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  1. Question: Do you assign damage cards beyond the hull value of the destroyed ship? Answer: I think no (even though we have been playing our Store level tournaments with chucking damage cards beyond the hull points of a ship) Am asking this question as I believe you do in X-Wing. After playing a game (Thrawn: Cymoon 1, Kuat, Gladiator & Gozanti vs Motti: Cymoon 1, Kuat & 2 Raiders) we found that the Motti fleet had only 6-8 damage cards available at the end of the game with no discard pile. Mathematically it could cause a problem, a 4 damaged Motti Raider could potentially take a perfect hit from a Cymoon Spinal Armament ISD, being assigned 15 damage and 1 accuracy (to nullify the brace) taking the damage cards (were they to be issued) to 19. In such a Thrawn vs Motti match, there would be no more damage cards to issue. However, on the UK Armada Facebook page, the answer to this question is split, some do assign damage cards beyond the hull points, some do not. Also some of us who played in the UK Nationals stated the same, some players assigned excess damage cards, some did not. So what's the answer?
  2. Thank-you Lemmi, most useful. Should have looked at the figure as well!
  3. With Saw Gerrera and Admiral Motti NOT having the recruitment icon on the back of their Action Cards, how have people been playing this? Cannot find anything in the rules (with the exception of no longer being able to have more than 8 leaders in your pool, which kinda sucks for "Lure of the Dark Side" and Han's recruitment action). Have people been starting with 5 leaders or picking 4 from a pool of 5 and then chucking in their "Action Cards" for random drawing.
  4. Recently played a tournament game, a massive load of bombers/fighters vs my capital ship only fleet. We played "Intel Sweep". My intention was to outflank my opponent and thin out his squadrons. I collected 3 of the objectives (75 victory points) and destroyed 2 A-Wings (11 points each) totalling 97 points. A win for me and I won the tournament also. I did what I needed to do, but felt a bit bad that I wasn't pursuing my opponents ships for aggressively. If I did, however, I would have been absolutely mashed by his ships/squadrons ( I was fielding MC-80 Liberty, 2 Neb-Bs, 2 CR-90s and a GR-75). Has anyone destroyed less than this, or even zero ships/squadrons and do they feel acquiring objective tokens is a viable way to win?
  5. "Nebula Outskirts" says "The total number of command dials that must be assigned to each of the second players ships during each Command Phase is reduced by one". What I am asking is: can you play this objective with a ship that effectively has been assigned zero command dials? Such as a Raider/Corvette/Flotilla?
  6. This has probably been covered, simply put, can you have ships (CR-90s or Raiders) and play them with no command dials? May seem a terrible thing, mainly not being able to slow down/speed up, but they can be issued command tokens through a variety of methods.
  7. But is it ok, as second player, to get the 3 objective tokens for 75 points and just stay away and not kill anything?
  8. The gist of this topic hinges around very small destructions and Intel Sweep So played a nice tournament yesterday, the final game was the most unusual game I have ever had since playing Armada (of which I have been since it's release) My fleet: Liberty + Salvation + Neb-B + Tantive IV + Dodonna's Pride + Bright Hope (cards aren't really needed here) Opponent's fleet: Independence + Yavaris + Bright Hope with 5 B-Wings, 2 X-Wings, 3 A-Wings, Jan Ors and YT-1300 (I think) We played Intel Sweep I got 3 tokens, my opponent ignored them. I was not going to plough into his fleet with no fighters vs that many bombers and rerolls with Bomber Command Centre and Toryn Farr. So I went slow and steady straight in with Liberty, flanking with the 2 Nebs and 2 Corvettes and flaked the other side with GR-75. It got to about turn 4 when I got in range of using Slicer Tools on Independence. Changed his command from Squadron to Engineering (which he did not need). My Liberty got properly beat up by fighters, Independence and Yavaris but took out a mere 2 A-Wings. Then he cheesed it with Engine Techs (here Leia, Tantive IV and Projection Experts really helped keep the Liberty alive!) I tried to take out Yavaris as well but to no avail. I went in slow to try thin out his squadrons and pick them off (I was unlucky not to take out more with some poor shots from one of the Corvettes) So only 2 A-Wings were destroyed plus the 75 points from Intel Sweep, a cool 97 points in total. This got me wondering, is it ok or unsporting conduct to play Intel Sweep, get the 3 tokens and just stay away and not shoot at anything? It would automatically turn into a 7-4 victory. Admittedly I was about a turn behind where I wanted to be from a movement perspective which is why I did not destroy as many squadrons as I liked (the Liberty did well with 2 black anti-squadron dice). Has anyone else played a game like this where very few (if anything) squadrons or ships are destroyed? Look forward to your replies chaps
  9. Thanks Akhrin, see that the final was Rhymer heavy. I really should have come, had no excuse with 2 months off work and having done well in 8 tournaments in this part of Blighty (1st, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 2nd). Next year!
  10. Am aware this was held about a month ago, does anyone know where the results are posted please?
  11. Here are the top two lists for last weekend’s tournament (I usually try to note all lists down but we barely had enough time to complete the tournament) Winner: Dave MC-80 Battle Cruiser (103) – General Dodonna (20), Mon Karren (8), Skilled First Officer (1), Gunnery Team (7), Engine Techs (8), Spinal Armament (9), XX-9 Turbolasers (5), Leading Shots (4) MC-80 Assault Cruiser (114) - Raymus Antilles (7), Engine Techs (8), ECM (7), XI7 Turbolasers (6), Leading Shots (4) GR-75 Transport (18) - Bright Hope (2), Toryn Farr (7), Repair Crews (4) Squadrons - Jan Ors (19), X-Wings x3 (39) Total Fleet Points: 400 Objectives - Precision Strike, Fire Lanes, Dangerous Territory Notes: I believe many underestimated the speed of the Battle Cruiser (speed 3 with Engine Techs) and therefore could not get into position fast enough. Also, stacking the Fire Lane tokens worked well here. Runner-up: Andy MC-80 Command Cruiser (106) - General Dodonna (20), Defiance (5), Raymus Antilles (7), Engine Techs (8), Boosted Comms (4), XI7 Turbolasers (6) Neb-B Escort Frigate (57) - Redemption (8) Corellian Corvette B (39) - Tantive IV (3), Leia Organa (3), Projection Experts (6) Squadrons - X-Wings x4 (52), YT-2400 x3 (48), A-Wings x2 (22) Total Fleet Points: 394 Objectives - Precision Strike, Fleet Ambush, Dangerous Territory Notes: The idea behind this list was to keep the MC-80 alive using the other 2 as support ships whilst the squadrons flew about and gathered victory tokens. Also to go second so my opponent had to pick from my objectives. In the final game (Dangerous Territory) I gained 13 victory tokens (totalling 195 points), my opponent gained none (mainly because he fielded only 4 X-Wings). Solely on the basis of victory points this put me into a position of an 8-3 victory without having destroyed anything. YT-2400s worked well here with Rogue attacking the rear of the ships whist the A-Wings/X-Wings engaged opponent squadrons. Although was unusual to gain 13 victory tokens (the maximum I saw beforehand was 12) I felt the list worked well. With the complete destruction of on fleet unlikely, also with the possibility of gaining a 10pt victory more likely (switching from 350+ point difference from the old tournament structure to a 300+ point difference in August's tournament structure update) I felt victory tokens were key. Hope this provide some inspiration for lists, which I gain from other lists on this site. Comments and questions also appreciated, thanks J
  12. ISD attacks a Corellian Corvette at long range ISD rolls 4 red dice and gets: 1 accuracy, 2 hits, 1 hit and 1 crit. He targets the Corvettes Brace Corvette player spends his Evade on the accuracy, nullifying the accuracy effect on the dice, then braces, then redirects Is this right? A few players were asking if the accuracy could be targeted by the evade in this way or if it is considered as "spent" before the defence token phase?
  13. Hi fellow players, Have the above been released with a tournament kit yet? Has anyone won these? We have played the following tournaments at my local store and was wondering if we had missed a tournament kit: Spring Tournament 2015 (acrylic concentrate fire tokens) Summer Tournament 2015 (acrylic navigate tokens) The Massing at Sullust Winter Tournament 2015 (acrylic squadron tokens) Store Championship 2016 Spring Tournament 2016 Summer Tournament 2016 Maybe they were with Regional/National 2016? Maybe not released yet. Be great to know, thank-you.
  14. Although not stated, is it possible to bunch up the three objective tokens? It does not say anything about keeping them spaced apart.
  15. Hi all, the local group and I think we have been doing it wrong (for 18 months now!) Is the flow chart below right? 1. Declare Target 2. Roll Attack Dice 3. Resolve card critical effect 4a. Modify dice (reroll, add, change, spend, cancel) 4b. Spend accuracy icons 5. Spend defence tokens 6. Resolve damage 7. Declare additional squadron attack This was taken from "Rules Reference" page 4 (Critical Effects) and page 2 (Attack) and combing the two sections. If this is right, we have been doing it wrong. Here is an example of what we have been doing using the ACM/Ordnance Experts/ Screed combo. Roll dice Reroll dice (Ordnance Experts) Modify dice (Screed) Activate ACM Resolve Damage What we should be doing is: Roll dice Activate ACM (if able) Reroll dice (Ordnance Experts) Modify dice (Screed) Resolve Damage Modify Dice
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