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  1. I noticed that some of the world's lists contained 4 Royal Guards and 4 Imperial Officers. What would one need to buy to build a list like that? I see that the core set comes with 4 Royal Guard miniatures but only 1 deployment card. Also, the core set comes with 3 Officer miniatures only 2 deployment cards. It looks like you'd need to buy 4 core sets to get the 4 royal guards. Is that correct? I'm sorry if this question has already been answered. I did a lot of searching before I posted this but couldn't find an answer.
  2. I just into into Conquest and I'm looking to start playing on a regular basis. I looked at FFG's event calendar and I didn't notice a regular Conquest night at the gaming center. Can anyone point me to a night at FFG where people get together to play? Or does anyone know of a different game store where people play? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  3. Yeah, I was just missing it. Thanks for the help. NetrunnerDB now has a new user .
  4. I've searched and searched for a deck builder and I can't find one where I can input the card packs that I own. I can only find ones that allow me to choose from all cards. Is there one out there that will allow me to input the cards in my collection?
  5. You could drop EU from Vader and play him more conservatively now that you have two effective arc dodgers.
  6. You could save yourself a point by putting PTL and R2 Astromech on Corran and that would make him as maneuverable as Soontir. The only issue I have when I build lists without R2-D2 on Corran is that he seems so green dice dependent given he doesn't have Autothrusters.
  7. VI seems like the better call if you're going with Advanced Sensors over FCS.
  8. I'm lucky to live in MN which all of you know is the home of FFG. Yesterday they hosted a Toys for Tots tournament at their Game Center. They had an awesome turnout -- 56 players -- for a great cause. While I was excited to play in such a large tournament, I was pretty nervous given how new I am -- two months in -- to X-Wing. However, in the two months I've played I've dove in headfirst. I've listened to podcasts, watched numerous game replays, read tons of articles and community posts. I've also built tons and tons of lists. So, I felt pretty good going in that my knowledge could offset my lack of experience. Insert joke regarding knowledge and wisdom. In the relatively few games and small, local tournaments I've played, I've flown Poe most often. So, after building tons of lists I decided to fly Paul Heaver's worlds list. Yes, I decided to be that guy. I'm sure everyone is familiar with that list; I won't bother typing it out. Anyway, here's my battle report. Given we had 56 people at the tournament they made the Swiss pairings four rounds. -- Game #1 -- I faced a ten-year-old kid. Here was his list: Airen Cracken - Determination Chewbacca - Weapons Engineer Poe Dameron - R2-D2 For someone so young he did pretty well. We pretty much jousted which could have been a mistake on my part had he focused fire on my ships more. At the same time I took out Cracken pretty quickly given he didn't protect him very well. I ended up losing my stressbot which he was pretty happy with. I guess this was the first time he'd played anyone other than his Dad. After taking out Cracken I focused down Chewie and then taking out Poe was relatively easy given I had VI and his didn't. He seemed pretty happy to just play in the tournament and didn't care too much about losing. I'm sure he'll be pretty good in a couple years. On a side note, he was really quiet when we first played. I think he was pretty scared of me given I'm a big guy. Tried my best to be as not scary as I could. Final Tally: 100-26 Match Win -- Game #2 -- Opponent's list: Jake Ferrel - PTL - VI - AT - Chardaan Refit - A-Wing Test Pilot Keyan Farlander - AdvS - Fletchette Cannon - EU - VI Tycho Celchu - Chardaan Refit - A-Wing Test Pilot - PTL - Daredevil - Experimental Interface I really thought I was in trouble with this list given one of pilots doesn't care about stress at all and one of them can use stress to his advantage on attacks. I spaced out the rocks because I didn't want to have to worry about maneuvering around rocks while at the same time pointing my ships at two A-Wings. I lined up like I lined up in all my games: the Y's and the Z in a line pointing straight in a YZY formation with Poe behind the Z. He pretty much flew straight at me which I was surprised by. The A-Wings broke off to circle around me which I expected but that left Keyan in front of almost my entire list at range three including my Stresshog. That left Keyan double-stressed after the first engagement which meant he was screwed in the second engagement and he died. My opponent didn't expect that double stress to be so effective. From there it was just a matter of before I killed his remaining ships. He was pretty hard to lock down given those **** A-Wings with PTL. However, I managed to get my Stresshog turned around and pointed at Jake which killed him and then I only had Tycho to deal with. He did manage to kill my regular Y-Wing TLT but that was it. Final Tally: 100-24 Match Win -- Game #3 -- Opponent's list: Thug Life -- 4 Thug TLT's each with Unhinged Astromech I had never faced four TLT's before much less the Scum version which I hear is the best incarnation of the dreaded 4 TLT's. I had read about this list and I had thought a lot about how I was going to play it if I faced it. I knew that by no means did I want to engage if it meant I would engage with all four ships at the same time. To start I placed the asteroids such that they were grouped in the center of the map with no more than 1.5 range from each other. I was surprised he did relatively the same thing given he was probably going to fly his ships in formation. I placed in my ships in the usual formation in the center. He placed his a little off center. I started off by going one forward with all of my ships to see which way he was going. He flew three banks to go around the asteroids. The next turn I turned my ships away from his in order to fly around the asteroids away from ships. I boosted Poe in order to start him on his objective to get behind the ships. He then split his formation up somewhat. The rear ships did two’s and his front ships did three’s to continue around the asteroids. I then turned my Stresshog, my Z and my TLT into the asteroids at a hard three while Poe soft a three bank and a boost around the outside. He turned his ships in to face mine and got some shots my Stresshog. I didn’t get to return fire. Next turn I did a hard two with my Stresshog to face his ships and my Z and TLT got in position to fire. My Poe at this point was able to three bank into firing position on his rear ships out of their arc. His front ship bumped my Stresshog which I was surprised at and his other ships flew into the asteroids. From here it was pretty much a joust between my three generics and his four TLT’s with Poe shooting at them from behind. Poe didn’t get shot at once given I’m sure he knew it would be all but useless with Autothrusters and Poe’s ability. I didn’t kill all his ships but I ended up killing three of them when time was called and he had killed my regular TLT and my Z. I couldn’t believe my Stresshog survived. I was very happy with my flying in this game. I found it hard to believe that I faced down the dreaded four TLT list. Final Tally: 75-36 Match Win -- Game #4 -- Opponent’s List: Jake Ferrel - PTL - A-Wing Test Pilot - Autothrusters - Prockets - VI Corran Horn - VI - EU - R2-D2 - FCS Lieutenant Blount - Ion Pulse Missiles - Deadeye I could tell this guy was really good given how quickly he set up his ships and his asteroids. Turns out I was right. Later he told me I had played him in his 503rd game of X-Wing. I couldn’t believe he had actually counted. He set up on the left side of the map -- my left -- and I set up slightly off center on the left. I didn’t think he would fly right at me but he did. Jake did a five forward and boosted. I had done a hard two with all my ships. I knew I had made a mistake as soon as I saw how far Jake had traveled. I knew that I would probably be in range of Jake on the next turn and I didn’t know what to do. So, I did a hard three my Stresshog to hide him behind a rock: second big mistake. Jake got to within range one of my Stresshog with a focus and a target lock. Corran got to within range two of it. Only my TLT could fire. Of course between Jake, Corran and Corran’s double tap the Stresshog died on the first engagement. I knew I had lost the game on the second turn. In hindsight, I should have done one of two things. I should have either flown right at him at double-stressed so he couldn’t have gotten his Prockets off or I should have 4K’ed after my hard two. The 4K would have been interesting because Jake would have probably been in range 3 of my Stresshog and nothing else. I won’t bother talking about how I lost the rest of my ships. I’ll just say that I only managed to kill Blount. I learned so much in this loss. On a side note, I’m usually shocked by how much I learn in my losses when playing X-wing. Final Tally: 100-21 Match Loss Overall: 15 Match Points with 510 MoV Points I made the top 16 cut! I can talk about those games later. I can summarize by saying I won the first one to make it into the top 8 and barely lost my second game to make it into the top 4. I did lose to the eventual tournament winner.
  9. I played against someone in my local community last week and he field three lowest PS Kihraxz fighters, one Scyk with a Ion Cannon and one Scyk with a Fletchette Cannon. You didn't want to get in front of that swarm. He beat me pretty handily but I'm pretty new and I didn't know how to fight a swarm yet. But at last night's tournament he got to the top 16 in a 56 player tournament that had a four round Swiss.
  10. I think I can actually feel myself getting smarter while reading this thread.
  11. I thought the same thing until I did some reading on it. I guess it works in both primary and auxiliary arcs as well.
  12. What obstacles do you take? How do you place them? Do you usually keep your guys together or space them apart? If you don't mind me asking...
  13. Why does Bossk need ID when he already has a red stop? Am I missing something?
  14. Every time people mention Expose they always talk about how it decreases your defense. While I agree with this statement, you wouldn't necessarily want to use it all the time. And you especially wouldn't want to use it when staring at multiple ships that will all get to fire at you in one round. The best argument I've heard against using Expose spelled out the math behind unmodified three dice attack vs. a modified two dice attack. Comparing those two attacks (don't ask me for the math because I don't remember), the modified two dice attack always wins. Following that, the only time I can see using Expose would be when I have a TIE that is either not getting fired at or getting fired at by a weak ship and my TIE can take two actions. This would insure I get a modified attack with the increased dice attack. And now I've only succeeded in creating an expensive, situational synergy given I need to spend 22 points for Youngster with Expose and either 17 points for Black Squadrons with PTL or 20 points for Omegas with PTL. I don't think I would try to make that work. The other option to get that second action is Experimental Interface but that doesn't seem feasible given that card is unique. I wonder if in the future FFG will open up TIE ships in general to use Youngster's ability. I think spending 22 points on Youngster with Expose with a couple arc dodgers like Vader and Soontir could be interesting. But again, that doesn't sound more appealing than pairing those two arc dodgers with a Palpmobile or even another ace like Carnor. Disclaimer: I'm very new to this game. I started listening to the Mynock Squadron podcast and they said this pilot sounds like a setup for future cards that will help out the TIE swarm.
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