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  1. Bullox

    Picutorion Campaign Log

    I so wish I could be playing with you! Question about the list building for these new diversions. In "Against the Cartel" you specify that the defending player does not pay for the S&V list and in all the rest you specify that the purchasing player does not pay for the S&V lists. Did you mean to flip this and where does the opposing player's list come from?
  2. Bullox

    Servants of Strife Preview Article

    I think the change in tense in part (4) suggests it is still bound by part (2) - i.e. it is saying that if the "other than straight 2" manuever you revealed in part (2) is a right or left manuever ... If part (4) was a separate if/then statment I think it would say "if you reveal" in present tense as it does in part (2).
  3. That was really fun to read through. And you did a great job painting the asteroid base.
  4. Bullox

    A new generation of x-wing articles

    Oh man! They updated the image. I really hope the first one is real.
  5. Bullox

    Need help finding a couple of images.

    Cool. I’ll have to check it out. But I think I’m going to install it on a different computer since the second edition version seems to conflict with the first edition version which I’d like to keep for now. Thanks guys. Although, if anyone does have a digital image of the tiles which they could share that would still be greatly appreciated.
  6. Bullox

    Need help finding a couple of images.

    Yeah, I’ve used Strange Eons a lot for first edition custom stuff but, if I understand correctly, it’s not finished yet for 2E - just cards at this point. Do you know if it can produce 2E ship tiles and dials yet?
  7. Does anyone have decent digital images of the second edition Z-95 Black Sun Soldier and Binayre Pirate cardboard ship tiles? I’m trying to make some custom Z-95 mercenary/pirate ship tiles based off of these. I’ve searched x-wing databases and google images but no luck. Thanks.
  8. Bullox

    Showcase Index:

    I agree, probably not necessary to separate them.
  9. Bullox

    Make Epic 2.0 Great

    I agree, I don't care for the displacement idea for x-wing. I figured it would be fraught with imprecision and wordy FAQs etc. It didn't even occur to me that it could and would be totally abused strategically. I'm sure it works fine for Armada though given the far more flexible maneuverability of squads.
  10. Bullox

    Make Epic 2.0 Great

    I mostly like FL's idea. As it is now, the small agile fighters have to stay clear of a huge swath of space around the epic ships or risk "flying right in front of the thing" and getting squashed. Knowing what the epic ship's dial is set at seems like it could allow for a slightly better abstraction of small agile fighters swarming around a huge lumbering ship - you won't be forced to stay well clear of the right side when the large lumbering ship is moving left. This would allow small fighters to swoop in close and track the larger ship's movement. If you miss-judge and fly in too close and get squashed it really would be your fault. However, I do acknowledge a couple of points. These epic ships probably aren't really huge lumbering giants like the kilometers long Star Destroyers etc they look pretty quick in some of the TV/game videos. Also, the epic ships would probably have to be toughened up a bit since they likely would be swarmed and hammered by more small ships. Hmmm, this might work for those of us who have custom giant ships though.
  11. Bullox

    Tie/FO preview article

    At least I can still use my models.
  12. Bullox

    Clone War Pilot Abilities

    No problem, I’ve had that happen to me too. I created a whole Firefly Epic expansion pack a while back. I posted it in the painting and mods sub-forum but that was about two years ago so it’s probably several pages back now. I flew Serenity once in a test match against a gozanti but I’ve never gotten to use any of these in a campaign yet. Some day maybe.
  13. Bullox

    Clone War Pilot Abilities

    Looks familiar. Same reasoning - I think Inara could probably talk her way out of any situation.
  14. Bullox

    Showcase: VT-49 Decimator

    Painted up another decimator. I’ve been trying out using stickers.