn, invalidating all accuracy, so the laser should get a slide..... 😁
  8. moodswing5537

    Armada 2.0

    While i think anything is possible in the business world, I can't see them dropping armada. The three main mechanics are covered, fleet combat, fighter combat, and now ground warfare. That would leave a fairly big hole. But that being said, 2.0 makes sense for power creep, as well as giving some space in future ship development. The ssd, while lots o folks wanted it, I think was a mistake before fixing some of the frustrations for players. Adjustable costs would have allowed for current fleet creation ease. Then, a release of faction based essential sets would revamp their player base with a lower cost to entry, and get more butts in the seats. THEN, introducing a $200 ship everyone wants would have hit a larger market. Just my 2 pesos...
  9. moodswing5537

    Armada 2.0

    "Starting on October 22nd, 2018, Fantasy Flight Games will no longer offer for sale any Android: Netrunner The Card Game products, including Android: Netrunner playmats and card sleeves. Before we reach that point, Android: Netrunner still has one final stop to make: the Reign and Reverie deluxe expansion will be the final product for the game. Featuring cards for every faction, Reign and Reverie is a celebration of all things Android: Netrunner, and an appropriately climactic conclusion to the game's six-year run. What's more, while Android: Netrunner is coming to an end, the worlds of Android will continue to be explored, from the gritty streets of SanSan to the warring colonies of Mars, in future products from Fantasy Flight Games." - Posted in June, stating end of product in October, but that there will be further releases until then. form the following link: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/8/jacking-out/ <picks mic back up, drop kicks it into the audience, then moonwalks off stage>
  10. moodswing5537

    Armada 2.0

    Um...netrunner.... <drops mic>
  11. moodswing5537

    Armada 2.0

    If guessing was just lying, then having 6 ideas for a new ship in an r&d session, they would be lying on 5 of their ideas? I don't see the logic in your statement.
  12. moodswing5537

    Sold Out: Armada Worlds 2019, March 28 at Adepticon

    I've got the hoodie covered, but I refuse to buy decent pants..... <rips plane tickets in half>
  13. moodswing5537

    Birmingham Regionals

    Man, Im gonna work so hard to get a regional in bham so you get a cease and desist order.... ?
  14. moodswing5537

    VASSAL: Armada Draft 2.0 (Now Playing)

    Honestly then, I probably will have a hard time finishing the game in our pod. I have 2 of the three, but I think some of our folks have gotten busy and haven't played any? I could be wrong. Otherwise, I do love the draft format. That was super fun.
  15. moodswing5537

    VASSAL: Armada Draft Battle Reports

    This was truly a fun game. I never would have thought that HH's could throw that many dice. Looking forward to future games with Dupy.