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  1. It's either a blaster carbine with auto-fire (Ranged Heavy) or a blaster pistol with auto-fire (Ranged Light). It would depend on how you went with the build approach and the expected size of the SMG (is it the size of an Uzi or something more like a H&K).
  2. How do you clear the cache on the application? I know will seem like a silly question but i have not seen an option for it.
  3. Hi OggDude, I'm not sure if it is a known problem, but there is an issue with starship ships when you try to print them that has only come with this version. If you have a ship with a lot of mods that goes onto "vehicle attachments (cont)" sheet, only the second sheet appears on the pdf to print. The prime front sheet only comes up if everything for the ship fits on one page, otherwise it seems to disappear. It happens both when linked to a character sheet and when you go direct to stock vehicles. Is there a solution for this?
  4. I ran this for my group and we all had a great time with it. I adapted it here and there (especially timings) and obviously changed elements to reflect my players and their stories, but it ended up with a number of future points for the campaign. The pilot ended up taking part in many more speeder races on different planets (with team), their base ended up being wiped out in an Imperial raid after the tech told the Imperial Agent all about them (and a little later when the team jedi was tagged by the Empire, they tracked the base o f operations), the gained a luxury ship which was used for infiltrating a luxury cruise liner and many other things. While it is not perfect, with a bit of work it is a very good adventure and has lead to my players having Bespin as one of their regular haunts.
  5. It may be this, i'll have to note the weapons and mods and then give it a try.
  6. No, not crafted, straight from weapons list, but both have attachments.
  7. It was working for me until the character i was updating changed his pistols. I added in a new pistol, removed the old pair and put in the new pair. Now the character sheet only wants to show he individual guns in the list and not the paired, even though everything is ticked as show. Also, i have not put too many weapons as show, as i know if you select more than 5 or 6, the extras dont show anyway (they seem to drop off the sheet). Maybe i'll just wait and see if it does it on the next update, but i never had this issue before.
  8. Do both weapons need to show in the Two-Weapon section now? Okay, i took show off on all weapons and they didnt show on the character sheet. I then went and clicked show on the two weapons in the equipment list and then made sure the "two-weapons" tag had "show secondary weapon" ticked. Went back to character sheet and guns show separately, but not the two-weapon block.
  9. The two guns chosen to be paired are both on as Show...is there another line or place for the pair i need to tick now? I checked the two-weapons box and the "show" box there IS ticked, but still no show on character sheet.
  10. Hi OggDude, I was updating some characters today and we have a gunslinger who uses paired weapons. Now your option to pair weapons is still there, but the paired line no longer shows on the "front page" in the weapons block at the bottom like it used to before. Is this a bug or something that wasnt set right on the latest version. I tried pairing different guns and even adding a completely new set, adding and removing, but they never end up showing on the character pdf to print.
  11. Could this be the map you are looking for? https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/684054630871901412/ Or this: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/AQ9urTx-VSpjYxwruxHHOaZpXGkhm9EUOBPfsoGJRL2Xu7Kh1I8x4aM/ Or this: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/682365781010423143/ Or this: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/525584218996594854/
  12. The slice would seem like a good sector to get a map for.
  13. Operation Shadowpoint (the continuing adventure) has details about Onderon, but as you said, no planet page.
  14. Onderon is the planet setting for the Age of Rebellion beginners boxed set and free continuing adventure from FFG.
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