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  1. http://i.imgur.com/txryRf9.jpg I managed to convince my friend to add my Fireball to his mini queue. He takes commissions, but I used the ol' nudge-nudge wink-wink say no more
  2. Well, if we're repurposing other pieces now... Tarkin said to some Scum, That he met drinking Rum, 'Let us both go to war: I will decimate you.— Come, I'll take no denial; We must have shock trials: For really this morning I've nothing to do.' Said the Scum to the cur, 'Such a trial, dear sir, With no Ship or Squad, would be wasting our time.' 'I'll be ship, I'll be Squad,' Said Tarkin like god; 'I'll fly the whole fleet, and condemn your foul crimes.'
  3. And then, suddenly from Armada it became Metatextual
  4. Out of Hyperspace See an Outpost Contested For Victory Points Squadrons should be close Battery only hits ships [Rhymer's Medium] Eleven Damage An Imperial goes down Unless there's Motti Broadsides with more dice! Hit them from a foot away! The Snackbar's open.
  5. This is a matter of design. I can deal two damage from any of my six squadrons - Vader, Rhymer, or the Firesprays. A full 50% increase to your quoted numbers, all at medium range.
  6. I can give you a perspective from the OTHER side of the equation! YTs are irritating due to their staying power, because even with Flight Controllers and Vader they take forever to whittle through.
  7. That's a separate but equally important issue to address - why does the Base extend all the way down when it can have enough room to accommodate their tokens with ease? I'm tempted to sand mine down. The legs would still be an issue, but like Belegon noted, the Spinning wouldn't be an issue.
  8. I play more MtG than Chess, but really all strategy games can be boiled down to cross-applicable ideas with enough effort. Vergilus is spot on with everything he says, so there isn't much I feel I can add. With that, I have noticed certain ideal times to do things. Moving your squads last via a command on the first turn, for example, allows you to make the most of the board position, but at the same time having less activations can mitigate that if you're forced to move them first, at which point first thing on turn 2 gives a similar positioning if you stall your own fighters out of the enemy range until then.
  9. As a Devil's Advocate, I could see it being unobstructed as the entire token is treated as the ship for mechanics purposes, and if you really want to split hairs, the path is over the ship which is over the obstacle. LOS is all about visibility, and in a 2D plane, at that point the obstacle technically isn't visible. Again, I agree with the interpretation, but I still feel the argument has merit.
  10. First off, I didn't realize the LOS points matched the profiles of the ships in question. That's neat. Second, I would argue that it does not since the measurements usually start from edge to edge, except that LOS specifically uses the dot.
  11. Man, nothing feels as good as dissecting a three ship imperial list with a supported fireball.
  12. Build your ISD to be a tank and it's less of an issue. I use Motti to add those extra 3 HP which WILL come in handy, then add your ECMs and XI7s, maybe SW7s as well, and now any shot you make is going to have an impact. You WILL get shot, but the Imperial can take it and then some. Command a Fireball and you have malleable threat ranges, add two raiders and you have pickets and distractions. Really, with an Imperial you want to ask - am I flying one or two? Flying one there are ways to support it, flying two you're more or less relying on squad assistance, and three you're a Motti Madman.
  13. I didn't realize they were in the Deca club with the XI7s and APTs. That's...kind of awesome.
  14. I managed to stuff my sick long enough to get out and play a game at the Attic, so let's see if I can recall the important bits. Deployment is pretty straightforward. I'm second, he picks Contested outpost, I do exactly what you expect and slow-roll the Station. Statler and Waldorf sweep out to the side as they seem to like doing, while Snackbar had some masterful maneuvering. I was literally taken aback as twice the ships slipped into a perfect line of coverage that couldn't have been intentional, yet obviously it had to be. Not that it helped in the end, but it was impressive and had to be noted. It got very tense as it went on, so I only got pics of deployment, first Squad phase, and the final state. I am easily distracted. Lord Vader may not have gotten much in the way of return fire, but the fact that he absorbed the first turn or so of AS let the Firesprays take full advantage of the Flight Controllers and shred the rebel junk right out of the sky. I in no way regret the decision to lose the gunnery team for the FC. Neith did the usual massive damage routine, working with Rhymer and the Firesprays to net 4 Victory Tokens and destroy both corvettes and the MC80. One damage was what kept her away from oblivion, although as I realized after the fact it should have been far less than that. Why invest in Electronic Countermeasures you forget you have? I'll remember next time. He had just picked up the AFMKII, but it survived. So what did I learn? Aside from paying attention to your own upgrades, the Raiders may have been able to survive, but their loss is canceled by VTs and squads. Contested Outpost seems like a very good choice for my fleet, as the ability to decide where the engagement happens forces them into my range if they want any points. Also, penny cardsleeves hold two sleeved upgrade cards side by side. For the semi-cheap among us.
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