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  1. So, while I'm in my Clone Wars period, and all my players who may be wanting auto fire are republic troops on official missions, would the "big guns in public" apply to them? The only time I remember clones not having access to their weapons were when off duty at a bar.. This is less a question of how to reign in auto fire as it is making sure that particular would actually apply. Will they just enjoy that freedom until they become outlaws?
  2. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/92511-starfighter-creation-thread/page-3#entry899124
  3. Are there rules for this? I doubt it, but asking can't hurt. Also, targeting personal scale targets from orbit, or very high altitude? Just have the target roll athletics or pilot to dodge the splash or in the interest of not splatting them just narrate the strikes and have them miss? On the other end of the spectrum, and probably more appropriate, hitting a grounded Victory II with turbolasers from orbit. Would there be any change from it being stationary in space? (For context, it's been heavily damaged in a recent battle and was forced to land for repairs with no nearby friendly bases to jump to. I'm planning on it taking at least a month if not several before it's ready to jump back to friendly space, but if enemy battleships track it down before then I may need to know this.)
  4. I'm stealing this. He's using the "quote" option in the reply box, not the quote button on the post he's referring back to, as I did above this quote. It's useful when you only want to quote part of a quote because you can copy/paste into it what you want. Also useful when breaking a large quote into many little quotes for the same reason. Of course its downside is it doesn't tag the person being quoted, so no one actually knows who said the quote, as you've mentioned.
  5. I agree with everything stated, but I'm pretty sure there "should" be a way to transfer his core to a different body and inherit its stats. How you do that without breaking the game as it's designed right now, I don't know. You can pull a hard drive out of a computer and put it in a beefier one, you'll probably need to install a ton of updates, but it's doable. Why you couldn't do the same with a droid, in game at least, I don't know. There might be some limits maybe, if you're still running 32bit XP and you toss the drive into a modern day system you'll be wasting a lot of the potential, but upgrading the OS to a newer version would solve that, while retaining all the data. *shrug* For a lot of people, one of the biggest joys of droids was their modularity and ease of upgrade compared to other races, this system does away with that and it's jarring to get used to.
  6. Less questionable and more a different quality of immortality. That would put them on par with elves. /With/ proper maintenance, and barring accidents or physical trauma, immortal. Ie best case scenario.
  7. You have a source on that? I'd argue that given astromechs and ships have limited capacity to store hyperspace routes, we do in fact have storage limitations. I would also argue that while there seems to be the perception that technology doesn't change, subtle cues throughout canon material indicate that technology does in fact change, even within the lifetime of main characters! I do not, it's admittedly an assumption based on personally never seeing the issue come up. C3PO can store how many languages in his tiny memory core? If it's not unlimited it may be "effectively" unlimited. That said I've never heard of having limited storage of hyperspace routes, limited access yes, as they change extremely often and need to be constantly updated not only for your specific point of entry, but for every celestial body en route. I'm also not a master of the EU so if this actually has been a thing somewhere I'll happily accept that.
  8. I think a better comparison would be to Star Trek's transporter, which that discussion does also reference Theseus's ship, but yea. Because the ship doesn't have consciousness or memories or a personality. But destroying a body, transferring those things, and rebuilding it all someplace else does. It depends on what you define as "The droid", his physical body, or the memories and personality that make him unique. Droid memories can, and are encouraged to be routinely wiped, making them as or more ephemeral than the droid body. For the purpose of an NPC droid sure, it's what keeps them from becoming conscious and unique, keeps them in line, etc. But how many long term character droids, PC's or NPC's actually have those wipes? Would C3PO still be C3PO after them? Would R2? HK-47, who survived thousands of years through several bodies and if I remember correctly, even a factory computer core? (Or something equally crazy) I would call their memories fragile, not short lived. If taken care of and not wiped, they are literally what makes that droid "that" droid instead of simply one of many.
  9. I think a better comparison would be to Star Trek's transporter, which that discussion does also reference Theseus's ship, but yea. Because the ship doesn't have consciousness or memories or a personality. But destroying a body, transferring those things, and rebuilding it all someplace else does. It depends on what you define as "The droid", his physical body, or the memories and personality that make him unique.
  10. I feel like a fair number of these thoughts are taking too much of real life into account. The majority of service life related issues are from how quickly our technology advances and how short a time span things are expected to last. Remember this is star wars where technology barely advances over millennia, and technology has for the most part become so interchangeable between company to company that virtually any part needed can be found or replaced with an equivalent. Also data storage doesn't actually seem to have a limit in star wars unlike in real life. So as far as immortality is concerned I'd certainly view them on the same level as vampires: Cannot age to death, can go into "stasis" if not maintained, but can be reactivated at any point with maintenance, may suffer memory loss from extended periods of stasis, can be killed through sufficient physical trauma. That is to say a step up from Elven immortality, in which case lack of maintenance (sleep/food/etc) would kill the individual, not put them to sleep or in a coma. And a step down from true immortality where you cannot die even from sufficient physical trauma.
  11. How would you go about building one of these? Since the Commando feels like more of a frontline trooper than his name suggests.
  12. From what I can tell, this game is almost founded on the idea that NPCs and PCs play by different rules. And at least in the Star Wars universe it kinda makes sense. The PC's shield is one you can pick up in a store, the Droideka's shield is specially crafted by the military for that droid. I'd be shocked if it didn't use a different rule set. If PC's have a problem with it they can try to salvage one from a Droideka and spend some time and money modifying it to work in their armor or on one of their droids instead. Alternatively I could see an inventor or such modifying the butt off of a standard one until it was much better itself. But yea, this was a case of me finding a pdf after someone in another thread mentioned the Droideka and several other bits of clone war stuff was in that book. I don't care about the content of the book itself since it's a FaD book, just the Droideka lol. One thing I truly hate about this product is the lack of Bestiary or Monster Manual, you're expected to buy all kinds of books just for one or two things each. The business model works on some people, and others just refuse.
  13. Page 69, Chronicles of the Gatekeeper 5/3/1/1/1/1 Soak 8, Wound 18, Defenses 0/0 Skills: Gunnery 2, Perc 3, Resilience 3 Talents: None Abilities: Droid, Fire Sweep (as an action a droideka can make a Hard Gunnery check to inflict one hit that deals base damage with its built in twin heavy blasters on up to two targets within medium range, plus one additional target per [Advantage] on the check; it can only hit each target once this way), Shield Projector (maneuver to activate or deactivate; while active, gains defense 2 and upgrades the difficulty of all combat attacks targeting the droideka once, but droideka cannot use the Move maneuver). Equipment: Two built in twin droideka heavy blasters (Gunnery; damage 12; Crit 3; Range Long; Auto fire, Linked, Pierce 1, Vicious 1), Stomping mechanical leg (Brawl; Damage 5; Crit 5; Range Engaged; Knockdown 1).
  14. From hearing so much about Thrawn over the years but never reading any of the books I'm all kinds of psyched, and the descriptions of him in this thread make me think I'm going to like him, a lot.
  15. For those of us who don't actually know Thrawn however this is fantastic. Also I don't see how grey Ezra would be a bad thing.. I still without a doubt find the animated Star Wars better than any of the movies, and Rebels continues to confirm that for me.
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