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  1. It’s just parts of my name along with the number of a bus I used to see a lot when I was a kid. I didn’t even get the 141, I just preferred it. @ovinomanc3r is the only other poster I’ve seen on the FFG forums with the same avatar also. And that’s because when I created this account I was with a (long gone) ex who used to be really into sheep.
  2. Sbloom141

    Epic 2.0

    A conversion kit for all the epic ships and a nice narrative campaign / rules all in one set would be the best result. It’d be nice to have rules for all those cardboard chits we got throughout 1e.
  3. Hilarious that some people are complaining about L3’s ‘politics’ when this is literally a series about rebelling against oppression. I thought it was a good film; it surprised me. I thought parts could have been better, but the cringe factor was way down from TLJ. Any performance woes will be the fault of the previous film I think.
  4. With the vast majority of canon and legends ships (that I’m interested in, anyway) having already been released, I’m not really interested in the next article unless it’s the Executor ?
  5. It took me ages fiddling about to try and get a shade I was happy with, it’s basically white followed by watered down blood red. Thought it would be a really easy job but I must have gone over it 3-4 times!
  6. I love the tricks the thing has, and seeing as I exclusively play casually it’s always a bit of a special occasion when it’s on the board. Plus, if you highlight the wells it looks bad ***. Always wanted to buy another and do it in green!
  7. I would have a huge amount of money down for Legion were it not, thankfully, in the WRONG scale!
  8. Goldfinger definitely needs a houserule that if the ship suffers Major Hull Breach, the ship is destroyed instantly as he is sucked out of the hole. Great Metallics, so shiny!
  9. Do you mean ship or paints? For ships you can’t go wrong with a Most Wanted expansion. 3 ships with plenty of variant schemes to try and if you run them as Scum it won’t matter if they look a bit rough
  10. Hate to break it to you but a) Isis isn’t destroyed and b) US involvement in that conflict is a big part but it’s not the be all and end all.
  11. Maybe so, but I have plenty of Onslaught and 40k Epic minis and they are noticeably too small (though they do have stubby proportions). I don’t have any 10mm minis left to take comparison shots unfortunately but think the ideal would be 8mm minis, but they’re not something I’ve ever dealt with!
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