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  1. Sounds like a paiting done by a Dragon: "Mountain, you shall find your own path, even if it means going the opposite way from your fellows mountain friends"
  2. Well, I play a 3-Headed Blue-Eyed White Dragon in my Scorpion deck, in casual games.
  3. Nope, if the premise is that Hiroue is pronounced as a Japanese name, it would be, in rough English sounds : HEE-RAW-OO-AY.
  4. Well, the title says it all. Here is the official news.
  5. Wow! That is some news! However, I am even more amazedthat it has not been relayed yet and still has no topic of its own.
  6. What is the character associated with Air? His strengths and flaws, and a bit of a backstory.
  7. Well, I disagree with your statement. Back on topic, I do admit numbers can be tricky. However, there is no need nor demand for exact and perfect numbers, just numbers that give consistency to the lore. Something along the lines of percentages of population and rough estimates of distances and travel times.
  8. A lot of great ideas, most of them stemming from subjective views, which is perfectly fine (not just because I like most of those ideas) however, some cold hard facts are too often neglected, and that is why here is something we can all agree upon (I hope): A sizable and quantifiable Rokugan! Oh yeah! I want numbers for the proportion of samurai and non-samurai, numbers for the size of the map and every Clan's territories, numbers for the time really needed to reach destinations! It does give GMs an easier time to picture the world of one's stories and help players understand the land their characters roam.
  9. Air can be mischievous and disorienting: go for a maze, that you have to solve by ear. Everything shifts constantly but if you listen carefully you can find your way. Samurai may even end up on top the greatest of the great trees, with their senses stretching without boundaries over all of Rokugan. There, they share their prayers with all of Rokugan and may direct them directly to the Heavens. That's just off the top of my head. If you like it, I can elaborate.
  10. Oooh! Definitely! Subtle, sumi-e strokes playmats. I would love those. They would be really appreciated by traditionalist and players more oriented towards feudal Japan. They would make a nice addition as they would thematic while not treading on the same target audience as the Champions' playmats.
  11. I realise I have been too forthcoming in my opinions. For two things mainly: the game is not released officially yet, therefore changes to the RR can, and probably will be made, and some email answers have been used as a base for ruling in GenCon tournaments, as it has been pointed out. However, I remain sceptical of the idea that, in order to competitively and fairly play the game, one would need to browse every forum and look for rulings given as personal emails. It seems to bring imbalance in knowledge of the rules, and therefore the ways to play and win the game; don't you think so?
  12. Two things: I did not send any email, the exemple, as mentioned, was an email received by Gaffa, nor did I ever say they are casual emails. The channels may be official, however the decision is not, nor is it final as it has been overturned. Official rulings that will be used in tournaments are inserted in the Rules Reference; that is all there is to it. No, it does not. The context is already there. The only thing you add is your personal experience, which is not context. Developpers can and will answer all they want, it will not change the fact that the rules tournaments follow are the ones compiled in the Rules Reference document. The reason, and context, is obvious: everyone needs access to the rules, and emails sent privately, albeit through official channels, can not in fairness be considered common nor accessible knowledge, otherwise creating a dissension in the rulings. The only way to ensure every player has the same access to official rulings is to compile said ruling into a document readily and easily accessible, which is what FFG has done.
  13. Hello! I have seen a lot of arguments and counter-arguments regarding how certain cards work or may work, some of them substantiated by personal email received from devs. It is necessary to point out that those emails are NOT official answers and can not be considered official rulings. I like exemplify it with the case of Borderlands Fortifications and Strongholds: here is the answer from Nate French (received by Gaffa) and here is the official ruling , posted and stickied in this very forum. Both of those answers are signed by Nate French, however only one of them has the official FFG's seal ofapproval. I do believe the devs answering personal emails do it with the best interests in mind, nonetheless FFG may disregard their interpretations and go another way. I do not wish to fathom the reasons nor is it relevant. What we must remember is that there are only one official document that gives the official interpretation of the cards: the Rules Reference. It will be updated regularly, that has been confirmed, and is currently in version 1.01, and should be the basis of all discussions regarding card interpretation. Even with the Rules Reference, there is still room for interpretation and discussion, opening many possibilities for topics and replies, only within the official framework in order not to confuse players even further.
  14. I agree, my wording was shaky at best. You are right: targets need to be able to be affected. However, Shameful Display's trigger does not require that one target be subjective to honor and the other be subjective to dishonor. Both targets need to be valid (ie, subjective to a change of their honor status) but they do not need to be in a position where both changes in honor status can be applied. Klawtu actually explains my views better than I. That is exactly what I mean. It is even substantiated by the fact that you can resolve only part of the effects of a card as long as board state changes.
  15. Only in the framework of the duel and temporarily, therefore it does not change the board state, only the duel state.
  16. Actually, Shameful Display asks for the player to choose two participating characters during a conflict, as a trigger; it does not require for those targets to both be subjective to an honor status change. Therefore the trigger for Shameful Display is only two participating characters in a conflict happening at the province. Once you have your two targets, for the effect to take place, you need to effect a change in the board state, that is when you need at least one target to be subjective a honor or dishonor status change. As long as one of the targets had a change of its honor status, the effects are valid and happen. This is a different situation, because you only have one target and therefore you need it to be valid for the effects of the card to happen. That is the reason why Shameful Display allows you to honor or dishonor only one target and still have its effects happen. Actually, Steward of Law would not make it an impossible situation here, because it does not prevent the change of honor status from Honored to Neutral. Steward of Law prevents characters to be Dishonored, it does not prevent dishonoring characters. A subtlety that is important to keep in mind.
  17. I'd say there is a fifty-fifty chance they did not expect it. But, I am only right half of the time.
  18. emphasis mine I think that is the core of it: Unicorn is Clan made primarily of gaijin and gaijin culture, therefore Honor is not as important a concept to them as it is to other Clans, and it is reflected in the mechanics. This new edition of L5R sees a lot of fluff, a lot lore, turned into something concrete. FFG did a great job in ditilling the flavour of the game and its Clans into actual mechanics, therefore, Unicorn does not intereact with honor the same way most Clans do because they are removed from the concept for the most part. Remember the fiction, read the excerpts on the Clan in the LtP and it will be clear that it works as intended. However, Unicorn is the Clan of adaptability and they have a Rokugani ancestry, therefore, in the furure, we will probably see honorable characters, with high Glory, in the form of Utaku Battle Maidens, as well as ways to protect Unicorn characters from Dishonor.
  19. 1. Well, by a strict reading of the words, I would say no, Ide Trader can not activate its ability if it is the character moving. The condition is "After 1 or more characters move to a conflict in which this character is participating", meaning that Ide Trader is participating in a conflict and then one or more characters are moved to this conflict; therefore Ide Trader needs to be already participating in a conflict where another or several other characters are moved. (on a side note, I do not think it wise to look at Old5R rules as a reference, as they are from two different types of games) 2. Born in a War provides an extremely short +5 Mil bonus, just before the first conflict is declared. However, as soon as a conflict is declared, it loses potency. That is because the way conflicts are declared: by taking a Ring from the unclaimed Rings pool (therefore removing its unclaimed status) and placing it on the attacked province, with the type of the declared conflict showing up (therefore putting said Ring in a contested state). Rules Reference page 14.
  20. I believe it is intended to last for the entire conflict. The exact wording is Action: While this character is participating in a conflict, choose a participating character controlled by your opponent – until the end of the conflict, that character gets –1 and is discarded if its skill is 0. (Limit twice per round.) There is a comma after "until the end of the conflict," the first part of the sentence, meaning that everything after this is affected, not just the -1 to Political Skill. Therefore, yes, any effect that reduces a character's Political Skill to 0 during the conflict in which Bayushi Shoju's ability was used should be discarded. Yes, it does sound quite powerful. P.S. Bayushi Shoju
  21. Thank you. Yes, I figured Mirumoto Prodigy is huge gamble and requires protection by splashing cards from another Clan. Crane with Above Question seems like the sensible choice, moreover you get duel oriented cards. Lion with Stand Your Ground is a solid too, but it requires your Mirumoto Prodigy to be Honored, on the other hand you get the oh so sweet Sashimono.
  22. You are most welcome. I am with you: Dragon is an expensive deck, probably because it relies on combo and takes time to be fully ready. Mantra of Fire is situational and only included at the end of the combo for this very reason. It is a 0-Fate cost event, so it is not an issue to keep it in your hand until the situation arises, or not. Togashi Kazue is a freakingly expensive as an attachment, however it can really help you remove annoying characters from the field. Between Togashi Kazue, Togashi Yokuni and a Ring of Void, you can remove 3 Fate tokens from an enemy and then discard it with Mirumoto Raitsugu. Regarding splashing, I would say it breaks down to what playstyle suits you best. Mirumoto Prodigy? Go for Crane with Admit Defeat, Above Question and Duelist Training; The Perfect Gift is not a bad choice too. Lion works well also with Ready for Battle, Sashimono and Stand Your Ground. Well, even Crab is good for Reprieve and Scorpion with Forged Edict and the sweet Court Mask; anything that protects your Mirumoto Prodigy is a good choice. Fate control? Go for Crab with Jade Tetsubo and Reprieve. Phoenix and Against the Waves is not a bad choice but very situational as will mostly target Togashi Yokuni. Monk-y business? I do not see any Clan that would be an interesting splash.
  23. To be fair, Taki, you did not ask for combos or tactics, you just said that you were missing something. Well, here we go for combo! You shine bright like a diamond and want the world to know it? We have what you need! One-Hit Wonder combo It all revolves around the Morumoto Prodigy, preferably when you are the second player. Gear this character up with attachments aimed towards the type of conflict you want and, after your opponent has declared the type of conflict the Mirumoto Prodigy is good at, send him to attack. While it is obvious, it is a very interesting play: you keep the bulk of your characters, which are balanced and fair well in both types of conflicts, at the ready and when you see the opportunity you strike with buffed-up mirumoto Prodigy. Or do not strike, as it can also serve as a detterent and force your opponent to keep a high-value card at the ready to defend. Push it even further and use Indomitable Will on your Mirumoto Prodigy. Attack only with this character and keep all the others to defend. Dragon are good defenders, especially with Mirumoto's Fury that can easily bow even Champions, some of them up until the attack on your Stronghold (Bayushi Shoju and Shinjo Altansarnai who have a Glory of 2), sometimes until the very end of the game! (Hida Kisada with a Glory of 0); otherwise it forces your opponent to waste a conflict to attack an unnecessary Province. If you think a single character will not fair well against Champions, remember that it will be fully geared up, at least 2 attachments, and will receive the Stronghold bonus on one of its attacks, another +2 / +2. Moreover, if you give it Togashi Kazue as an attachment, you will be a terrible threat to Champions, by fueling your own Mirumoto Prodigy with the Fate from those unfortunate samurai facing it. Finally, if you want some help from the Heavens to help your Mirumoto Prodigy, give it a Tatooed Wanderer as an attachment. Not your playstyle? No worries, you can play like a monk! The Way of the Open Ring combo The bulk of the combo revolves around Togashi Initiate and Seeker of Enlightenment. However, you will push it further with Ascetic Visionary who will ready your non-monk samurai with monk attachments: Tatooed Wanderer and Togashi Kazue. Finally, you will walk through the flames and Fate will reward you with a Mantra of Fire. Give it the extra boost of an open mind and bring K game with a Kitsuki Investigator during Political Conflicts. You are a master of destiny and the threads of fate have no secrets for you? Good! Your Fate is Mine combo Doomed Shugenja + Togashi Kazue as an attachment and Togashi Yokuni on the field. You fuel Fate to both every time they are opposed. You will further remove Fate from your opponents thanks to Secluded temple, as you play few characters loaded up on attachments. And you will strike the coup-de-grâce with Mirumoto Raitsugu and its declaration of duel. (On a side note, I am more inclined to use Meditations on the Tao than Restoration of Balance as my Dragon Fire Province; however that remains to be proven) Try those combos out and let me know what you think of them. Also, remember that they are meant to be an intricate playstyle where all of them fair better when played together.
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