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  1. I don't own, or play, armada any more so... No, you're wrong, and I don't know why you waited two years to show everyone how wrong you are. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG.
  2. I only bring it up because I'm jealous.
  3. Super nice of them to put out a kit for a game no one plays.
  4. There should be one core set per era + a scum. Allowing players to start with whatever faction they want.
  5. How do you do a wave like this and omit the best looking ship of the group: That sleek Naboo N-1 Starfighter?
  6. In epic play I imagine I have to steer it by nudging it with other star destroyers. I SAID NUDGE NOT CRASH INTO YOU IDIOTS!
  7. I'm sure the math does become better when you use the watered down version. I'm not here to post about that, I'm here to post about a 33 hull'd monstrosity that's a mystery and probably intentionally overpowered because of it's role in the [assumed to be] accompanined scenarios where you need to focus all fire on that super star destroyer before the empire adds "fired calamari" to Imperial Aid's disaster relief menu.
  8. *spray paints basketball gray* It has infinity attack dice, but take infinity damage from red squadron dice.
  9. Price to hullpoints means you get 40 raider hull points for the ISD's 200 (raiders are what, 20 bucks?) But those things are made of paper so who cares. Now Arqittens? At long range? Now we're talking a spam!
  10. Unless the crit says "you are eliminated from the play area" I frankly do not care. 33 hull. You will not kill this.
  11. If it follows X wing's rules for epic I'll contain the asteroid within the hull by ramming it it off the board. Then you can contain it in your carrying case.
  12. Raiders are also the worst ship in the game so I'm P sure this kills any raider before it can even shoot.
  13. The Emperor has a history of "Making it legal".
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