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  1. The deck doesn't even have to be very heavy on attachments but also if you depend on getting that one key attachment (looking at you Vilya). Master of the Forge just makes a lot of decks way more consistent. But @Durins_Father is of course 100% right the more attachments the better for MoF.
  2. In my solo campaigns sofar (excluding the mountain of fire which I haven't opened yet) it is the toughest quest for a single deck (tougher than Pelennor fields and Helm's deep). Two of my campaigns made it through in pure solo: * Treebeard, Gimli and Pippin: the boon choices were made to get maximum hitpoints and healing for Gimli. With this and the erebor record keeper Gimli can make multiple huge attacks and take attacks undefended. * Erestor, Arwen and T Legolas: straight up Noldor discard deck. Use hands upon the bow and protector of lorien for defense. Hope that helps.
  3. For me one of the conclusions from the past league is that it is good to have 1 hard quest in the league which can act as tiebreaker. This is better than deciding the winner based on in-cycle cards and heroes.
  4. I also don't own the Haradrim cycle so I will quitly hone my deck for the February league.
  5. I will pick the RingMaker cycle. I picked it up as a Christmass gift to myself and now I'm eager to play it.
  6. @Miceldars : It's a running joke that uniqueness conflicts can be avoided by drawing an extra B to change the name. Like Arwen and "Barwen" (some Dwarrowdelf quests have an objective Arwen ally), in this case Amerthiul and "Bamarthiul".
  7. Ah I see, I thought I had overlooked a rule of the solo-league. I admit that I always "house-rule" away any conflict between objective allies and player cards. So count me as one of the Bamarthiul players.
  8. Last night I finally completed the Dread Realm. I completed it on the fourth attempt. For me this was the best challenge so far mainly due to the difficulty of The Dread Realm. @Authraw: Can you explain why Amarthuil is not allowed? I thought he was. The two ents (Wellinghall preserver and Derndingle Warrior) proved a very solid defense in this challenge, but for an ent deck the crucial pieces like Entmoot are not in cycle.
  9. Even easy is not that easy indeed. Many quests have a kind of puzzle aspect where you have to find a right strategy and tune your deck to it. There is also a blog series that (https://darklingdoor.wordpress.com/2018/05/17/path-less-traveled-the-road-darkens-player-cards/) that does plays of boxes using only the core cards and the ones in that box. It has covered The Road Darkens. In case you hadn't already, check out Beorn's path for a good introduction.
  10. Cool, thanks for this effort. I have some thoughts that could be used for further improvement. -) Be able to set the number of players somewhere. Right now 4 willpower rows are shown but often only 1 or 2 of them will be used. -) A button reset the willpower but not the threat could be nice. -) It would be nice to integrate this with a threat tracker. some people use a different app for this and others will have to qswitch between this app and the physical threat dial. Once agian, excellent initiative!
  11. Tastes differ, I guess. I hate undead so watcher was an easy choice for me. Also Watcher is an iconic quest but I must admit Ring Goes South was a better iteration/implementation of that chapter.
  12. Nice to see Journey along the Anduin still going strong after all these years. I guess it's engraved in the collective memory by now.
  13. I will again restrict to core+cycle cards. This time there was a dilemma because there are 2 natural deck choices in the Angmar Awakend cycle: Dunedain or Noldor. But Erestor decks are one of my favourites and easier to solo than dundeain, so I picked Erestor.
  14. There is a possible tiebreaker system that encourages using less played heroes. I'll describe it here to consider. The in-cyle heroes each are assigned 100 points (to be in-line with the in-cycle tie breaker). At the end of the league those points are divided requally between every person who used that hero. The person who has the most points (by using non-popular heroes) wins the tiebreaker. An example losely based on this month's league: Tactics Beregond, Leadership Boromir, Hirluin the Fair, and Mirlonde are the incycel heroes: 100 points 3 players use Hirluin, Le Boromir + Beravor 1Player uses T Beregond, L Boromir Mirlonde. That means each hero gives you the following numbe rof points: Hirluin 33 points (100/3), Le Boromir 25 (100/4), T Bergond 100 (100/1) and Mirlonde 100 (100/1). The 3 players with the same hero line-up each get 33+25+0= 58. The player who used less obvious heroes would get 100+25+100=225. And thereby win the tiebreaker.
  15. I like the restriction of using in-cycle cards but it does have the side effect that all of the decks are vey similar in November (some version of outlands) and October (variations on Noldor). I'm predict a lot of people (including me) will line up erestor and Arwen for Agnmar Awakened. The in-cycle cards as tiebraker makes that often there is one obvious archetype that will perform well and score 0 on the tiebraker. That being said I don't have any better ideas on an improved tiebreaker and I continue to appluad @dalestephenson for this nice initiave. Perhaps we can do a winner sof the most loved quest competition (Durin's father recently launched a challonge for this). This way we will be garantueed to play great quests. Although I don't know how to organize the tiebreaker there.
  16. The road less travelled (https://darklingdoor.wordpress.com/path-less-traveled/) explores each cycle using only core+ that cycle. Those decks are for 1 player, if I understand well you are looking for 3-4 decks to use together. For groups of 3-4 decks that work together, you can check the fellowships on ringsdb (https://ringsdb.com/fellowships). I don't know if anyone ever posted a fellowship with your restrictions. But nevertheless there is a huge numbe rof decks there. You can also restrict the search to only include packs you want to use. Hope this helps.
  17. It's the age old problem. Yes technically almost everything can be done given enough time, manpower and other resources. Practically there needs to be a large enough market potential for any company to even consider doing it. Magic has a lot more players so you can spend a lot more and still break-even. Free-to-play also has a business model behind it.
  18. Too bad I will already travel somewhere else in that weekend. I admit this is a problem of luxury....
  19. Wow thanks for the tip. I wanted to go but was waiting for the info to come on the website.
  20. I took out some time to complete Steward's Fear this evening. A great quest but not nearly as punishing as Into Ithilien, but I also had a great opening hand with Steward and Henamarth Riversong.
  21. I did the Into Ithilien today, first game went down hill quickly after failing to clear Ithilien Road. Second time I got a good opening hand and pushed through.
  22. Sorry Rouxxor I still have nightmares about Carn Dum. Dread Realm is no walk in the park either. Angmar Awakened is a tough cycle, so I expect a very different outcome than the mostly 0 Favour of the Valar that we had in October.
  23. I really like Across the Ettenmoors, so I will pick that one to be played. Even if this means i give up the opportunity to be hated for picking Battle of Carn Dum?.
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