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  1. Welcome to the club. This is a bit out of date (first addition). I’ll get around to updating it to second some day.
  2. That looks awesome. I like the house rules too (friendly language tip - where you say quota, you probably mean elevation). Stay safe, keep flying!
  3. Bullox

    HOTAC site down??

    Take a look at this site. It has a great collection of HotAC resources including second edition conversions. https://rune-b.github.io/hotac-index/
  4. That's mostly correct. Keep the plastic bases and pegs too, they are the same. A few ships have been converted to medium size - the conversion kits contain a few medium bases for them. Also, keep all of your bombs, mines, asteroids, debris etc. You can also continue to use 1st edition tokens (Focus, Evade, Stress, Shields, Target Locks etc.) - most likely no one will care except maybe at a tournament. You will eventually collect enough 2nd edition tokens to not need 1st edition tokens anymore.
  5. 9 minutes if I’m seeing it right.
  6. Bullox

    How do I report this

    Just got hit too. Reported.
  7. I’m merely passing on the wisdom of Brother Silence (The Gamers: Dorkness Rising).
  8. “He who stumbles around in darkness with a stick is blind. But he who... sticks out in darkness... is... fluorescent!”
  9. Out of curiosity, how often do you find the 12 round limit an important factor?
  10. I hate, Hate, HATE shaky cam. I believe it started with the TV show Hill Street Blues. Everyone thought it was so edgy and cool. Now it's in everything. I can't stand it. I too especially hate the shaky cam for the sake of shaky cam scenes. Obviously I've had to learn to deal with it to some degree or I couldn't enjoy any TV or movies anymore. With that said, the amount of shaky cam in the Mandalorian isn't enough to turn me off from the show. It's worth a look.
  11. Here’s my simple repaint for the maneuver templates. A little paint on the numbers and a little black wash finishing up with a coat of varnish. I like these a lot. My acrylic templates are really smooth with slightly beveled edges which can make them a little tricky to pick up and manipulate between ships. And sometimes they even slip under the ship’s base when nudging them in place. These are easy to pick up and maneuver and nestle nice and securely between the ship base’s guides.
  12. I like the new templates. They are easy to pick up and manipulate. For the maneuvering templates, I painted the numbers/arrows then gave the whole thing a light black wash. The range rulers are easy to store. Not the best pic, bit all I did was give them a bit heavier black wash. It makes them look a little like worn metal (was inspired by pics I saw elsewhere). I already have a nice acrylic set so these are being stored with my huge ships.
  13. You're right, it was created to showcase painting and ship mods and that's mostly what you see there. But I think it has also become the de facto place to post custom creations since there isn't technically a specific forum for them. I know I have seen many custom creations posted there over the years, including some of my own.
  14. Welcome aboard. There is a Painting and Modifications subforum where you can post these - spam away!
  15. I have reattached a couple. What I do is drill a shallow appx. 2mm hole where it attaches (1/8" drill bit I believe). This gives the glue a couple of millimeters of side-wall to adhere to - much stronger than trying to glue it to a flat surface. Just make sure it's straight/level and lined up on the right direction.
  16. This looks really neat. If you play this out, you should post campaign progress notes and battle reports either here in the Epic subforum or in the Battle Reports subforum. I know I would thoroughly enjoy reading them.
  17. Wampa is great too. At pilot initiative 5 you will almost always have your charge available. It's a very cheap way to add +1 red die to your attack.
  18. How about Countdown? Awesome defensive ability.
  19. "The two whaaaat? Did you say Yutes?"
  20. I never posted a pic of my second CR-90. So I now have a dirty red one and a blue one. The dirty red one matches my overall Rebel color scheme so I suppose the blue one will be my Republic ship but I may have to clean it up a bit to make it look a little newer.
  21. It's printed out on self-adhesive paper. I cut it out and stick it on then spray a layer of matte clearcoat over it.
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