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  1. 7-10 days they say. In fact it's up to two weeks sometimes. Digital versions are sold after a month after a physical release.
  2. "Whenever he suffers Critical damage (after reduction for Armour and Toughness), reduce the amount by his Toughness bonus (to a minimum of 1 damage)." True grit doesn't double your TB when it comes to critical damage. It subtracts your TB from damage taken. Felling quality will reduce your target's TB in purposes of determening damage dealt, but it's no use when True Grit comes to play; talent works quite independently of normal soaking mechanic.
  3. Corebook says you are to use Trade (Armorer) to apply weapon modifications. To remove already installed you are to use Tech-Use, though. Enemies Within adds a Frontier homeworld, which says "a frontier world character gains a +20 bonus to Tech-Use tests when applying personal weapon modiications". How to resolve this collision correctly? Should we read the latter as "a frontier world character gains a +20 bonus to Trade (Armourer) tests when applying personal weapon modifications"? Are there rulings that I overlooked while studying the book? What skill should be used to apply a sight on a rifle? I'm also interested in repairing rules. Repair is mentioned several times in core rulebook, but there are no rules similar to crafting ones; only a paragraph about repairing vehicles. Any thoughts? Any things I didn't notice?
  4. I'd say you should reveal some info about your campaign before asking for guidance. Without knowing the story people are shooting at random with their ideas of a good villain. What's good for one kind of stories is far too boring for the others.
  5. Hello guys. I love playing Dark Heresy Second Edition and am totally intrigued by the release of new supplement. I live on the far side of the world, though, so only digital versions of new books are available to me and my fellows. When will Enemies Without appear on drivethrurpg.com? Any assumptions based on releases of other FFG products?
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