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  1. A, in most card games it's called a hand of cards so that makes more sense to me and if I put my cards in a fist they would become bent.
  2. Hi HalfAsleep, The expansions regularly sell out and reprints are generally made but often take several months to reach the store shelves. So I doubt you can find any store (even FFG itself) to have all expansions in stock. I usually order from a few different stores to piece together my collection, I would know any stores in Scandinavia but I've had luck sometimes with bookdepository.co.uk who are (duh) shipping from UK to have reasonable shipping cost, at least to Belgium, if you can't find any in local stores. Because packs go out-of-stock periodically, I recommend to grab any packs that appeal to you when you find them.
  3. Dwarrowdelf also has some of the best player cards and heros. Of the top of my head: -master of the forge, Elrond+ Vilya, Glorfindel, light of valinor & Asfaloth, sword that was broken, ally Arwen, daeron's runes
  4. On occassion the designer(s) has stated that they design the cards and quests in a cycle at the same time and intended to be playable with just the core set. Of course this is a lot harder than if you have the deep card pool of all other cycles. that way of thinking makes sense to me. You can't expect a new player to dive deep into 9 cycles + saga expansions that this game has by now.
  5. @Dlogue: The three hunters is a difficult configuration to make a good deck with. If you feel you're stuck with those try a dale deck that you should have most important pieces for from the Rhovanion cycle. This is great advice and good way to get better at deckbuilding. There are great youtube videos as well, that can show how to pilot some decks. I've played for years and I still pick up new tricks from other players. It's safe to say those who call some scenarios easy (you won't hear that about Battle of Carn Dum) are usually having years of experience with this game and a large card pool. Nightmare mode exist for those people (it is more correctly named than easy mode). You can check out a lot of videos as well on how these quests can be beaten (see above).
  6. IIRC I used Elrond with Arwen to defend. He does need to be consitently healed every turn. But his built-in ability helps with that. Gimli was there for the attack power. Threat reduction helps a lot too.
  7. This is a tough scenrario. The only progression style win I managed was with Elrond + Gimli (and I think Aragorn) and ally Arwen. With plenty of healing and extra HP Gimli can tank the Balrog. And ultimately finish him off. If I remember well the "the pit"pit location stays in play for a very long time as well. This made it a good target for path of need. Good luck, it's hard but when you finally beat it it's great!
  8. There is a community blog about playing quests with this set of cards: core+ deluxe. (https://darklingdoor.wordpress.com/path-less-traveled/) Can be a great help if you are new to the game. Seastan also has some youtube videos on "minimum purchase mode", playing the quest with only the packs necessary to play the quest.
  9. It often takes a few months I have to admit. you may also try spellenboom. I managed to ****** 'mountain of fire' from there. I'm in Ghent as well. PM me if you feel like setting up a game once.
  10. @JacobSerruys I have had good luck with 'speciaalzaak Adriansen' en 'summoner.nl' to havea decent amount of packs and fair prices for LOTR lcg forum. These are in Belgium and Netherlands so the shipping will be reasonable as well. IF you want to make a big order the german amazon sometimes is doable as wel. By the way where in Belgium are you located?
  11. The deck doesn't even have to be very heavy on attachments but also if you depend on getting that one key attachment (looking at you Vilya). Master of the Forge just makes a lot of decks way more consistent. But @Durins_Father is of course 100% right the more attachments the better for MoF.
  12. In my solo campaigns sofar (excluding the mountain of fire which I haven't opened yet) it is the toughest quest for a single deck (tougher than Pelennor fields and Helm's deep). Two of my campaigns made it through in pure solo: * Treebeard, Gimli and Pippin: the boon choices were made to get maximum hitpoints and healing for Gimli. With this and the erebor record keeper Gimli can make multiple huge attacks and take attacks undefended. * Erestor, Arwen and T Legolas: straight up Noldor discard deck. Use hands upon the bow and protector of lorien for defense. Hope that helps.
  13. For me one of the conclusions from the past league is that it is good to have 1 hard quest in the league which can act as tiebreaker. This is better than deciding the winner based on in-cycle cards and heroes.
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