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  1. Getting a little frustrated with supply chain issues or the lack of give a ****. The local store where I get all my stuff can't find enough room for the all the Imperial Assault stuff that keeps getting sent to them, but two lieutenants they ordered two months ago for me have yet to arrive (and I know they're waiting on a lot more than that) The most frustrating part is that I actually ordered 3 and one of them arrived within 14 days. They literally can't keep Descent stuff stocked for more than a day or two before it's gone, while the IA shelves remain packed with unsold product. Shameful. End rant.
  2. Love the tracker. Can't imagine not having it. Three things that came up today. 1. Overlord won the interlude Saradyn in Flames, which said next available mission is the Prison of Khinn, but the other one, if the heroes would have won, Army of Dal'zunm was still available in the app to pick (glitch?) 2. Overlord reward (Scorpion's Kiss) did not show up as going to the overlord in the item section (glitch?) 3. Overlord played Rude Awaking rumor card during Act 1 but never played the mission, but now Armed to the Teeth shows as an available quest. If you skip an act 1 rumor card does is assume the overlord won and therefore the Act 2 card gets played at the start of Act 2? This may be a glitch too, but it may also be that I've been playing wrong. I didn't think the Act 2 rumor card would come into play unless you played the act 1 rumor? Again. Love the tracker.
  3. 1. Conan the Barbarian soundtrack 2. Age of Empires 1,2,3 soundtracks 3. Age of Mythology soundtrack 4. Endless Legend soundtrack
  4. I always preface these questions with "I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere" but... If someone is playing as the Prophet and exhausts the card to help pass an attribute test by subtracting a shield and the overlord plays the card to make them re-roll, do they still get to subtract the shield on the re-roll or is that a one roll benefit? This lead to a nice long argument over the weekend which almost deadlocked the game. Thanks!
  5. This may be clearly stated somewhere so if it is, I apologize but I haven't seen it. 1. Do you recover fatigue after you go through the portal? It's pretty clear about health, but not fatigue. We have been playing that you don't. There is no time to 'rest' between portals, and you just keep pushing on. 2. Can you enter the portal with a knocked out figure adjacent? We have been playing yes, we know the rules say you remove the figure from the map. Our reasoning is that one hero drags that person through, but they start the next map knocked out since it doesn't refresh, which may help/or hurt depending on peril etc. (staying behind to revive them before you go through vs take your chances you'll be in a better position on the new map) Thoughts?
  6. Have you successfully been logged in/ used the vault before? The first time I created an account for the site I was able to access it, but I have had no luck ever since then. I stay logged in, but just get sent to the log in screen.
  7. When I'm logged in and click on the Quest Vault link, it kicks me to the log in screen. I've cleared cache and tried on a couple different computers. Any help would be great!
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