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    Bullox got a reaction from Realmtrekker in Nubian J-Type 307 Princess Series Yacht   
    The Nubian J-Type 307 Princess model luxury yacht is a junior model in the Nubia Star Drives Inc. J-Type 300 series of luxury yachts. It is slightly smaller than their 76m premier J-Type 327 Royal model made famous by Queen Amidala of Naboo.
    During the clone wars and the galactic civil war, many civilian ships were pressed into military service. Since the J-Type 300 series yachts were known for their speed and heavy shielding they made excellent candidates for militarization.
    Here are two configurations of the J-Type Princess:



    The model is a Hallmark Keepsakes ornament. Since it is 6.25 inches long I had to come up with a justification for the scale. The 76m J-Type 327 should be about 10 inches long in 1:270 X-Wing scale. At Huge ship scale of 1:450 my model would be the right size but it would look dumb on a Huge/Epic ship base.  So I created a home-brew variant; the smaller Princess 307 model which could be any size I want.
    I think it's kinda cool that they don't have a primary weapon. The Combat Refit depends entirely on its missiles and torpedoes and the Tactical Support version is all about handing out Target Locks and free actions etc. I haven't play tested these yet but it seems to me that they might be pretty cool in a home-brew Epic mission.
    As always I'm just doing this out of a sense of fun-and-games. 
    Edit. I forgot to mention. I didn't have access to a reload action icon so I used the mobile arc icon on the combat refit pilot card since it looks similar. I may be able to fix that later.
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    Bullox reacted to Noosart in 1:2700 Star Destroyer   
    The first 2 pages of the building manual have been completed. And it must be said, this kit fits perfectly up until this point. Although rated a difficulty level of 4, it is more likely to be a rating of 2, it's so easy.

    All parts a beautifully shaped, as in nicely crisp and fitting. When two parts need to join, the corners are angled towards eachother, minimizing seams. And often another part is placed over the seam afterwards

    Although this last picture shows the worst fitting I've seen so far, it's hardly to be seen when de model is on my desk. Especially when a lot more greebles will be added during the build. I will determine a bit later if I need to resolve this.

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    Bullox reacted to Noosart in 1:2700 Star Destroyer   
    Hi all,
    A new project to start with and probably my most longest cherished wish. The construction of the Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars. The model will get extra added detail AND... lighting!
    I will not be doing a extensive kit review, as there are plenty of that on YouTube. Of course I will show 2 pictures of both the box and it's general contents.

    Of course this will not be a playable miniature in the game as it will just be to big. But I do think I will set it offside the playarea as part of a mission story or objective marker.
    The extra detail sets are from GreenStrawberry. They mainly make PE and resin detail sets for sci-fi models. Because I am going to build the Imperial Star Destroyer 2 (ISD2), I bought the stuff below. 
    General details

    Replacement hangar bay

    Screen accurate engine bells (please note that the flaps will not go on. They are for the ISD1)

    Lighting set

    I'll probably going to remove/alter the 4 turbo laser turrets on each side and draw and print my own (or go shopping on ShapeWays), but that is something to decide on during the build.
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    Bullox reacted to Fourtytwo in Showcase - CR90 Corvette LIBERATOR (conversion and repaint)   
    Hello there!
    I've recently finished converting and repainting my CR90 Corellian Corvette for X-wing Miniatures to accurately represent the Liberator from Star Wars REBELS and Rogue One.
    As for the converting part, here's what I did:
    removing the top dual Turbolaser and replacing it with a scratch-built quad Turbolaser as per official renders of the ship in the show removing the bottom dual Turbolaser and re-attaching it deeper in its circular mount, as per the original filming and digital models scratch-building two guns as per the original digital model in its upgunned variant and attaching them to the port and starboard docking rings  

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    Bullox reacted to JanjyGiggins in Raider I Kitbash and Repaint   
    Although the Raider class is most associated with the Raider II, used against starfighters in the late civil war, the venerable Raider I corvette had been garrisoning and patrolling frontier Imperial worlds since well before the Battle of Yavin.
    (There's a bit of a making-of here).

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    Bullox reacted to ShootingtheGalaxy in ShootingtheGalaxy's X-Wing Miniature Photography   
    Star Wars Squadrons: Hope

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    Bullox reacted to ShootingtheGalaxy in ShootingtheGalaxy's X-Wing Miniature Photography   
    Lots of clone stamping and layer masking in photoshop 
    And now . . . your coming together . . . will be your undoing 

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    Bullox reacted to Tomcattwo in X-Wing AI 2nd Edition - For Solo Play - HotAC+FGA AI Added!   
    See original post for update information on the addition of "Heroes of the Aturi Cluster" Campaign AI 2nd Edition to x-wing-ai!
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    Bullox reacted to Tomcattwo in X-Wing AI 2nd Edition - For Solo Play - HotAC+FGA AI Added!   
    Major Update: AI for HotAC and Flight Group Alpha (FGA) Campaigns Now Available!
    Fellow pilots: At the request of Hipsu and Wolfshead, I completed the task of adding all 19 additional ships from the Flight Group Alpha Imperial Cooperative Campaign to the 8 Empire ships from the HotAC AI (both use the same AI methodology) and uploaded the new version x-wing-ai.com .The outstanding HotAC AI data (hard copy version) from the Imperial AI cards v 2.07.04 created by Claes Sorrenson and the Alpha Flight Group for HotAC 2nd Edition, as well as the 19 NEW AI cards from the Flight Group Alpha campaign (also by Claes and the FGA Team) have been faithfully replicated in a web- based version for your use in playing HotAC OR Flight Group Alpha alone or with your fellow pilots on the table-top.
    The HotAC+FGA AI now contains "HotAC Rules" AI for the following 27 ships:
    Empire: TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, TIE Advanced x1, TIE Bomber, TIE Defender, TIE Phantom, Lambda Shuttle, Devastator Rebel: Z-95 Headhunter, T-65 X-Wing, BTL-A-4 Y-Wing, RZ-1A A-Wing, A/SF-01 B-Wing, YT-2400, YT-1300, VCX-100 Ghost Scum: Z-95 Headhunter (Scum), BTL-A-4 Y-Wing (Scum), M3A Interceptor, Kihraxz Fighter, StarViper, Fang Fighter, HWK-290, Firespray, Mod TIE Fighter (Mining Guild) First Order: TIE FO Fighter, TIE Special Forces Fighter Note: You don't have to be playing HotAC or FGA to use this AI for your own solo battles! You can use this app to provide AI using the best solo AI available today (HotAC AI) for any of the above 27 ships. 
    The web application does all the dice rolling for you for AI ship maneuvers, Decloaking and Hyperspace Maneuvers per HotAC+FGA rules. It also lists the prioritized activities in each phase that you will use for decision-making for each AI ship, in an easy-to-see and use web-based format. The Help page ("?" icon) will explain how to use the HotAC+FGA AI to run your AI ships for each battle. The "Ships" page ("ship" icon) provides a detailed breakdown of each AI ship and all of its target, action and attack priorities plus all maneuvers in the maneuver tables. I also included additional functionality such as "Flee" tables and Hyperspace Maneuvers, reroll capability, enemy moved/not moved prioritization and symbology, better user feedback when selecting a sector, and other enhancements and fixes (Thanks to Hipsu for playtesting and enhancement recommendations). 
    Here is a screen shot of the HotAC+FGA AI 2nd Edition "Main Page":

    You can still use x-wing AI 2nd Edition or x-wing AI 1st Edition for your table-top solo play, just as before.  You can easily switch AI versions using the "AI" icons on the top-right part of the web page. 
    As always, x-wing-ai is free to use and no advertising banners. You can also download a stand-alone version in a .zip file for your use off-line here or download it from the info page ("i" icon) or Help page ("?" icon) of the x-wing-ai.com HotAC+FGA AI webpage, or you can use the AI(s) directly from the x-wing-ai.com website.
    If you are running a HotAC or FGA campaign or just flying tabletop solo at home, give it a try!
    Major Update: x-wing-AI for Heroes of the Aturi Cluster (HotAC) 2nd Edition, v 2.07.04
    Fellow pilots: I have just uploaded a new version of x-wing-ai to x-wing-ai.com which now includes AI for Heroes of the Aturi Cluster (HotAC), using the 2nd edition update created by Shaun Tiernan from Josh Derkson's original 1st edition Rebel campaign. The outstanding HotAC AI data (hard copy version) from the Imperial AI cards v 2.07.04 created by Claes Sorrenson and the Alpha Flight Group for HotAC 2nd Edition have been faithfully replicated in a web- based version for your use in playing HotAC alone or with your fellow pilots on the table-top.
    The web application does all the dice rolling for you for AI ship maneuvers. It also lists the prioritized activities in each phase that you will use for decision-making for each of the Empire's eight AI ship types used in the campaign, in an easy-to-see and use web-based format. The Help page ("?" icon) will explain how to use the HotAC AI to run your HotAC Empire AI ships for each battle. The "Ships" page ("ship" icon) provides a detailed breakdown of each Empire AI ship and all of its maneuvers in the maneuver tables.
    Here is a screen shot of the HotAC AI 2nd Edition "Main Page":

    On the HotAC 2nd Edition AI Main Page, during the AI's Activation Phase, you select a "Target Ship" for the AI using the priorities listed under "Select Target", then click on one of the 9 "Active" sectors in the "Aiming Reticle" diagram where the Target Ship is in relation to the AI. That click will populate the AI Maneuver section with allowable maneuvers for 4 conditions (R1/R2Closing, R2Fleeing/R3, R4+ or AI Stressed), per the HotAC Campaign rules. You select the maneuver that corresponds to the Target Ship's range from the AI ship, and then execute the AI's movement on the table-top per the HotAC Campaign rules and X-Wing 2nd Edition rules. 
    Actions for the AI are prioritized in the "Action Selection" list for the selected ship. Based on those priorities, you select and conduct the AI's action(s). 
    For the Engagement Phase, you select the AI's "Attack Target" (which might or might not be the same target as the "Target Ship") using the priorities listed in the "Attack Priorities" section for each ship, and execute the attack per the HotAC Campaign rules and X-Wing 2nd Edition rules.
    Any End Phase or System Phase AI ship activities are also shown.
    You can still use x-wing AI 2nd Edition or x-wing AI 1st Edition for your table-top solo play, just as before.  You can easily switch AI versions using the "AI" icons on the top-right part of the web page. 
    As always, x-wing-ai is free to use. You can also download a stand-alone version in a .zip file for your use off-line here or download it from the info page ("i" icon) or Help page ("?" icon) of the x-wing-ai.com HotAC AI webpage, or you can use the AI(s) directly from the x-wing-ai.com website.
    Shaun's version of HoTAC 2nd Edition is the same version that has been uploaded to Vassal. The "uploaded to Vassal" post (and the HotAC info and help pages) includes a link to Shaun's HotAC 2nd Edition Campaign (ver 2.07.04) files, in case you don't yet have HotAC. 
    If you are starting or running a HotAC campaign, give it a try! Rebels, stand strong in the Aturi Cluster - the Rebellion is counting on you!
    Update to version 2.0.2!
    After a long hiatus, I have finally done an update to X-Wing AI2. This was a big update that includes:
    1) Added 2nd Edition new waves 4, 5, 6, and 7 ships
    2) Added Gozanti class and C-ROC Cruisers (with faction variants)
    3) Completely changed how the AI reads and determines AI actions for all ships (the original version could only accommodate 31 unique actions; this update removes that restriction and adds a number of new actions). This required some major code overhaul in the AI and generation files (python and JavaScript) and updates for every ship file (85 ships/variants)
    4) Minor aesthetic changes (Capitalized factions, added tooltips for all icons, cleaned up the presentation and updated the info and help pages a bit).
    The update has made for a better app. See below for basic instructions on how to use it.
    Give it a try at http://www.x-wing-ai.com, or you can download a zip file of the app for use even when you are off-line (works in any browser except Internet Explorer - it does work in edge, chrome, opera, Firefox, safari, and android internet apps).
    Original post:
    Fellow X-Wing Pilots,
    I ran across Wyzbang's outstanding work creating xwing_ai a month or so ago when I started playing the X-Wing Miniatures Game. I like to play solo, and I decided I would modify his AI under the Open Creative License that he published xwing_ai under ( Creative Commons License 3.0 ) to update the ai to X-Wing Second Edition Rules. I have done so. 
    xwing_ai2 allows you to play solo using your tabletop models on your playmat. The AI will provide reasonable semi-random moves depending on the aspect (range, location in a 360 circle and closing/opening orientation), of your ships to the AI ship. It's a simple web-based interface. To use it:
    Setup game per standard 2nd Edition rules, choosing any squadrons and or missions.
    For each AI controlled ship, instead of setting a dial, you'll use the AI to determine each AI ship's movement during the Activation phase.
    Click on the faction of the the AI controlled ship Click on the ship type for the AI controlled ship Pick a target (human-controlled) ship for the AI ship to consider/react to Click on the location on the targeting ring that matches the direction of target (human-controlled) ship Move the AI ship using the displayed maneuver for the proper condition (target is closing, retreating, out-of-range or the AI is stressed) Choose an Action for the AI ship. The AI shows available standard actions for that ship. Carry out attack(s) for the AI ship Complete round per standard 2nd Edition rules. xwing_ai2 includes:
    1) A complete update to X-Wing 2nd Edition Rules, including all ships, and factions, 2nd Ed maneuver dials, and 2nd edition actions
    2) The ability to switch back and forth from 2nd Edition to 1st Edition rules AI (Wyzbang's original AI, but updated to include all 1st edition ships through wave 14).
    I have hosted the web version here:
    Click on the "?" icon in the upper right for how to use. 
    Click on the "AI" icon to switch to 1st edition xwing_ai, "AI2" icon to switch back again to 2nd edition.
    There is a download link you can access by clicking on the "i" icon, to download the distributable version for offline use or download it here. Once you download the zip file, unzip it into a convenient directory, then open "index2.htm" in any browser for the 2nd edition ruleset, or "index.htm" for the 1st edition ruleset.
    NOTE: THIS APP DOES NOT WORK IN Internet Explorer and I don't have the inclination to fix it for that browser. Works best in Chrome, but also works in Firefox, Opera, IOS Safari and Android Web apps.
    xwing_ai2 remains open source under the original Creative Common License 3.0. The source files are here on github:
    xwing_ai2 Source Files on Github
    Feel free to try it out and post any constructive feedback in this thread. Enjoy.
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    Bullox reacted to Eyegor in Rebel Extended 4X   
    I'm always interested in lists that consist of either mostly or all X-wings. My problem is a thematic one. I always want my X-wings to have mechs and I try (but usually fail) to include torps as well. 
    Things have changed over the years and editions and I still don't have any real competitive experience but generic simplicity like the classic Baby Blues  list still appeals to me. 
    Starting to drag this off topic so time to shut up.
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    Bullox got a reaction from Bucknife in Showcase: YV-666   
    Edit - Added stock photo.
    I'm not sure what a bat wing has to do with a lizard, but I thought it looked kinda cool.

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    Bullox got a reaction from Realmtrekker in Showcase: VT-49 Decimator   
    Painted up another decimator. I’ve been trying out using stickers.


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    Bullox got a reaction from Realmtrekker in Showcase: VT-49 Decimator   
    Decimator with Imperial Blue accents.

    This one is magnetized.

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    Bullox reacted to dinobaldi in Outpost attack   
    Due Corona Virus, last weekend I had a match against my two sons:

    We was inspired by the new turret card in Epic Battles set.
    We print 3D five objectives: one main power generator (hull 6), two small power generator (hull 3) and two secondary objectives (hull 6).

    All are strongly defense by 9 "tiny turret":
    2 dice - 360° attack, hull 3
    There is also a Tibanna tank (hull 3), if is destroyed all in radius 1 suffer an attack 3 dice.
    We repaint as obstacles the plastics case of 4 small ships. :-))))
    5 tie fighter are patrolling the area.
    -------------- HOME RULES --------------
    We introduce the concept of quota: 2 pegs means high level: no obstacles impact, no turrets impact, but the distance is augmented by one.
    So if you are at distance 2 it means 3 if you are at different quota. If you are at 3 it means 4 and you can't attack.
    If you are at distance 0 (one ship above other) you can't attack.
    Only straight manouver can change the quota, but it will reduced by one: a 3 manouver will be long 2 with peg change. 
    A bomb will fell down to the lower quote. Instead rockets, torpedoes, etc. need to be launched at the same target quota. 
    A small group of Rebel's heroes try to destroy the power generators and the secondary objectives.

    We start the match, considering the 9 tiny turrets at value of 10 point each.
    Both the factions have so 300 points to spend.

    Let's start the dogfight !
    After a front assault the rebels ships suffer a lot....

    They destroy some turrets and a Tie Fighter, but only two of the three primary objectives blow up.
    Only Miranda survives, escaping to continue the campaign...
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    Bullox reacted to Kleeg005 in (HS) Blue Squadron vs (Ext) Black Sun - kitchen table   
    I needed a fix, and what with my Luddite tendencies and the lockdown, I decided to make use of the voices in my head to play a game against myself.  Just a couple of lists thrown together without regard for anything in particular, and played as if the opponent in either case was a normal, rational being (instead of the kind of madness I ten to actually fly). 
    2x Blue Squadron Rookies (T-70) with S-Foils, 3x Blue Squadron Recruits with Heroic and AdvOpt (198) vs 3x Black Sun Soldiers (Z95) with Crack Shot, 1x Black Sun Ace (Khiraxz) with Crack Shot, and Guri with Predator/AdvSen/Shield Upgrade (200)
    Turn Zero:  The Resistance Training Squad kept the initiative, and obstacles went in a loose cluster.  The three RZ-2's went in the middle, with the T-70's flanking.  I almost forgot - the blue T-70 on the left has a Tractor Beam, but it never came into play.  The Black Sun Hit Squad dropped in the corner opposite the Tractor T-70, for no more reason than that corner required the Resistance to come through more obstacles.  Z95's in front, with Guri in the far back.

    Turn One: The right-hand T-70 moved 2-Straight; the left hand T-70 moved 4-Straight, bank boost.  The right-hand RZ-2 moved 3-Straight, focus > bank boost; the other two moved 4-straight, focus > bank boost.  The Z's and the K all moved 4-Straight, focus.  Guri AdvSen a bank boost into a 4-Straight, and clipped the 'roid by less than a millimeter - and lost her shield upgrade for her trouble.  Only one Z had a shot for no damage, and the return fire from two of the RZ's likewise did nothing.

    Turn Two: The right-hand RZ moved 4-Straight focus, trying for the block; the center RZ moved 3-Straight focus > bank boost; the left RZ moved 3-Bank focus; the right-hand T-70 moved 2-Straight focus while the left moved 3-Straight focus.  Only the right-hand Z completed its maneuver, a 3-Bank focus; the attempted 2-Banks from the other two resulted in bumps, as did the K's 2-Straight.  Guri went 3-Straight calculate and received her focus at the start of the Engagement Phase.  Her Range One shot with calculate stripped the three shields off the blue T-70, while his return shot was a natural 4 hits, which required Guri's focus to mitigate two of the damage.  In the meantime, the Khiraxz stripped all three shields from the orange T-70, but the Z95's ALL blanked on their attacks.  Return fire from the T-70 and the three RZ's overkilled the K and knocked a shield off one of the Z's.  That's 6 damage from 15 dice for Scum, versus 8 damage from 15 dice from the Resistance; and the Resistance is up 83-0 in the first round of combat.  Wow. 

    Turn Three: The left-hand RZ moved 4-K; the right-hand RZ moved 2-Bank focus > rotate; the center RZ moved 2-Straight focus looking for the block.  The orange (right-hand) T-70 moved 1-Bank focus to threaten Guri, while the blue move 3-Hard focus.  All three of the Z's attempted a 3-K, of which two landed.  Guri moved 1-Hard barrel roll to stay tight in the fight.  Her Range 1 focused Predator shot landed two hits on the blue T-70, while all three Z's fired on the orange - and with liberal use of Crack Shot killed it before it could fire.  Resistance return fire killed one Z95 and halved another.  Once again, that's 6 damage from 13 dice from Scum, vs 6 damage from 12 dice from the Resistance; and after two rounds of combat the Resistance is up 121-65.  Dice, man.

    Turn Four: Blue T-70 just managed to squeak in the 4-K; the uppermost RZ moved 2-Hard focus > boost; the right-hand RZ moved 2-Straight focus > boost, and the center RZ moved 2-Hard focus.  The uppermost Z95 went 2-Straight focus, while the lower one bumped into a 2-Bank.  Guri moved 1-Straight roll > caluclate.  Her Range One shot with Predator and Focus/Calculate did a single shield to the RZ.  The Range One focused shot from the upper Soldier did a single damage to the T-70, and the bumped soldier blanked.  Return fire from the Resistance did nothing.  At all.  But only because Guri had both focus and calculate to spend on defense. 

    Turn Five:  The right-hand RZ moved 3-Bank focus > boost to set up for the next turn; the center RZ likewise moved 3-Bank focus > rotate; the uppermost RZ moved 2-Bank focus.  The T-70 moved 1-Straight to try to keep things gummed up in the middle.  The white Z95 4-K's out an abundance of caution - a 3 would have been fine and would have avoided the gas cloud, but he got away without any strain.  The green Z95 pulled off a magnificent 2-Hard that slotted in right next to the T-70 with a millimeter to spare; he focused.  Guri moved 1-Straight to clear her stress from the previous turn, then banked a barrel roll into the far side of her wingmate with again less than a millimeter to spare.  Beautiful.  However, 8 attack dice split between the T-70 and the center RZ managed to do a total of 2 damage.  The Resistance's return fire, consisting of a total of 5 attack attack dice split between two Z95's rolled four hits, and all blank defense dice saw the end of the wounded green Soldier.  Resistance up 145-65.

    Turn Six: The bottom RZ moved 2-Hard focus; the center RZ moved 3-Bank focus > rotate; the left RZ moved 2-Bank.  The T-70 moved 4-K.  The remaining Soldier moved 2-Bank to clear his stress, but in doing so clipped the gas cloud *again*.  No strain, but no action.  Unfortunately, he was blocking Guri's preferred AdvSen roll position, so she had to roll away to complete her 1-Straight without rocking herself.  The unmodified Range One shot from the last Black Sun soldier managed to put a crit onto the T-70 - something inconsequential.  The RZ's killed the Soldier before the T-70 had a chance at revenge.  Resistance up 158-65.  Ouch.

    Turn Seven: I forgot to take a picture.  The left RZ moved 2-Hard to clear stress and boosted.  The center RZ did the same.  The bottom RZ moved 3-Straight focus > boost to threaten Guri if she turned in.  The T-70 moved 2-Straight to clear his stress and locked Guri in what he perceived as relative safety.  Guri moved 1-Hard boost > calculate.  Her Range One Predator/focus shot took a single shield off the RZ in front of her, while his return shot nattied into a another damage onto her.  No looking good.
    Turn 8: The upper RZ moved 2-Straight focus > rotate; the lower RZ moved 1-Hard focus > rotate; the left RZ moved 2-Hard focus - setting up a nice little killbox in the middle of the obstacles.  The T-70 moved two hard and cleared his crit, whatever it was.  Guri moved 3-Straight boost > calculate, and pulled her focus at the start of engagement.  Her Range One double-modded shot was just enough to kill the RZ in front of her, and the two shots coming at her whiffed.  Resistance still up 158-102. 

    Turn Nine: A bit of a reset round.  The T-70 moved 2-Hard boost-straight; the left RZ moved 2-Hard boost-right, not expecting a shot; and the right RZ moved 2-Hard boost > rotate.  Guri moved 2-Bank boost.  No shots, although that upper RZ could have had a potshot if he'd just taken the stress to rotate his arc.

    Turn Ten: The upper RZ slooped while the T-70 moved 1-Straight to give the Resistance time to regroup and bring all guns to bear on Guri.  The right RZ moved 2-Hard boost to clear stress and try to get tucked in.  Guri moved 1-Hard banked barrel to come on on the other side of the debris cloud and get some cover from the Resistance ships trying to corral her.  Once again, no shots.

    Turn 11: The T-70 moved 3-Bank focus, trying to set up for a pursuit of the 'Viper in later rounds.  The lower RZ moved 3-Straight to threaten the middle of the board, and the upper RZ moved 2-Hard focus to clear stress and further set up that killbox in the middle of the obstacles.  Guri demonstrated her superior flexibility and AdvSen a barrel roll before moving 4-Straight - and bumping by less than a millimeter.  Her Predator/focus shot plinked a second shield off the RZ, and she took no return fire.  Score is now 158-119 for the Resistance, with two ship at under two hull.  Could Guri pull this off???

    Turn Twelve: The T-70 moved 4-K, as he already had a lock; the lower RZ moved 2-Hard focus, while the upper RZ moved 2-Hard focus > rotate.  Guri moved 3-Straight bank-roll > calculate.  Her barely Range 2 attack against the shieldless RZ calculated into three hits - and the RZ-2 nattied out.  The T-70 did not have range, but the lower RZ had a nice little Range 3 potshot into two hits after focus.  And Guri, on two hull, rolled three blanks and an eyeball.  Game over with 12 minutes left on the clock.

    Much as I HATE to say it, the RZ-2 is probably a little cheap for as much as it can accomplish.  T-70's might be, too, for as beefy as they are.  Either that, or Scum is *still* a tad overcosted for as dice-dependent as they are.  Scum seemingly has three pilots that are worth anything competitively: Fett, Fenn, and Guri.  And everything else is slightly overcosted filler.  I hesitate to say that anything in the Resistance is actually too cheap - except perhaps in comparison to Scum; I think the Resistance is okay next to most everybody else.  Maybe. 
    The RZ-2 A-Wing remains a joy to hurl around the mat, and the T-70 is just plain solid.  This is a list I could see practicing further for the eventual resumption of the Store Championship season.  On the other hand, the Headhunter still just kind of muddles along, dull and uninspiring; and the Khiraxz continues to feel like a waste of time.  And the Starviper - so much fun, but so hard to abuse without a solid team to back it up.
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    Bullox reacted to Robeetou in Showcase: TIE/ln Fighter   
    ... my League of Justice ...
    Flash - Batman - Spiderman - Hulk (from left to right)
    p.s.: I'm not an expert on comics, but I fear I mixed the Marvel and DC Universe heroes... don't know if this was a taboo, but anyway, I play those four as my inferno squad (usually with a tie reaper as honeypot).

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    Bullox reacted to BrotherFett in St. Sarlacc's Repaints, Mods, and Lego Mods   
    Lando's Falcon (painted by my dad)

    Lancer (painted by my dad), ywing, and scurrg bomber

    G1-A (painted by my dad)

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    Bullox reacted to BrotherFett in St. Sarlacc's Repaints, Mods, and Lego Mods   

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    Bullox got a reaction from Realmtrekker in Showcase: the weird and wacky: kitbashes, scratchbuilds, and mods that don't fit elsewhere   
    About 18 months ago I created a whole Epic ship expansion for the Firefly class transport. 

    I created cards for a few variations of the ship.

    I recently bought the yahtzee Firefly and decided to paint it up as the IVS Cerberus gunboat.


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    Bullox reacted to Kleeg005 in An Epic Birthday Spanking   
    Yesterday was Adam's birthday, and he asked for his first Epic game.  He'd just purchased another player's collection and wanted a learning experience.  Whoops.  In an effort to keep things relatively short and easy, we played at 300 points on a single mat.  No Scenarios, as that adds layer upon layer of complication.  And, no, Adam is not some poor little kid of whom I took advantage - he's a grown-*** man with a lot of experience in tabletop wargaming other than X-Wing.  No mercy!
    Adam's list: Blackout (naked), First Order Test Pilot (naked), Raider with Bombardment Specs, Damage Control Team, Ordnance Tubes, AdvProTorp, Targeting Battery, PerCop, and a five point bid...for reasons?  He gave me the initiative.
    My list: Torani with Snap Shot, Dalan with Expert Handling, Graz with Afterburners and Shield, 2x C-ROC with BomSpecs and Ion Cannon Battery = 300 points.
    Turn Zero:  We discussed lists and what the upgrades did and what to expect from movement.  What happens when a huge ship overlaps things.  Et cetera.  My C-ROCs dropped first, of course, and I wanted them to clog up the middle, ready to react to whatever, whenever.  Adam dropped his Raider in one corner.  My list went down on the corner opposite Adam's Raider - anticipating that wherever he dropped his list, they'd be able to intercept the Silencers before they tore into my C-ROCs.  Although in hindsight, I should have put Graz in a position to get behind the Raider and punish it.  Wasn't thinking clearly.  The Silencers obliged me by dropping directly opposite my Kimo's.

    Turn One: Dalan and Torani both moved Straight 1, with Graz Hard 1 into the bump, because I'm rusty with medium bases.  The Test Pilot (FOTP) went Straight 5, focus-roll, while Blackout went Bank 3 boost.  My C-ROCs Banked 0, and the Raider moved Bank 1.  The FOTP tried to tag Dalan to no effect; Dalan and Torani combined to take one shield from the FOTP, while the left C-ROC managed to take the last shield and Ionized the poor bugger.  The right C-ROC and the Raider traded some Range 4 obstructed shots to zero effect.  This is where I relaized that I had completely mishandled Graz in Turn 0, and that I would likely never get to use his pilot ability.  Oh well; next time.

    Turn Two: Dalan Banked and rolled to get the block on the Ionized FOTP.  Graz went Straight 3 (I think) with the intent of Afterburning and rolling to try to eventually get behind the Silencers, but once again the medium base caught me flat and the boost wasn't going to fit.  So Torani's Bank bumped.  However, Blackout bumped the bumped FOTP - hurrah for expert Handling!  The left C-ROC moved Straight 1 and attempted to lock the Raider - Range 4, so he locked the FOTP again and reinforced the fore in anticipation of the Raider coming in.  The right C-ROC Banked 0 again - and here's a thing:  two Zero-speed banks do NOT put your ship back in exactly the same position.  I tagged that debris cloud by the narrowest of margins.  Woof.  Attempted to lock the Raider, but again just out at Range 4 so locked the cloud and reinforced the fore again.  And the Raider decided to Bank 1 away????  Okay.  Blackout stripped Dalan's shields with a Range 1 shot.  Torani and Graz took the FOTP down to one hull.  The FOTP knocked a shield off the C-ROC, and Dalan had no shot.  The right C-ROC whiffed his primary on the FOTP, but the crit from the ICB took him out.  The left C-ROC took a Range 4 obstructed potshot at the Raider and managed to drop two ion tokens on him.  The Raider responded by taking a shield off the left C-ROC.

    Turn Three:  I thought that Blackout would turn in hard on the C-ROCs, so I sent Graz to block that avenue - with the idea that maybe, eventually, he might sneak up behind the Raider and do his thing.  I sent Dalan Straight 1 in anticipation of the Raider coming in hot, with Torani following.  Blackout tricked me with a talon roll, but therefor no shots.  The green C-ROC went Straight 1 to try to get closer to the Raider, and the right Smuggler went Bank 1.  Only the right was finally able to lock the Raider, which again surprised by moving Bank 1, once again away from the combat zone.  So.  No shots from any of the non-Huge ships.  The C-ROCs knocked a bunch of shields off the Raider and dropped on more ion token on the poo bugger.  In return, it poked at the green C-ROC for little effect. 

    Turn Four:  I forgot to take a picture.  Dalan leap-frogged the asteroid with a Straight 2, hoping to activate his pilot ability on the Raider.  Torani Banked 2 to follow up with the same intent.  Graz turned Hard 1 to get behind the Silencer - in theory.  But Blackout moved Hard 2 to clear stress, then focus-boosted to snug right up behind Torani.  Both C-ROC's moved Straight 1 and locked the Raider.  The Raider AGAIN surprised me by Banking 1 away from combat towards the board edge.  Start of combat, Dalan stripped a shield from the Raider.  Blackout dropped Torani's shields.  Torani and Dalan stripped the Raider's shields and dropped a crit onto it - something semi-inconsequential.  Graz tagged Blackout for I think a single shield.  The C-ROCs opened up on the Raider, but the dice were merciful to him - one facedown damage and two more crits from the ICB, plus a total of EIGHT ion tokens.  But those crits: Ruptured Hull meant every damage card would do an equal number of damage to the total face-up damages already on the ship; and the crit that says reduce your energy recovery during the end phase.  The Raider in return hit Dalan with everything it had: a Range 2 primary, the Targeting Battery (for zero damage) and then spent the calculate to extend the range of his AdvProTorp to 2.  Ouch.  Dalan survived on one hull with a couple crits doing I don't recall what.
    Turn Five:  Dalan moved Straight 1 and rolled to make room for Torani, who moved Straight 2 to leapfrog the asteroid.  Graz continued to ineffectually meander about.  Blackout again surprised and Banked 2 onto the debris cloud.  What?  Both C-ROCs Banked 1 and locked the Raider.  And the Raider...that poor Raider - it made its ion maneuver and did the focus action and just sat there waiting for the end.  Dalan's pilot ability triggered one more time before Blackout deleted him.  Torani stripped the last regenerated shield off the Raider, then the C-ROCs opened up.  Between primaries and ICB shots, and combined with that wicked Ruptured Hull crit, they laid SIXTEEN damage cards onto the Raider - the Ruptured Hull counted for something like ten of those....  And the Raider went *poof* before it could fire.  Adam called it there.

    Aftermath:  We discussed how swarms of light fighters are more effective in Epic matches - and how they are definitely more difficult to deal with for a beginner.  We also discussed how the Raider wants to be used: Battering Ram, baby.  Even though his maneuvering kept me from most effectively focusing on the bugger by keeping me largely out of range.  There was a general acknowledgement of the awful destructive power of crits on Huge ships, especially combined with Ionization.  Yikes.   So, a hellacious introduction to Huge ships and Epic play, but Adam bore it with good grace - much better in fact than I would have.  I **think** he'll be back.  If nothing else, he has the experience of GW games, which I understand can be fairly unbalanced leading to similar blow-outs.
    I really like this barebones C-ROC build.  It can be downright brutal.  And Torani and Dalan can be bullies, if somewhat squishy.  Graz, I believe, does have potential, but I need to get a lot smarter about using him  And in a 300 point list, maybe something else would be better?  I'm sure that an equivalent points worth of Scyks replacing the Kimo's and Graz would have been better in the long run, especially in a Wing - but I wanted fewer ships one the board given the constraints of the time allowed and the inexperience of my opponent.  From set-up to tear-down, 1.5 hours.  Even with lots of teaching moments.  I even had time to put in a quick standard game against another very patient fellow, who watched with great interest as he hasn't yet picked up any Huge ships himself.
    God, I love this format.
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    Why does Hyperspace need to be the choice for Worlds to have sense as a competitive format? People are having fun with it now even knowing Worlds will be Extended. 
    I personally couldn't care less what the tournament scene looks like; I do care that my entire ship collection is kept relevant, balanced and updated, and not in a "silly purely casual" way. Worlds being extended is a big way to ensure that.
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    And we started to make some painting tests.





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    Space...not just rocks n stations!!

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