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  1. Google search for the X-Wing Miniatures Wiki, then click on the 2nd Edition tab. All of the known contents for each box set is listed. As far as I can tell it’s accurate, but I don’t really know that with certainty.
  2. Bullox

    Ideas for new or reworded huge ship weapons?

    Most people use Strange Eons. The link to the most recent version is on page 10 of this post: Strange Eons was created by community member @Hinnyboy - it's a beautiful, beautiful piece of software!
  3. Bullox

    Ideas for new or reworded huge ship weapons?

    I had created this for my custom huge ship. I called it an anti-starfighter point defense battery but I think I'm going to rename it to anti-starfighter laser battery and make a separate point defense battery to defend against ordnance attacks like yours. For the point defense battery I'm thinking maybe tweaking yours to something like: Point Defense Battery (Energy 4) - When defending against an attack from a Missile or Torpedo secondary weapon, you may spend any number of energy from this card to add that many "evade" results to your defense roll. Kind of like an improved reinforce but only against ordnance attacks and limited by energy available.
  4. Bullox


    I suppose this would be the mathematical version of the grammatically incorrect "I could care less".
  5. @weisguy119 At the top of the Painting and Mods subforum there is a sticky'ed Showcase Index. Near the bottom of the index is a link for posting your awesome fleets. @Thrawn1995 I'd love to see a pic of your fleet arrayed like weisguy's.
  6. Bullox

    Showcase: HWK-290

    Hawk-290 Red Cross edition
  7. Bullox

    HotAC and 2.0?

    Link; https://www.facebook.com/groups/872507722883025/
  8. I have two but they both feel rubbery with mushy s-foil action. I haven’t had a chance to take them apart yet.
  9. Very nice! How did you make the ship bases - the custom cardboard tile portion? For my custom huge I made it out of painted wood, yours looks much more authentic.
  10. Bullox

    Make Epic 2.0 Great

    Too late 🤗
  11. Unfortunately I can confirm the mediocre quality of the x-wing s-foils. I just opened up my two Renegade expansions and tested out the movement action of the s-foils. The movement feels mushy. They only open up about three quarters of the way and when you close them they spring back a bit leaving a small gap between the wings. I didn’t really buy them for this feature so I’m not upset, just a little disappointed. I hope Luke’s x-wing in the core set is better.
  12. Bullox

    Pilots who you fear won't survive the 2.0 upgrade

    Chalk me up for Tarn as well. Did I read somewhere that Countess Ryad loses her green (blue) K-turns? That hurts. I hope Blue Ace (T-70 x-wing) makes it to 2nd edition with her awesome 90 degree boost. Maybe she will get a name with blue ace as her call sign.
  13. Bullox

    Old Players: Tell Us A Story!

    Off topic, nostalgic response - When you said “old players” — I’m probably in the top few percentile for age in this group. And the first thing that came to mind for old gaming stories was; I first started playing D&D when the rule books were small paper books called “Men &Magic”, “Monsters & Treasure” and “Wilderness Adventures”. In those rules, when you killed a monster you rolled on a chart to randomly determine the presence of treasure and magic. The chart had indexed subgroupings and each monster was assigned one or more codes to determine what treasure they had. Turned out that whales had the best treasure. Our characters (my brothers and I) became whale hunters with fleets of ships hunting whales for treasure. We became incredibly wealthy tycoons. It was hilarious. Sorry about that, this is just what popped into my mind when you said old player’s stories 🤓