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  1. I enjoy reading these. Maybe have the Decimator come in at round 4 and both bombers in round 7. Two Tie fighters, a Tie Interceptor plus the Decimator all at the same time seems rough for two lightly upgraded player ships - especially if any of the Imperial ships have a higher PS than the players.
  2. Bullox

    Deep thinking: or how to plan several rounds ahead.

    He who stumbles around in darkness with a stick is blind. But he who... sticks out in darkness... is... fluorescent!
  3. Bullox

    Large Ships for the Galactic Republic

    A couple of us have played around with the J-Type yachts a bit. Here is a pic of my scaled down (large base) version. And here is a post with more details and variations:
  4. Bullox

    Bad templates in core set?

    I submitted a support ticket and attached this pic. They sent me replacements for both of these sheets of cardboard.
  5. I have two different models. The first one with the X-Wing miniatures base is the QMX Little Gorram Heroes model ($100). It’s made of a hard resin or something. I didn’t want to damage the model so I made a custom base that fits the mounting hole of the stand that came with it. This model is about 8” long. The second one is the yahtzee game ($30). It’s made of hard rubber. I plan to mount it on Epic stands. I’ll probably use magnets. I did have to dril small holes for the gun mounts which was easy to do. The rubber accepted the black spray paint well. This model is about 10” long.
  6. About 18 months ago I created a whole Epic ship expansion for the Firefly class transport. I created cards for a few variations of the ship. I recently bought the yahtzee Firefly and decided to paint it up as the IVS Cerberus gunboat.
  7. Bullox

    Conversion Kits & 1st Edition Ships

    I was just being a little facetious 🙃
  8. Bullox

    Conversion Kits & 1st Edition Ships

    I bet if stores were compelled to post a "disclaimer" it would read: X-Wing Miniatures Second Edition COMPATIBLE!
  9. I would also consider swapping for ships; a Tie/defender, an ARC-170 and/or a Decimator.
  10. Bullox

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    I would also consider swapping for ships; a Tie/defender, ARC-170 and/or a Decimator.
  11. Thanks DarthHenryAllen. Pleasure trading with you too. Take care.
  12. Didn't catch that. That does make a difference. I'm not very familiar with Eli, I haven't read the Thrawn series.
  13. Awesome! Nice ship, cool upgrades. I like Thrawn and the buzz droids/condition. Was Eli supposed to be the same text as Thrawn?
  14. Bullox

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    I have posted this in the 2.0 Trade thread as well, but it might see more views here. Offering two-for-one trades for second edition conversion components. Interested in trading complete sets (all of the dials, pilot cards and cardboard bases from the conversion kit for the specified ship). For each set you can trade me on my want list, you can choose any two sets from my have list. I'd also consider trading for some ships; a Tie/defender, an ARC-170 and/or a Decimator. I'm motivated and flexible so PM me if you would like to work out a deal. Want (conversion sets): 2X T-65 X-Wing(2) 1X Scum Z-95(4) Have (conversion sets): 1X Auzituck(2) 2X Rebel Tie(2) (Includes 1x Suppressive Fire condition per set) 1X E-Wing(2) 1X Ghost(2) (Includes 1x Ghost and 1x Phantom titles) 1X YT-2400(2) (Includes 1x Outrider title) 1X Phantom1 shuttle(2) 1X Phantom2 shuttle(2) 1X Inquisitor’s Tie(3) 1X Tie Aggressor(3) 1X Decimator(2) (Includes 1x Dauntless title) 1X IG2000(2) (Includes 1 medium base, 2x IG2000 titles and 1x IG-88D crew)
  15. Bullox

    Calico Clowder Corps (XWM Silliness)

    Super cool!