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  1. The U-WING is still at Amazon and Cool Stuff Inc. ... for now... Not anymore. No U Wings and Striker at 49.99... T_T
  2. 4ucifer

    Happy Friday

    Best wishes to you too. My week was good, my Falcon arrived. XD Sooo looking forward to Rogue 1
  3. 4ucifer

    Happy Friday

    Still waiting for mine to arrive. Have a nice weekend.
  4. I think I am more a collector than a player, since in my area (Hong Kong) there are not many X-Wing players. I gathered a group for HotAC campaign but we do not play regularly. That being said, I provide all the ships, so I usually buy all the ships I like. So far I don't play scum very much. Ships I didn't bought are: Hawk Jumpmaster Scyk Khiraxz YV-666 Shadowcaster I don't plan to buy: Quadjumper
  5. 4ucifer

    Happy Friday

    Have a nice Friday and week end guys. I am still waiting for any announcement when my X-Wing distributor will get Vets. =_= But at least, I plan on playing my first Epic game this weekend. All my huge ships are still unused. XD
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