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  1. By Poe. Who SAW BOTH SHIPS. also by letting him survive it means that Rey faces no consequences whatsoever.
  2. It's not even hard hitting analysis, it's just basic stuff like "hey, didn't you say the opposite like five minutes ago?
  3. So the Harrow title says that if the ship does a speed one maneuver in the Determine Course step you get an extra yaw for the rest of the activation. So does that mean if I have engine techs I can do two speed one movements with two clicks of yaw, since the title's bonus doesn't expire until after the activation and engine techs activates before then?
  4. In the old X wing Captain Oicunn had an ability where if you ran into someone they took a damage, is there such an ability in 2.0? It seems like his pilot ability was changed for 2.0.
  5. Agreed: Holdo is the best person to lead the resistance.
  6. In other, better, games I play factions have identities and just letting everyone have everything is generally considered a no-no.
  7. Hey, now the repels get an ISD, and it hits harder. Yikes.
  8. Nine more and you get another SSD
  9. I like how the painted base is squaring off against the painted mini.
  10. They're finally re-releasing Snapshot. Combine it with Juke on some A Wings. Then profit.
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