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  1. Does anyone know what "Licensing Manager" does? Simone Elliot is Head of Studio at AMG, and I just noticed she is listed as the Licensing Manager on recent X-wing expansions (I looked back as far as the Resistance Transport). I don't think that really has anything to do with game design, but at least there is some continuity on managing the property.
  2. Well Atomic Mass Games was started by people who left Privateer Press and wanted to do things better. They were able to convince Asmodee that they would fit well under their umbrella and get funded to create Crisis Protocol. So I think that is why our attention is drawn to the "it happening all the time" especially in this case. But I do agree, that just because they were able to do it, does not mean anyone else would be just as successful. They happened to be at the right place at the right time, and have the right industry connections.
  3. The phone app no longer crashes when I try to add a Nantex, but it still does not have the new content. Hopefully it gets added to that builder before my Heralds of Hope pre-order arrives, which for some reason hasn't gotten to my FLGS yet.
  4. I was finally able to get the Huge Ship Conversion and Hotshots and Aces from my FLGS. Now to see how long it takes them to get my Heralds of Hope pre-order.
  5. For me, on the phone app only, when I click on Nantex, to open the list of those to add one to a squad the app terminates and I get send back to my phone's home screen. The web builder seems to be working just fine.
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