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  1. Are you serious? This is Standard Operation Procedure for FFG. FFG makes production estimates based on pre-orders. No one preorders things since its not Magic (unless you're thinking ahead like Team Covenant). They make enough to double fill the pre-orders. Game is good, people want more product. If you didn't pre-order, its your fault: you need to wait. FFG isn't going anywhere, and neither are you. Our store had well over 100 pre orders, and only got 20 so far... not having pre-orders wasn't the problem Yep my two closest FLGS had the same issue they did not even get enough stock to cover their pre-orders. My 24 YRO son who lives on the opposite side of town than me said all 3 of the FLGS he goes to had the same issues. So either the first print run was very small or someone humped the bug on this one.
  2. Our first couple of plays as we were learning the game we did not use them. Now I could not imagine us playing without them. It has added a randomness to the game that we really needed. We have also seen it lay waste to some well laid plans.
  3. We ignored gate control and it came back to bite us on the arse when trying to solve the 2nd mystery. We will so keep in mind the next time we decide to go against Hastur.
  4. We figured out pretty quick that having high sanity investigator's against Hastur was key. His reckoning effect is just brutal if you do not.
  5. We had the same thing come up tonight as well, and we pretty much ruled it they way you did.
  6. In the end Hastur proved to be too much for us and we lost. We did manage to get the first mystery down so we took it as a moral victory.
  7. I do live in Indy and TI3 is one of the games that has been on my radar to play for a long time. I unfortunately have never played and have no idea how good I would be in a Tourney. I did add you as a geek buddy over on BGG.
  8. We just picked up the Signs of Carcosa expansion and our group will be playing against Hastur for the first time tomorrow. Any thoughts on the best investigators to use or strategy against him would be most welcome. We will be using the cards from Forsaken Lore as well. Which is all of the content we have. Thanks.
  9. Thank You! I was in a panic too I just bought the game was setting it up excitedly and thought man jipped by one card. Whew!
  10. I use the Broken Token card organizers to hold all the game cards while we are playing. I find the smaller organizer works really well for Talisman (hanging head in sadness over GW FF partnership ended, over Talisman) as well.
  11. I think it depends on how often is the game going to hit your table? Once a month you might want to get one expansion, Once every other month I think the core game is fine for 3 to 4 plays. At this point with FFG and GW ending their partnership you might want to buy up as much as you while you still can. For me having played every edition of Talisman since the 1st I think 4th has become my favorite. But that is just my opinion, As they say your mileage may vary.
  12. The news of the GW, FF partnership ending saddens me. I just this year rediscovered my joy of Talisman after not having played it in many years. I guess I will try to get all I can of the 4th edition expansions before I am no longer able.
  13. I just got into Descent a few weeks ago, I too frustrated to see the Lt, Packs out of stock and none of my FLGS have any either. Will be very happy when they are available, here Fantasy Flight take my money! I am really hoping to at least get all of them at Gen Con if not before.
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