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  1. I know they cost a bit...especially in Australia But... There awesome! Use them once and you'll ask yourself how you ever survived without!
  2. I have one of each, my missus plays Rebs and I'm an Imp, but bias aside I'd have to say that the Raider is your man! We've played out the campaign missions with each one (almost) and used them in standard Epic play and the Raider has been the most fun ship to use, at least with what we've done with it so far! And as the others have said, it offers great benefits for standard play also
  3. Is there a collection of the various missions released with each expansion somewhere online? I would much rather have an orderly file of the mission dossiers than pulling booklets out of plastic sleeves and flipping through them to find each individual mission! I figure surely someone before me has thought the same...
  4. o_O Your bike has a turret?! A sling and a mount for a .303, I'd say that's as close as a bike gets to a turret haha
  5. Looks good, great design for the job! What would you estimate it would add to cost to put a thin bottom on it? What would it add to make it as wide as the horizontal cards? As the kind of accessory that we'll need a lot of, keeping costs minimal is important, but I'm curious as to just how much difference it would make
  6. So I have a 1942 Harley WLA - I'd call it a Y-Wing with a Blaster Turret, R7 and Stealth Device. A pilot skill of 4, I do most of my riding around the farm. Special: when you reveal a hard turn manoeuvre, if you do not have a stress token, you may treat this manoeuvre as a Talon Roll of the same speed and bearing. (This comes from a lot of gravel riding, and sharp spins chasing sheep...not on the Harley!)
  7. I've seen a bunch of people make their obstacles 3D, but after scrolling through your pics it's something I HAVE to do
  8. I reckon the damage card holders are a neat idea. Would love to see photos of a prototype with cards in it! Might make multiple crits tricky, but say you lay damage cards on the long side and crits stand up on the short side of the card, you may be able to see two at once. Yeah. I can see that working
  9. ****, I like that red and blue! Consider the rest of my set ordered
  10. bafdav

    Ships vs Playmat

    Has anyone ever tried a 6x9' game? Because...I just wanna join all them mats together, man! Drool
  11. Are yours similar to this design?I'd be keen to get a few of each to try them out I purchased these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-Armada-Command-Deck-/331755441629? They have not yet arrived, but are on their way. Kealios I have seen these on eBay, would be interested to know what they're like once you get them - I can't tell much from the photos
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