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  1. 4 Wide will be big in all the forms it can come in. Sabine and whoever will be very strong. Han/Rey will be top tier. 5 Die Villain will be good, as will 5 Die Hero.
  2. I'll tell you the same thing I tell everyone who wants to sell out - If you want to sell in bulk, your rares are worth 10 cents max. If you're willing to break the collection up you can get closer to the actual value. Uncommon and Common have no value at all. Not saying this is universally true, but from the standpoint of trying to sell your collection and get it gone quickly. You'd do better to sell off the legends individually and call it a day.
  3. Go to the local store to play with the local players. Explain your situation, soon you'll have full common sets from all 3 expansions. (I give these to new players at every event in my local scene) Don't be afraid to buy a box or two. There's often great trade value in opening a high dollar legendary.
  4. Right answer, got there the wrong way. Thank you for helping me sort it.
  5. In order to add clarity, I'll provide a different example. Can you resolve Force Throw on special side if there are no other dice in the pool? Yes, but it doesn't do anything. Same thing here. Failure to meet the conditions of the ability does not prevent the resolution of the die.
  6. My thought process was that "to" instead of "and" implies choice. I think it's an explicit implication of choice. Just how I came to the logic of my answer.
  7. You know what they say about opinions.......
  8. I just copied the google search result in an attempt to be funny, but you were successful in derailing that. Good Job.
  9. The word "TO" To be, or not to be. to to͞o,tə/ preposition expressing motion in the direction of (a particular location). "walking down to the mall" identifying the person or thing affected. "you were terribly unkind to her" infinitive marker used with the base form of a verb to indicate that the verb is in the infinitive, in particular. used without a verb following when the missing verb is clearly understood. "he asked her to come but she said she didn't want to" adverb so as to be closed or nearly closed. "he pulled the door to behind him"
  10. IF you were correct about that, then the quote I referenced from PG 17 (Special abilities are mandatory if that side of it's die is resolved" comes into effect and you could not resolve the die without the 5 resources. However, the language again gives choice with the word TO.
  11. The difference between "Spend 5 resources AND choose a character" and "Spend 5 resources TO choose a character" as explained by the quote above, and here for reference. "Players must resolve as much of an ability as they are able to, unless it includes the word “may” or explicitly gives the player a choice. Special abilities (S) are mandatory if that side of its die is resolved." The TO explicitly gives choice in the special ability. The "Or don't spend 5 resources to choose a character" is the implied part.
  12. It's all in the wording. The special just gives you the OPTION to spend 5 resources to choose a character. It does not say Spend 5 resources AND choose a character.
  13. Always complete as much of an ability as possible. Targeting doesn't apply in destiny like it does in Magic. You can exhaust a Backup Muscle with no tokens on it to move no tokens for example.
  14. So, you're wrong. The flow chart looks like this: Resolve special - go to effect Effect- spend 5 resources to choose a character. Complete as much of effect as possible. Don't have 5 resources, don't choose a character. Special is finished resolving, move the die to the card.
  15. https://www.vocabulary.com/articles/chooseyourwords/affect-effect/
  16. None needed. It's a replacement effect that replaces the discard portion of second chance. It works.
  17. My personal opinion is that either die could be chosen to be removed, but I put this thread up to spark discussion. It adds an interesting rules question as when Training leaves play, it changes the game state of the character, something not properly covered by either the FAQ or the wording on either Training OR Prized Possession.
  18. So, you have training on a character. Your opponent plays Prized Possession on one of the dice. You overwrite Training with a gun or something. Which die gets removed as the character is no longer elite? The one on Prized Possession? The other one? Who picks?
  19. Also, if Tie Pilot has training, then neither of his dice can be removed if they are showing ranged.
  20. I agree with you. My argument is based on the definition of the words "valid destination" and what constitutes one. I was wrong on this one apparently, but my argument was still a sound one. Moral victory!
  21. I'm going to agree with most people on point 2 and 3. Point 1 I'm going to put up an argument tho. In the FAQ entry for "Move" as a game effect, it states that you must have a valid destination for the move, or it cannot happen. I would argue the only valid destination for an upgrade being moved is an empty upgrade slot. Just like when moving damage, there has to be a character there that has health left to move too. You have to have space left to move to. I realize I may be the minority in this interpretation, but this is the only part of the card I feel NEEDS a faq entry.
  22. Speaking as someone who does the judging for X-wing on a fairly regular basis - We got this. Stop complicating it. X-Wing draws several hundred people to any larger event, and they still get run just fine. The FAQ covers any issues, and anything the FAQ doesn't cover is handled in the most common sense way possible, while keeping in mind that FFG and OP write in conversational English, and as such, usually the most common sense and least amount of twisting is what was intended.
  23. Most likely because you don't know how to play them. Every deck needs a specific mulligan strategy, as well as how it approaches every different match up. The right ingredients without the proper recipe, you still end up with a hot mess instead of a cake.
  24. He's talking about Vader Raider. On a GOOD UNDISRUPTED roll you can do 9 damage turn 1.
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