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  1. Totally true. I had thought they got moved to Seattle and became the Supersonics or something.... 😜
  2. moodswing5537

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    My absolute favorite part of this list and the one piece I have been most wanting to try. PLEASE film your SC so we can see how this, as well as the whole list, does.
  3. Crabbok, What do you use for your overlay?
  4. Generally, the women do very well. As usual, it's the marketing that fails them. If we advertised it more, I think soccer would do much better in the us. I know a lot of die hard fans that watch it more than every four years....
  5. moodswing5537

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    No, I get that. Makes a lot of sense....looks hella fun. I'm a fan of the doddo
  6. moodswing5537

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    No yt-1300 for hull sink?
  7. moodswing5537

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    I would love to try this. I like how much you get for your 7 pts of anti squad here. Seems affordable next to tech used in other fleets to do similar things....
  8. You know what makes me nuts? Bringing politics into a forum about plastic space ships. Leave that shitery at the door please. It only makes a bad situation worse.
  9. I meant that all father's....oh, nevermind.....
  10. Okay. I'm gonna say this. FOR ME, the US is the center of everything. Why? Since I am the center of my perspective and I am IN the US, by definition.... Now, if we are talking about what the US is THE BEST at, I'm not weighing in. Why? Because reasons. Doesn't matter, but I want to point something out using different examples. This thread has become "THE US IS BEST AT DRAWING SQUARES!" and "Well, THE REST OF THE WORLD IS BEST AT DRAWING CIRCLES!" Honestly. We all know our short comings. The US (Men's team anyway) sux at soccer. Fact. The rest of the world doesn't play American football, so their skill level would be questionable. Fact. BUT, if you want to debate on whose units are larger (Metric or Standard, you sick puppies) PICK THE SAME UNIVERSAL MEASURING STICK OR IT DOESN'T F'N MATTER! It just wastes thread space that could be taken up by salt and despair. Now, HAPPY FATHER's DAY to all the DAD's out there! THAT is UNIVERSAL!
  11. moodswing5537

    Cannot Get Your Ship Out! June Articles

    Yeah, it's a crazy mc80ho mc30 scout ackbar fleet now.... 😁
  12. moodswing5537

    News leaked!

    true dat! I honestly think England will do better than Portugal at this point. As usual, Ronaldo scores his two goals and trots the rest of the game......
  13. moodswing5537

    News leaked!

    your not getting on my good side....Chaves is Portuguese......btw....
  14. moodswing5537

    News leaked!

    Dam it, Tall! I'm trying to watch futbol! stop preying on my trust!
  15. moodswing5537

    News leaked!

    broken link for anyone else?