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  1. At the game store I need to use my phone for my lists, but anytime I open the phone app all my hyperspace lists are gone. When will this be fixed??? Its been about two weeks since this problem was first reported.
  2. I submitted a request too. I didn't notice until I played my first game and went for a barrel roll. By center line in the 1 straight was more like a 1/4 line. Of course the other templates were affected as well. I hope my picture with just the templates is satisfactory, I don't think I have the punch boards any more, I think I recycled them. I have been trying to submit a request since Friday, and the webpage didn't work until an hour ago. Everything is submitted now, so I will see how it goes.
  3. I used the scenario here https://dondueck.com/2015/01/02/x-wing-miniatures-death-star-assault/ I got lucky and was given the trench board and 4 turbolasers for the boardgamegeek secret santa. It looks amazing, and has been fun to play on. The special touches are nice, like the clear acrylic that allows ships to fly right over the trench, even when you have ships in the trench right under them.
  4. I had thought the bespin and hoth mats were limited, but I cannot find anywhere that says that, so I could be misremembering. The original article says something about orders from the FFG in-house printer may take 10-14 days to fulfill. So if these are printed in house, they should be able to print them on demand. Perhaps there just is not a big enough demand from distributors at the moment, so they haven't printed in a while.
  5. You are right, I thought on the product page there were two, just like the other factions. I guess they are getting the shaft...
  6. If you want to stick to playing the 2.0 format, and want to play rebels and imperials, you might be waiting a while for new content. But the 2.0 ships are slightly more expensive than the 1.0 ships, so if you plan on getting any of them when they are released, it may actually be cheaper to but them and a conversion kit (if you buy a sufficient quantity).
  7. However, I see that the conversion kits are listed as at the printer, and the new ships don't appear as at the printer yet. And then they still have the boat ride. So I would not be surprised if they miss being ready for Christmas.
  8. The next wave is supposed to be in November or December. This will include 1 ship for scum, 2 for Resistance, and 2 for First Order.
  9. Oh, thats right, Lone Wolf only works once a round now... grr
  10. Why is predator better than lone wolf? Predator only allows rerolling attack, not defense.
  11. Its not clear what your question means, but since no one else has said this: Attacker rolls dice, then defender can modify attack dice if able, then attacker modifies attack dice. Defender rolls dice, then attacker can modify defense dice if able, then the defender modifies defense dice. Then you compare results. Each evade results removes one hit results, if there are no hit results left the evade can remove critical results. If any hits or crits are left each deals a damage (or critical damage). So the benefits of munitions are they usually let you roll more dice than the your primary attack would. Also, if they have the missile looking symbol, then the defender cannot get an extra defense die at range 3. I used proton rockets on Darth Vader last night. I was able to use supernatural and Vader's ability to get to range 1 of Luke (while not in his arc), with him in my bullseye. Those 5 dice were brutal, and did a load to Luke. At the beginning of my game, my opponent asked why I wouldn't just use the built in x1 ability and use a missile for range 3. After the attack he agreed that they are a decent list building choice. Proton Rockets are (relatively) better at range 2, since I get 4 dice when at range 1 anyway (when I have the defender locked), but adding more dice is extremely powerful.
  12. Agreed. I like this idea better. (With Boba, if you care enough to remove an upgrade, you can simply use adv. homing missiles. )
  13. Boba isn't automatic; he requires interaction to pull off. Simply removing stuff at the beginning of the game doesn't require interacting with your opponent. There are certain cards that are not broken that are required for a list to work. Advanced Cloaking Device would always be the first target for a list with Whisper. Whisper isn't broken, and isn't dominating, and we would see her even less. So my big problem with the idea is not that it would kill the OP lists; the problem is it penalized people playing non-meta lists a lot as well. I think it is usually best to nerf problem lists instead of creating a card that I must include in case I face that list. The problem isn't brokeness, its that its not fun to plan a list and then start the game and find you are playing with a different list.
  14. Agreed! But if this were to work, I would prefer that when the character with Hondo removes the upgrade, then the enemy can remove upgrades from you as long as the total value of those upgrades is less than the total value of the upgrade you cancelled. So I can cancel TLT, but then my opponent can cancel 6 pts of my upgrade. I still think this would not add fun to the game, and would be a negative experience. The positive is it might bring back low ps swarms without many upgrades on them. Instead I think a better option is to just use Boba Fett when you feel you need to get rid of an annoying upgrade.
  15. Responding to an earlier post about the role of muntions (they either need to be OP or they won't get taken over the primary weapon, or they should be high risk but high reward). The problem with muntions prior to guidance chips was that they were an added cost for a high risk but low reward (only an extra damage or two for one round of the game). Extra munitions and guidance chips helped with this. Now they were very consistent, but only for twice a game (unless you had scavenger crane). Now with the reload action you can get them to work more than twice a game. I may agree with you, but I want to expand upon what type of high risk I would like, and that is a hard time getting to use them, but when yo do, they work. So I don't want the high risk to be that you might just roll poorly. I would like it to be hard to get to use them, like Advanced Proton Torpedoes, but if you get them to fire, you will do a bunch of damage. So they reward skillful flying. With Harpoons, they are just too easy to use. Range 2-3 is a huge area. If they were restricted to range 3, this would help. If, instead, they are kept 2-3, the reward should be less big. Like the crit does not trigger an auto damage on the harpooned ship (perhaps make it a roll, like the action currently is, but then make the action discard it without rolling - losing an action is costly enough). The trick is that they used to be more difficult to pull off, since fewer ships had two actions. Now that 2 actions is more standard, anyone can get a torpedo or missile off, and with GC it will usually hit. This means we need low reward muntions. The higher reward munitions need to be more situational. I want munitions to be part of the game. I want to see proton torpedoes out there! They should be tricky to use, but when they work they should hit hard.
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