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  1. So when do we get movement tool prizes

    How have we had this thread up for this long, and not had @Green Knight pipe up about his man tool?!?!
  2. Canadian nationals 2018 stream!

    Oh, come could have dropped the HH in there too with Profundity. He left you WAY too much
  3. MONSTER TRUCK MANIA Battle Reports Thread

    This game goes to prove I need to pay attention to ALL my and my opponents ships. As always, JJ was a superb player, and I hope his Ackbar fleet wins the whole darn thing!
  4. So when do we get movement tool prizes

    I've ran into Wonky tool dudes at tourneys. Anytime I question a move, I offer them to use my properly clicking tools. If they protest, I say fine, I want to use yours to move my ISD next turn....they usually agree to use mine at
  5. MONSTER TRUCK MANIA (The Actual Thread)

    @JJs Juggernaut vs. Moodswing will go down this Sunday, March 18th at 8:00 am CST.
  6. Regionals data, March 17, 2018

    I took geography, and I'm pretty sure those are all the same country....
  7. Yet Another Imperial March - Steel Command

    You sure that's not the son of Thrain?
  8. Why no Happy Friday!?

    ****, this is too good NOT to use in every
  9. So when do we get movement tool prizes

    I'd be all for an imperial black and silver, and a rebel red and white set of the current movement tools.
  10. So where is the new announcement for ships!

    I'm stealing this!
  11. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    I shall select a nice Tawny Port for our next engagement....
  12. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    Is..Is on the table!?!? WHAT KIND OF GAME IS THIS!?!?!? (actually, that looks really cool, but I'd go mad trying to paint those. I threw a hissy after painting 12 TIE fighters....)
  13. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    Also, Legion doesn't have to mean the 3K + from Rome. In the common vernacular, It can mean: a vast host, multitude, or number of people or things. But I see where you are coming from though. It does seem smaller scale numbers wise due to the scale alone, but I think Rebellion was FFG's attempt at larger scale(numbers, not size) combat. Eventhough that played more like a board game. I can see Legion as an evolution from what they have already done with IA and Armada/X-wing.
  14. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    yeah, but Star Wars Platoon doesn't roll off the tongue....
  15. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    Everything is Glaciers with you Norwegians....